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After Suzy reached her home, she was once again busy and was preoccupied with her weekend show. The reality show 'Weekend with stars' that Suzy has been hosting everyday and Sunday was doing well and had gained a lot of support and fans. It has already been two months since the program had started and Many higher-ups were satisfied by the show's current progress. Tomorrow, Suzy was going to shoot the fifteenth episode and was considered as one of the special episode.

The ex Olympic champ, Elder Gong, who was a national swimmer and represented Country H in the Olympic games and secured two golds, three silver, and three bronze medals was invited as a guest for the show ' Weekend with the stars'. It was said that Elder Gong was especially very tough to persuade and he did not like to attend any sorts of shows. But to everyone's surprise, Elder Gong was curious about the show that Suzy had been hosting and accepted their invitation to appear as their guest.

Many citizens were very curious to know the success and failure of this great old man had faced during his time.

The next day, Suzy was inside her a.s.signed room and was getting dressed up when the show director informed her that they were ready to begin. Once she made sure that everything was intact, she left her dressing room and headed to the stage.

Elder Gong was waiting for the show to begin while he was waiting in the waiting lounge. Other than his own family, Elder Gong did not have any idea about others who were going to show up later. He was especially curious and at the same time, he was very excited.

Finally, after the director signaled, the show began and Suzy appeared in front of the stage while carrying a blissful smile on her face.

"h.e.l.lo, everyone and welcome to 'Weekend with the stars' and I'm your host…Suzy"

'clap clap clap'

"Before inviting our guest on the show, we have a small vt on Elder Gong's life. Can we have the vt please"

With that said, a video was played on the large screen behind Suzy showing few images of Elder gong while giving a brief introduction of his achievement and success.

After the video ended, the screen divided into two, making a small gap throw which, Elder gong walked onto the stage with a walking stick in his hand. Elder Gong was seventy years old and he was dressed traditionally. Half of his head was bald and he appeared very thin but he was very strong. While he walked to the middle of the stage, Suzy welcomed him warmly and guided him to the hot seat which was made exclusively for the guest.

The show went on smoothly and Elder gong shared his experience in Olympic and also about his achievements. Later on, when Elder Gongs family were called on the stage, Elder Gong shared about his love life and how he had chased his wife for years and it was rather funny. During the whole Show, Elder Gong was all smiley and was blissful. There were a few times where he appeared sad and teared up remembering his sufferings. The show continued and Elder Gong met many of his acquaintance during the show and was extremely joyful. Some of the precious things which carried his memories were also brought on the stage which made him extremely happy. When they reached the last part, about his childhood memories, Elder Gong could not contain his excitement and started to speak about one of his hood friend with whom he spent most of his time.

"When I was still young, I had a best friend and his name was Zhen Hui. We were extremely close and were very mischievous. Both of us loved to play soccer and the number of pots and windows we broke were countless. I would always spend most of my time with him and during our school days, we would always go to the mountain hill to bring fresh fruits and vegetables. Those days were very precious to me and I still remember the time I had spent with him. It's just too precious that this old brain of mine is not willing to forget it"

"Indeed…..precious memories always live in the heart and they are very hard to forget. Elder Gong…may I ask where is your friend now?" Suzy asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Sigh….to be frank, I seriously don't know where is he because after my college I went abroad for further studies and later I was preoccupied learning and training my skills to partic.i.p.ate in the Olympic game. But I heard that that brat joined the army and was doing well. Because of my training, I could not attend his marriage and during mine, he could not because of his mission. It has already been forty-three years since I saw him the last time. Maybe we were not fated to continue our friends.h.i.+p for long…..sigh" Elder Gong said with a hint of regret.

Just then, he heard Suzy ask "What if fate brings you back together and wishes to see the two friends get together once again?"

When Elder Gong heard her, he was extremely shocked and he could not help but say "You….you mean…."

Without replying, Suzy smiled at Elder Gong and walked past him. With a slight movement, she turned the hot seat around and elder Gong could not help but Jump out of his seat without regard to his age when he saw his childhood friend standing in front and he could not help but hug him tightly.

Seeing the two long back friends meeting each other after a long time, the ordinance and Elder Gong's wife could not help but tear up a little. After spending half of her life with Elder Gong, Mrs. Gong was well aware of his friends.h.i.+p with Zhen Hui and also knew that he cherished his childhood memory a lot.

Zhen Hui, also known as Zhen was a military general and was well respected by higher officials. Elder Zhen was none other than Suzy's grandfather from the maternal side. Since her mother's background was hidden, very few people were aware of their relations.h.i.+p.

After hugging elder Zhen tightly for few seconds, Elder Gong finally let him go and slapped his arm before saying "Fatty Zhen, where were you all these years"

Annoyed, Elder Zhen rolled his eyes but he still could not contain his happiness as he said "Here he goes again, calling me fatty, Shorty Gong"

"Hey I am not short anymore, I have grown taller" Elder Gong declared proudly

"And I have got thinner so stop calling me fatty" with that said, Elder Zhen flicked his forehead with his fingers but did not use much strength.

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 177 - Weekend With The Stars...

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