It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 179 - Lan, I Want To Tell Him Everything….

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Just in the blink of eyes, two weeks pa.s.sed and in these two weeks, the one who gained a lot was Suzy….while, the who lost a lot was…Kim tan.

After the ' Weekend with the stars ' was broadcasted, the garnered a lot of attention and as well as high TRP ratings and Suzy on the other side started to sore high. Many other shows even sent proposals for her to host their shows but due to her current busy schedules, she was already having a tough time to attend other shows and advertis.e.m.e.nts. Elder Gong, after the show, even uploaded a post in his Weibo sharing his experience in the show and even declared that he was Suzy's fan which shocked almost the whole nation. After  Elder Gong's declaration, many citizens started to show more interest in the reality show and the rate of viewers also started to increase tremendously. Because of Suzy's current popularity, the director of the movie 'The chess' in which Suzy had played the female role was extremely pleased as it made it easy for them to promote their movie. They had two more weeks for their movie release and because of Suzy's popularity and fan base, half of the tickets were almost sold out and the director was extremely pleased.

While Suzy gained a lot Kim tan lost a lot during these two weeks. After Suzy announced his punishment, Kim tan could not kiss Suzy as he wanted even though she was right next to him throughout the week. Just when he was about to celebrate the end of his punishment and dive for a kiss, Suzy once again halted him and announced that she would be busy a few weeks and will not be able to meet him, breaking the little tans heart into millions of pieces. Seeing his brother suffer, Kim ting wanted to laugh out loud and tease his brother but was afraid to do so. Hence he could only laugh secretly.

Because of the promotional activity, Suzy's schedule was tightly packed and she could not even go to her own company to look through her work. Thankfully, because of her a.s.sistant Luo Shen, Suzy could relax a bit. Luo Shen took care of most of the part and only reported to Suzy when there were confidential doc.u.ments or for things which needed Suzy's further instruction. Even in the absence of Suzy, the Li corporation was doing well.

Now, let's talk about one of the new employee….Li xiying. It had already been two weeks since Li xiying joined the company. The first week, everything was going on extremely well and everyone was good to her but the second week, Li xiying started to see the true nature of her colleagues. Slowly, one by one started to order her around to do small works giving her no s.p.a.ce to relax. Li Xiying always acted arrogantly but she could not do anything to these employees.

At first, Li xiying was extremely excited to work in the Li corporation and thought that she would be appointed as a secretary or a director or a department manager…but who would have thought, she would be a.s.signed to work as an intern in one of the lowly department. Infuriated, Li xiying complained to Li Chao. Once Li Chao heard his daughters complaint, he was very furious and the first thing he wanted to do was to barge into the CEO office and throw a fit on Suzy but due to the ban, not only could he enter her office, he could not even enter the Li company.

Helpless, Li Chao could only wait for her inside the Li house. Li Chao kept waiting for Suzy for five days but Suzy still did not show up in the Li mansion. Just when Li Chao was about to lose his patience, Suzy appeared in the Li mansion. As soon as he saw Suzy, he charged over ferociously only to be stopped by her young a.s.sistant. Furious, Li Chao could only shout at her from a far distance. After shouting for a whole day the answer he got was "that's what you thought me….learn from the bottom to be successful" Suzy said haughtily. Once Li Chao heard her, he was tongue-tied and could not utter a single word.

Since her father could not do anything, Li xiying could only adjust for now but who would have thought, not long after she would be ordered around by her coworkers and would be treated like their slaves.

Infuriated, Li xiying went to complain to her manager only to be looked at dirtily. She was almost molested once. For the first time in her life, Li xiying was truly mortified. She was soo furious that she immediately barged into Suzy's office but before she could even enter, she was stopped by Suzy's z secretary. No matter how she tried, Li xiying could not enter Suzy's office and could only go back to her office. But as soon as she appeared, she was called by her manager only to be threatened and molested by that old fatty.

In the CEO's office, Suzy was having fun as she watched Li xiying being molested by one of her employees. Her eyes were cold and carried one of the worst memory. Just like Li xiying, when Suzy joined the company, she was also a.s.signed to work from the lower level. She was ordered around like a slave and had to face many arrogant b.i.t.c.hes. Even though she concealed her beauty just to avoid problems, she was still called into the manager room and was molested. When she wanted to complain to her father, her father appeared unaffected and even said that it was not a big deal. At that moment, Suzy wished to see her mom and cry all her worries out but she still could not. She tolerated every single humiliation and started to rise slowly but seeing her grow higher, Li xiying was jealous and asked one of the department managers to ruin Suzy. The department manager was interested in Suzy for a long time and he was unable to wait any longer to taste her. In one of the Company dinner, when no one was around, he forcefully pulled her into a quiet alley. Before he could even have his way, his neck was twisted and he was found dead in a junkyard the next day. No matter how the police investigated, they could not find the culprit.

From then on, no matter how many obstacles came in her way, she faced it bravely and reached a higher position where no one could touch her.

All those years, Suzy did not have any idea that her father and step-sister were the ones who had ordered all those people to cause trouble to her.

Thinking back about those days, Suzy laughed coldly while looking at the screen.

"Baby, what happened?" Kim Lan asked worriedly when she saw Suzy's cold smile.

"Nothing...I just can't help but remember those ugly days" Suzy said while still looking at the screen.

"Baby, past is past…just forget it….now think about your present and future…the time when you'll marry my brother…and then make love with him every day then have dozens of babies…then---"

Before Kim Lan could continue, Suzy covered her mouth and stuttered "wh--what are you speaking…what m-make love, huh? And….what do you mean by do--dozens of babies" Suzy blushed and said.

Removing Suzy's hands that were covering her mouth, Kim Lan said mischievously "''Baby, don't underestimate my brother…..with his personality I'm sure that he will make love to you every day once you are married and…with his strength and character, he will definitely give you dozens of babies….and then, you can form your own soccer team….how is that?" Kim Lan teased and looked at Suzy mischievously.

Suzy suddenly froze and after thinking for a while, she suddenly smiled and said in a soft voice "Lan, I want to tell him everything…."

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 179 - Lan, I Want To Tell Him Everything….

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