It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 165 - Kim Tan's Sweetheart

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Instead of replying to her question, Kim tan lowered his eyes and asked "I..I have something to tell you"

"hmm….go on…I'm listening" Suzy agreed immediately.

Holding her hands with his, he looked at her eyes and asked "before I say that….promise me that you'll not leave me…Hmm," Kim tan asked, his gaze fixed on hers.

Suzy did not reply to him immediately, instead, she pulled him down and pecked his forehead. Looking at his eyes, she said seriously "Kim tan, I did not love you to let go of you in the middle. I did not love you because of your status or personality, I liked you because it's you and…..I will never let you go. No matter what. I love you which means, I'm ready to accept your past as well as your future"

Hearing her words, Kim tans heart warmed up and he could not help but hug her tightly but he still could not help but feel uneasy. Pulling himself away from her embrace, he pecked her lips before looking at her. Holding her hand, he brought her to his study room before making her sit on the long sofa. Moving towards his table, he pulled one of the drawers and picked up a small briefcase. Placing it in front of the table, he unlocked the briefcase and picked up a photo from it. In that photo, a cute girl was smiling widely which sowed her dimples on either side. She looked extremely cute and adorable. Looking at the photo, Kim tan's heart warmed up and he slowly caressed the photo. Seeing Kim tan's gentle expression, Suzy was confused and at the same time, she was very curious to know who was in the picture. Just then, Kim tan placed the photo in front of her and looked at her nervously. Once Suzy looked at the photo, her mind suddenly bombarded.

"this…this…" She could not complete her words before Kim tan said.

"Her name is Li Roulan….My childhood sweetheart" he said and his voice was extremely gentle when he said the last word.

"She …she" Suzy was still unable to speak and was shocked to the core. The little girl in the picture was none other than herself and it was taken when she was only seven years old. An indescribable feeling surfaced her heart and she could not help but ask "Who is she?"

With a smile as gentle as a spring breeze, Kim tan looked at the other photo in his hand and said " My sweetheart….the girl who I have been I love with for more than eighteen years. Back then, I was still a small boy who was very naughty and never listened to anyone but one day, she appeared in my life and from then on my life started to change little by little. Every day, I would wait for her to play with me and as time pa.s.sed, I was obsessed with her. When I acted stubborn, one word from her was enough to turn me into an obedient boy. This continued for a very long time…."As he narrated the story, both of them could not help but recall their past which was full of happiness.

Every day, they would be on their toes just to meet each other. Because of this reason, Suzy's mother bought a house that was closer to the Kim mansion as well as the Li mansion, but compared to Li mansion, Kim's mansion was very close. Every day, they would rush to their usual meeting spot when they would finish their school and would end up playing and studying together. Though Kim tan was very brilliant since his childhood, he always appeared dump in front of Suzy for no reason and would always get scolded by Suzy. When he was small, Kim tans handwriting was worst and it was impossible to read. Kim tans teacher as well his parents tried very hard to improve his handwriting but no matter what, they could not. It was only when Suzy appeared, his handwriting slowly improved. Kim tan would always held a notebook in his hand with a pencil and wait for Suzy to teach him. Whenever Suzy held his hand and thought him how to write, Kim tan would have b.u.t.terflies in his heart. Sometimes when Kim tan would do mistakes, Suzy would puff her cheeks and scold him like a mother hen…instead of getting angry and throwing tantrums, Kim tan would smile sheepishly and act coy. He smiled when she did and when she was side, he would act funny and make her smile. To him, her smile was the only source of energy and he would go to any extent just to make her smile.

The elders who watched the two little kids' interaction would always be amazed. Especially, Mrs. Kim, she could not help but love her son more whenever she saw her son wooing his sweetheart. They made such a perfect pair and the elders also sealed this pair with marriage in their mind. When Kim tan and Suzy were told about the marriage, they were delighted for no reason. Even though they did not know what did it mean, they were still happy.

For a long time, Kim tan kept narrating his beautiful memories with his childhood sweetheart without even looking away from the picture. At last, he said "My dearest Roulan…my first and the longest love….no matter what, ill keep loving her forever"

Hearing his last words, Suzy could not hold in her emotions anymore and she burst out crying loudly. Startled by Suzy's outburst, Kim tan felt guilty and at the same time, his heart started to ache for her. Jumping up from his seat, he moved towards Suzy and hugged her tightly in his embrace. Seeing her crying face, Kim tans heart clenched tightly and he could not breathe properly for a long time. Patting her back lightly, he apologized "I'm sorry…I know no girl would like to hear such things from their boyfriend but I don't want to hide anything from you…..Suzy, I'm sorry….I have hurt you badly, I'm sorry…I'm sorry"

Hearing Kim tan's apology, Suzy was startled and looked up at him. Wiping her tears away from her eyes, she shook her head and spoke hurriedly "No no…im not sad about what you said to me, instead I'm very happy. I'm happy to find a guy like you…I'm really lucky to have you in my life"

Surprised, Kim tan slammed her back to his embrace and said "Sorry baby…even though I can't love you a hundred percent…ill try my level best to love you as much as I can. I'm really lucky to find a very understanding girl….." Lifting her head, he asked nervously "You're….you're not leaving me right?"

Hearing his words, Suzy chuckled and said "yes yes…I won't leave you"



"Are you sure? You are not lying to me right?"

Seeing that Kim tan would not believe her words no matter what, Suzy had no other choice but to use the most effective method.

Instead of replying Suzy smile at him and before Kim tan could realize, His lips were kissed fiercely by Suzy. Colorful Fireworks busted out in his mind and Kim tan was soo shocked that he could not even kiss her back.

After a long fierce kiss, Suzy pulled her lips away from his and looked into his eyes seriously. Holding his face between her palms, breathing heavily, she said: "Now do you trust me?"

Hearing that, Kim tan was even more surprised. Seeing her clear black eyes and her flushed cheeks, he could not help but pull her for another fierce kiss which caught Suzy off guard but instead of pulling away from him like usual, Suzy gave in let him kiss her as much as he want.

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 165 - Kim Tan's Sweetheart

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