It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 196 - I Feel Wierd!!

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"Oh…I'm here to a.s.sist you" Doctor cherry replied without even turning back while controlling the submarine.

"a.s.sist me my a.s.s, Who asked you to come here?"

" The person who was supposed to function the Submarine has taken leave, the other is admitted in the hospital due to an accident and two people are out of the station so only I was left who knew to control this large submarine. Say, am I not amazing? Shouldn't you be thankful to me?" he asked while making a puppy face.

Shrugging her shoulder, Suzy replied coldly " Suit yourself"

Looking at the screen she asked, "are we here?"

"Almost….the large island you see in front which is covered with dark cloud is 'the hidden island'"

"I know….whats the distance between the three islands?"

"Not sure but it takes three hours to reach the first island which is at the right and two hours for the left one from hidden island "

"Hmm…thats good. This will make our work easier. How far are we from the right and left island?"

"sixty kilometers away from right and eighty kilometer away from the left"

" if you want to move from left to right, u need to travel hundred and twenty kilometers which will take at most five hours with a speed boat…am I right?" Suzy replied with a wicked smile.

Seeing that creepy smile which appears whenever she has something mischievous in her mind, Doctor cheery's legs almost gave out. With his guard up, he asked carefully "Wh-what ..what are you planning to do?"

"hehe….you'll know about it soon"

"Uhm…can you…can you please stop smiling?" Doctor cherry asked in fear

"Huh? Why?" Suzy asked looking puzzled.

"Uhm….if you keep smiling like that I'm afraid that...the submarine may sink to the bottom"

".…" hearing Doctor cherry's statement, Suzy was speechless. With a forced smile, she asked: " Do I look that ugly?"

"No" he answered within a second while shaking his head like a scared rat. Suzy was happy to hear it but before she could even smile, she heard Doctor cherry's blunt reply "You look like a Demon"

"....….." Hearing his reply Suzy's face worsened as she thought ' hey, isn't a Demon ugly? How can you say that one my face? and you are saying this especially in front of my hubby. Are you serious? what will my hubby think of me?…ahhh, my heart hurts'.

Rubbing her forehead helplessly, she looked at the doctor's cheery who was looking like a scared rat in front of her. This doctor was like G.o.d of h.e.l.l to the bad and heaven for the good ones. Many mercenaries were so scared that they would pee in their pants whenever they heard of his name but this doctor who appeared like a demon who was scared of none would s.h.i.+ver and wobble whenever he would see Suzy smiling like a creep.

Sighing helplessly, Suzy held back the urge to strangle him and said expressionlessly " release two batches of F23"

"F23?" Doctor cherry asked while looking at her doubtfully


"But why?"

"My hands are hitching badly" Suzy commented while rubbing her palms together as if she's ready to fight

Afraid that Suzy might break his bones, he immediately pressed a b.u.t.ton and a series of F23 was released from the Submarine.

"Send the first batch towards the right island and the second towards left?"


"Just do as I say"


The people standing below watched the screen which showed the image of the submarine releasing F23. It was a bullet-shaped missile which twenty meters long and seven-meter wide. Its speed was amazing and within few minutes, Two batches of F23 were sent to left island and right island. As soon as they reached their target, the Bullet-shaped structure spread throughout the Island and sunk into the ground leaving a small mark on the surface. Everyone who was looking at the screen were shocked and at the same time were curious to know the function of these bullets but as Suzy said, they had to wait patiently if they wanted to know what it was.

After an hour, they finally reached the hidden island but did not go closer since they still did not have any idea about what was there inside.

"go around the island once. We need to check out a place where the submarine can rise" Suzy said as he looked at the island covered with grey clouds with a complicated expression. For a moment, she went back to that day when she pa.s.sed through this island. She still remembered that day when she pa.s.sed through this island, she felt something was fishy about this place. On that day, she was riding on a boat alone. Her body was wounded and blood was dripping from her head, hand, legs and the corner of her mouth. She badly wanted to lie down somewhere and rest for a while but she could not afford such luxury at that moment. There was less fuel in her fuel tank and the enemies were not far away from her and were chasing her like a hungry wolf. There were not three or four people but a bunch of gangsters who were chasing her for her life and power But when she pa.s.sed through this island, she sensed that something was fishy.

Recalling that day, Suzy was in daze. She could still feel the same feeling she had experienced on that day. While Suzy was in trance, she heard Kim tans emotionless voice " Something is fishy"

Hearing that, Suzy turned around and saw Kim tans brows furrowed with complicated emotions running in his eyes.

"Brother, what happened?" Kim ting asked when he saw his brother who was like a block of wood showing a complicated expression on his face.

"I don't know but…I feel weird" Kim tan said while still looking at the screen seriously.

"Me too…" Suzy replied seriously.

When Kim tan turned to see her face, he could see the same feeling running in her eyes but it was deeper and intense than his.

Without looking back, Suzy continued "This is not the first time I'm experiencing this kind of feeling. This is the second time. Eleven years back, when I pa.s.sed through this Island while being chased by my enemies I experienced the same thing. I still remember, when I was near to this Island, I suddenly felt my throat tighten and my heart breaking apart and felt someone calling my name. My gut kept saying that there was something fishy in this island. When I was in a daze looking at this island, for a moment I felt my soul leave my body and an intense emotion surged through my nerves and I was scared. At that moment, I thought that it was because I was being chased by my enemies and because of the cloudy sky that I felt weird but now, I'm experiencing the same feeling again but this feeling is not as intense it was on that day. I don't understand exactly what kind of feeling it is but.....It's weird"

Hearing this and observing her dark eyes Kim tan could say that the feeling both of them are experiencing is different and Suzy's is more intense.

' I must find an answer for this.....'

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 196 - I Feel Wierd!!

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