It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 171 - My Boss Is Angry....

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Annoyed, Suzy glared at him and said stubbornly "Yes, I want to break up with you....what will you do now"

Tilting his head sideways, he narrowed his eyes and said "Oh really?… then I guess I have only one choice" he said and smiled dangerously.

Seeing his dark eyes, Suzy instinctively moved backward and asked cautiously "what….what is that"

Leaning down, with his cheeks next to hers, he chuckled softly before whispering in his deep husky voice " take your virginity and make you mine forever". After saying his piece, he moved back to see Suzy's expression.

Suzy expression was worth to look at. Her face was dark red due to anger and embarra.s.sment, her black eyes widened and her lips were pressed together tightly. She looked so adorable like a Pikachu and Kim tan could not help but laugh at her without noticing the warning look she had been giving.

Embarra.s.sed, Suzy had no other choice and she could only whine at him.

"You…, what the h.e.l.l are you speaking…how can you say those things directly...on my face without a bit of hesitation? "

"of course I can, I can speak more than you want to see?" Kim tan asked shamelessly.

Glaring at him, she turned away and mumbled to herself " Why do men always think about stealing women's virginity?"

Hugging her from behind, he leaned his chin down on her shoulder and said sarcastically " because women cant…"

Ignoring his words, she continued to mumble to herself "why are men always h.o.r.n.y?"

"How can I not be when my girlfriend looks so beautiful and s.e.xy every day?". Pressing himself hard to her back, he pecked her cheeks softly before continuing "Can you feel it?…do you know how much control you have on my body"

Hearing his words, Suzy's heart warmed up and she smiled and at the same time, feeling his hardness she was embarra.s.sed and could not move from the place. Turning her head a little, she glared at Kim tan and asked cautiously "then…what if a girl more beautiful and s.e.xier than me appears and confronts you?…will you react in the same way?"

Chuckling, Kim tan was about to answer but suddenly changed his mind. With his lips curved up, he acted as if he was thinking before he replied "Hmmm….I'm not sure but..if she is really beautiful then I guess I may get swayed"

Hearing his words, Suzys eyes suddenly turned dark. Turning towards him, with her lips curved upwards into a cold smile, She gazed at him before speaking softly "Oh really? Then I guess I need to punish you"

Kim tan's eyes lit up and twinkled like stars when he heard her words "Tell me, baby…how do you want to punish me? Do you want to punish me here? Do you want to do it here on the sofa or on the bed you want to punish me later in your home? …you can do as you wish…I'm all yours baby...wait, should I cancel the meeting so that we can go home early to do our job, hmmm?" he asked shamelessly and appeared very excited

Hearing his words, Suzy was speechless. 'why the h.e.l.l does he always have that in his mind? can't he see how serious I am?' she thought. Seeing his excited expression Suzy narrowed her eyes. Gritting her teeth tightly, with a forced smile she said "Haha…don't worry baby…..your punishment will be much more outstanding than this"

"Oh really…how how..whats my punishment? tell me tell me"

"From now on….I'm..going to…stay single….for… whole life and…you're free to take whomsoever virginity you want," she said angrily and stormed out of the room with a hmph.

Startled, it took a few minutes for Kim tan to come out of shock and as soon as he regained his sense, he could not find Suzy anywhere.

"s.h.i.+t….I went overboard" he scolded himself and hurriedly walked out of the room. Once he opened the door, he did not find Suzy anywhere instead, he found a.s.sistant John standing in front of the door with his hand on air. Seems like he was about to knock the door but before he could, Kim tan opened the door himself.

Ignoring his a.s.sistant, Kim looked past him. When he could not find her, he furrowed his brow and rubbed his temple. Looking at his a.s.sistant from the corner of his eyes, he asked" what is it"

"hah? Oh…sir, the meeting is about to begin and everyone is waiting for you"

"Okay….I'll be there"

Seeing Kim tans furrowed brows, a.s.sistant john sensed that something was wrong and asked cautiously "Uhm…sir, is there any problem?"

"Yeah…my boss is angry" Kim tan replied without thinking.

'Boss? From when did CEO Kim had another boss?' he thought but suddenly, something flashed in his mind and he asked doubtfully "Sir, are you talking about miss Suzy?"

"What miss Suzy? Call her lady boss"

Speechless, he could only oblige to Kim tans order and call her lady boss"okay okay…sir, what happened?"

"Said something I shouldn't have"

"Oh…."'what did he say that shouldn't have been?' he thought but did not dare to ask.

"Is she there?" Kim tan asked out of the blue

"Huh? Sir are you talking about miss--lady boss?" he asked, trying his best to keep his face straight.

"Then who….is she there?"

"yeah sir…lady boss already arrived at the meeting hall and currently she is sitting there and looking through few doc.u.ments"

"Oh..okay and what about her…mood?" he asked cautiously. He at least had to know her mood and be prepared to appease the great G.o.ddess or else, he would not have any way out of her wrath.

"Uhm…sir, actually….lady boss seem to be in a bad mood"

".….How bad?" Kim tan asked almost in a whisper.

" can rate it 9/10"

Kim tan's eyes widened and his heart was almost at his throat "Ni..nine out of ten?" Kim tan stuttered

"Hmm…" a.s.sistant John nodded like a little kid.

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 171 - My Boss Is Angry....

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