It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 192 - The Women Who Kicked Boss's Ass Thrice!!

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As soon as Suzy and Kim tan arrived at the beach in their helicopter, they saw all their comrades standing in rows. General Zhen's' old comrade's students were also present at the moment. There were fifteen men and two women wearing a greyish black uniform with a logo on their chest. The two women standing in the middle might look fragile but just with their aura, Suzy could guess that they were no less than any man present in the group. On the left side, a group of twenty men were present, dressed in a dark blue uniform with a logo of a dark knight on their chest. On the right were a group of twenty men dressed in dark black uniform with a snake logo on their chest and a black mask that covered half of their face. It would be very tough for one to differentiate between their shadow and themself due to their dark uniform. Just with one glance, they could tell that they were all from the COBRA and were all the great female devil, Shadow's comrades.

Just when Suzy and Kim tan stepped forward, they heard Kim ting who was standing at the front was giving all of them clear instructions.

For a moment, Suzy was curious to know if her brother in law would identify her or not but when he turned around, he did not even spare her a glance for than five-second and just turned to look at his brother, secretly asking who was she.

At that moment, Suzy suddenly had the urge to tear off her mask and show her real face to both the brothers and kick their a.s.s for not identifying her but the next moment she shook her head when she thought of the consequences that she might have to face later.

Seeing the questioning look in his brother's eyes, Kim tan understood what his brother was asking and replied expressionlessly "Shes the owner of the COBRA organization, Shadow"

Hearing the word 'Shadow' all the men present except the COBRAS almost looked at her with wide eyes. Though they have seen Kim Ting and Kim tan and Tv channels and newspapers, it was their first time seeing the great female devil Shadow. All the men in grey almost bowed their head as soon as they found their ident.i.ty. It took them almost half a minute to get back to their sense except Kim ting who was looking at her with a weird expression giving her a creep.

Ignoring Kim ting, she looked around but did not find her little cousin Shanaya anywhere. Just then, a black Mercedes drove towards them and stopped right in front of the beach. From the drivers seat, a tall and slim woman wearing a cobra uniform and a black mask which was identical to Suzys got down from the pa.s.senger seat and walked towards Suzy in a swift motion before handing her a small bag she said "The things you had asked me to bring….here it is"

Kim Ting who was standing only a few steps away from her felt his eyes almost bludged out. When he saw a black car he thought it must be one of the COBRAS but when he saw the person getting down from the car he was soo shocked that his Jaw nearly dropped down. Even though she appeared next to Suzy in a swift motion, Kim tings eyes were playing with him and everything she did appeared in a slow motion, and before he realized, he was already pointing his finger at her and was stuttering " You…you…you…what..what are yo-you doing here?"

Seeing Kim ting acting exaggeratedly, Shanaya rolled her eyes as she thought ' Why is this idiot here?'

Seeing the dumbfounded Kim ting and her little cousin's annoyed face, Suzy was left puzzled. "Do you know him?" she asked while looking at them curiously.

"Met him accidentally" Shanaya replied in short and did not explain further.

Kim Ting's comrade who were standing at the side could not help but chuckle softly as they thought " That accidental meeting made a huge loos to our boss"

Hearing the m.u.f.fled laughter, Kim tan glanced at them and looked curiously at them. One of the men who was standing at the front stepped forward and said unhesitantly while trying his best not to laugh "The women who kicked boss's a.s.s thrice".

Hearing that even the cobra's started to laugh followed by the Dark knight guards when they remembered that funny encounter between the two. Listening to this new information and seeing their comrades laughing, both Suzy and Kim tan were left speechless.

Seeing that all his comrades were laughing at him, Kim ting gave them a hard stare as he said coldly " Enough laughing, get back to work" and immediately everyone stopped laughing.

When everyone was finally quite, Suzy opened the bag and took out two custom made earbuds and pa.s.sed one to Kim tan and asked Shanaya to distribute the remaining to everyone.

"This will be our mode of communication during the mission. If you sense any danger approaching you, then press the b.u.t.ton once and anyone nearby will be notified and will immediately come to your rescue" Suzy said expressionlessly.

"This mission might stake your life so you have to be careful. When we reach the island, you'll be given even more thorough instruction this moment, you do not belong to any organization, you belong to only one organization and that is….country H. This is the golden opportunity for your all to save the seven countries and now everything lies in your hand. Hope everyone will cooperate" Kim tan said expressionlessly, building a patriotic feeling among the people.

"Okay…now its time to leave the place," Suzy said as she looked at her wrist.w.a.tch.

Finding no helicopter or any s.h.i.+p around, Kim ting felt weird as he asked " Bro, there's no s.h.i.+p nor a plane or a helicopter here…how are we going to reach the destination.…don't tell me we are going to travel on a car" Kim ting asked with a shocked expression. Even the comrades behind also looked at them curiously. Instead of replying to their question, Kim tan looked at Suzy as if telling her to answer them.

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 192 - The Women Who Kicked Boss's Ass Thrice!!

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