Imperfect Desires 257 Not Enough!

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Darren flicked her forehead and said, "You're really an idiot!" Xiu rubbed the s.p.a.ce between her brows while he went on, "I don't think you're weak at all. If anything, I have never met a stronger person than you. Not everyone can live the way you did after going through something bizarre as reincarnation." Xiu's expression s.h.i.+fted. "People would often look back for revenge but you didn't. That's why I believe that you're the strongest one I know who decided to give yourself another chance instead of dwelling over the past."

His thumb rubbed against her cheek. "You think I don't share my worries with you? Why is that? I forget about all my worries when you smile so beautifully. The world just turns into a beautiful place itself. How will I share those worries when I always end up forgetting them around you? Besides, if I treated you like an outsider, I wouldn't have taken you to meet one of my mothers. And I most definitely wouldn't be sweating over how I'm supposed to impress your family."

Xiu's eyes flashed with an indecipherable emotion. "Sweets, I didn't announce to the world that I'm taken because you wanted me to. I did it because I wanted to do it. For the both of us. If I do something, I won't just be doing it for you. I'll be doing it for both of us. Because I want both of us together in the future ahead of us." He took a small pause before adding, "This is why I said, you're an idiot who can't even understand this!"

Xiu process his words, her lashes fluttered with a pouty face. "Well, we can't help it then," said Xiu in reply with a shrug of her shoulders. "Even if I am an idiot, I'm yours. So you have to deal with it. Because this idiot is already yours."

Darren couldn't help laughing out as he was reminded of what he had said earlier in the evening. He rolled over, swapping their positions while now he was on top of her, he pinned both her hands over her head and said, "Indeed, you're my idiot." His lips crashed on hers without any prior notice. He didn't play the game of teasing which Xiu had been doing. Instead, he went straight to the point. And the point was those lips of hers that had been calling him for a long time now.

Xiu wanted to wrap her hands around his shoulder or run her fingers through his hair but he didn't let her escape. Just as his tongue tasted hers, buzzing electricity ran through her body. This time, Xiu didn't suck at his bottom lip, instead, she nipped at it slightly with her teeth before releasing it. He returned the action making a moan escape through her throat involuntarily.

His body pressed against hers and she could feel his hardened manhood pressing against her soft body. Feeling a curiosity rising in her, she wriggled her wrists and Darren loosened his grip. Xiu's hands slowly trailed down as she slid his already unb.u.t.toned s.h.i.+rt down. Slowly, her one hand reached between them and her palm glided over the front of his jeans. She felt the length of him up and down at an awfully slow pace making Darren's breath become labored. 

As she felt him grow under her touch, she smiled smugly in satisfaction against his lips. Darren pulled away from her lips slightly to gaze into her eyes. He was taken aback to find something he had never seen in her eyes before. The ardor and l.u.s.t in her eyes was scorching his resolve to control himself.

"Sober or not, you really love playing dangerously," remarked Darren breathlessly.

A low growl escaped his throat when her hand teased his already painful member languidly. His lips trailed down her jaw and neck before he moved to the spot on her neck making her moan out. She could feel her nipples hardening under the material of her bra. She felt an ache to be touched. She wiggled her hips, sending delicious s.h.i.+vers through her whole body.

Darren's hands trailed down as he stroked her sides through the fabric of her s.h.i.+rt. But he didn't even touch a single b.u.t.ton of her s.h.i.+rt as if he had no intention to take her s.h.i.+rt off. It really irked Xiu in a way that she couldn't even describe it.

He captured her lips again while his hand took her breast in his hand. Cupping her breast, he gently stroked and squeezed it in his hand. Xiu tried desperately to push her chest up. Darren's hand invaded inside her s.h.i.+rt as his hands rubbed the sides of her ribs making Xiu wiggle with his burning touch.

He slowly unb.u.t.toned her s.h.i.+rt as he kissed the skin along her collarbone. As his lips touched the skin right along the swell of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, she thought he was going to kiss but his hot tongue flung out to lick the skin along the swell of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, Xiu's mind had started to buzz. 

That sudden feeling that he invoked in her body, made Xiu impatient. She so badly wanted every little barrier between them to just vanish. But Darren didn't seem as she was. Xiu held his shoulder, "Are you trying to tease me now?"

Darren kissed her arm saying, "Why would I?" His kisses trailed upward to her shoulder as he answered in a whisper, "What's the hurry? Good things and good moments are both meant to be savored." He nipped at her earlobe before adding, "And my Sweets is meant to be wors.h.i.+pped. Didn't I make that clear already?"

Xiu stared at him with an unbelievable expression. Was he serious? How could he...

Xiu's thoughts left her brain as soon as she felt Darren's teeth grazing slightly over her shoulder as he slid the strap of her bra down. Her breath hitched in her throat again when he did the same thing with the other strap before unclasping her bra from behind. As for Xiu, she happily had pushed herself up a little to give him access to the clasp of her bra.

He took a moment to admire her bare and aroused chest while she looked anywhere but at his face. He lowered his mouth and kissed around her heated skin before closing his mouth around her already hard nipple. While he sucked and nipped at the nub, she arched her back asking for more of him. Seeking more of his attention, more of his tongue and his mouth around her needy and painful bosom.

She again wiggled her hips against his firmness while he ground his hips into her in response providing her the relief she was looking for. But it wasn't enough. It was just not enough!

Imperfect Desires 257 Not Enough!

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