Hello, Mr Li Chapter 309 - Almost Over

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The Hotel was in pandemonium for the past few hours. Staffs, customers, were all taken into custody by the military men.

The military did not want to make it very obvious that they were following Sara so they allowed her go with Muchen instead, while they tailed them.

As she quietly followed Muchen to where his car was parked, she caught sight of a familiar figure who pa.s.sed by as quickly as the breeze. 

It was so quick that everything had happened within a second and she did not see the person the next second. 

"What is it?" Muchen asked when he noticed she was staring into s.p.a.ce. He also looked at the direction she was looking at and found nothing. 

Sara shook her head and turned to look at him.

"It's fine. Let's go" 

Sara  knew she had not seen wrongly. 

It had been a lady in a long black coat with her hair covered with a black scarf. 

Even if she was not able to see her face, she knew it was the gang member that was an 'artist'. The same lady who had showed her the fake painting she was supposed to exchange with Muchen's, and Sara had warned her to run very far from the Blacks if she ever got the chance. 

She had really underestimated her rank until today. 

Before they got to Medusa's door, Sara had been intercepted by two 'Black' women who were to search her. One of which was that lady.

At that point, she knew it was going to be quite complicated if she was caught with the syringe and timer that was tied around her waist. 

She did not really think they would search her properly since they did not do so the last time she was taken to meet Fuji.

But even if that had happened, there was an option B. 

The Army would have raided the place that same minute.

The lady had been the one to search her. 

While the other lady waited with the man who had been escorting Sara, outside the cubicle.

Sara could still remember the shocked look on the lady's face when she saw the timer around her waist.

At that moment, Sara was prepared to attack her and send a signal to the general.

But the Lady had simply raised her head to look at Sara's face with a look of indifference.

"You should be careful." She mouthed to Sara before leaving the restroom to go tell the others that Sara had nothing on her.

It was from there that she went straight to Medusa's room.

.Since she had just been checked, they could only use the detector on her which showed she was not with any harmful thing.

"That was dangerous" Muchen said as he continued to drive with his face on the road.

Sara sighed before turning to face him. "I did not want to leave anything out."

"The military would have done that." He complained. 

"There is no way the military would have seen the secret room. You said it yourself. She is Han Ruoxi, but could have easily denied that. How then are we supposed to link the operations to her? Is that not why they have not been able to arrest them ever since? With those ledgers in her custody, I don't think there is any way she would be coming out anytime soon. Because now, it would be easier to link her up for it" Sara explained. 

She liked to do a clean job where there was nothing left behind. 

She had volunteered to do it. Not just because she wanted to because she was free, but because she hated them. Whenever she remembered how they had treated her, all she wanted to do was to get rid of them. And she wanted to do it perfectly. 

When she heard Muchen discussing with someone on the phone about a 'solid' evidence to apprehend her with, she knew she had to do something to find one.

Going there, annoying her, threatening her and judging her, she knew that kind of stress was going to be too much for her to handle at once and at that point, mistakes were bound to happen. Just like how she had showed them the secret room. 

They had also been able to trace Fuji's secret room that same way and were able to retrieve some doc.u.ments and ammunitions even though he was nowhere to be seen. 

"It's not over yet. You need every protection you can get." Muchen was still not very happy but he did not want to show her.

"I'll be fine" Sara a.s.sured him in an uncertain voice. 

"Erm... Is it out?" She raised her phone to show him.

The military had done some kind of wiretapping on her phone to enable them listen to her conversation with Medusa. So even though the Black members had asked her to turn off her phone, the military could still listen in.

"Yes. It has been disabled." Muchen nodded before suddenly remembering something so he turned to ask. 

"Earlier, about Jin Medusa and her brother.... You...you said something.." He did not know how to raise the embarra.s.sing topic. 

He had also heard their conversation and had truly been shocked since Sara had not told him about it.

"How did you know about that?" He asked her curiously.

Sara looked at him with a dull face. Her mood was sour and she actually did not know why she felt bad.

"I suddenly remembered something on my way there, but I was not really sure about it. I only said it out since I was looking for ways to buy time before the timer went off." 

"And you remembered...?"

"The past. I did not really may much attention to Fuji's personal life since I was only concerned about leaving. But a rumour went round back then about the both of them. I think the one who started it was a young girl—one of Fuji's Mistresses. Everyone naturally a.s.sumed it was out of jealousy or bitterness. The lady suddenly disappeared one day and no one heard anything about her again." She explained.

"I did not expect it to be true. But I think the rumour was true, judging from her reaction." 

Now, it made a bit more sense. Especially after Medusa told her that Fuji had allowed her go because of her. 

Fuji was not one to listen to people. But not only was Medusa his younger sister, she had also been his lover, even though she was not sure they still continued till now. 

"Are you sure you'll be okay in your place?" Muchen asked Sara immediately the car pulled over the side of the building.

He did not want to let her be tonight. Especially when he knew that those people were probably lurking around.

"I'll be fine. I also have people guarding me in case the Blacks approached me. So I'm fine."

Sara a.s.sured him with a small smile.

Muchen nodded and sighed in relief.

"I am glad this is almost over."

"You sure you are not regretting burning that painting?" Sara remembered to ask. 

"I do not regret. I kept it because I thought my grandfather was a nice man who loved his family. But now that I know better, I regret ever keeping it all these years"

 He replied.

Hello, Mr Li Chapter 309 - Almost Over

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