It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 216 - She's Going To Be The Death Of My Little Brother

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When Suzy was just about to get up from his lap, she was pressed back and was held by her waist tightly. Even when she tried to get up, she could not even move When she lifted her face, she saw Kim tan's dark eyes and devilish smile sending her electric current down her spine and an ominous feeling started to rise slowly.

G.o.d knows how he felt when Suzy's lips landed on his chest. When her tongue touched his skin, it was as if an electric current pa.s.sed through his blood making him shudder. Looking at her grinning like a kid after marking on him, Kim tan wanted to rip her dress and mark her everywhere. His little brother was especially having a hard time to control its growth.

s.h.i.+vering under his dark gaze, Suzy wanted to flee away from him, but before she could even think of escaping, she heard Kim tan's low husky voice near her lips "Since you have already marked me….isn't it right for me to make my mark"

Understanding the meaning behind his words, Suzy forced a smile and said "hehe….isn't it just one mark? And….in the future, you can mark me wherever you want as you please"

With a low chuckle, Kim tan pinched her chin and said "Baby, whether it's one or two it is a mark and…..don't worry, in our future, of course, I won't let you out unless there are my marks on every corner of your body but for now…..I have to make a mark on you to show my owners.h.i.+p"

After hearing his words, Suzy was very sure that she might not be able to sleep well in the future 'Maybe I should just sleep as much as I can now' she thought. Seeing his dark and impatient gaze, Suzy flushed and looked down shyly. After hesitating for a while, she raised her head slowly and looked at him with flushed cheeks and asked: "Wh-where do you want to mark?"

Without hesitating, Kim tan pointed at his chest and said shamelessly "Exactly at the place where you kissed me"

Hearing that Suzy widened her eyes and looked at her chest. If he wanted to kiss her at the same place then…..Blus.h.i.+ng, Suzy said "No…not there… it so-somewhere else"

"Somewhere else huh? Are you sure I can mark at some other place?" Suzy teased and raised his eyebrows mischievously. Seeing his dark roaming on her body, Suzy felt stiff and regretted saying him that. After thinking for a while, she looked at him again and said "okay, but…..but you should close your eyes"

Making a sad and unhappy expression, Kim tan complained: "This is not fair…how is it that you can see me but I cannot?"

Sighing, Suzy could only calm him and replied "Okay fine….you don't have to close your eyes so stop making that sad face"

Hearing that, Kim tan's eyes brightened and he looked at her expectantly. Shy to the core, Suzy slowly released her grip on his shoulder and moved her hands towards her s.h.i.+rt. Unb.u.t.toning the collar b.u.t.ton, she continued unb.u.t.toning till the fourth b.u.t.ton and stopped unb.u.t.toning further. Through the gaps of her s.h.i.+rt, he could see her fair milky white skin and he could not help but gulp a mouthful of saliva. His little brother was almost dancing under his pants without any restrainment.

When Kim tan was still in the middle of his suffering, Suzy moved her s.h.i.+rt away a little at the right side, showing her fair skin further. Under the s.h.i.+rt, Suzy was wearing a white bra showing off her cleavage. Seeing the fat skin that was out of its hut, Kim tan's eyes darkened further and his little brother almost exploded inside. Closing his eyes, Kim tan suddenly regretted his choice. When Suzy was just about to move her cloth sideways to let her fat skin come out of its hut little more, Kim tan suddenly held back her hands and said in a deathly hoa.r.s.e voice "Forget it… may not be right for us to do this now"

Surprised, Suzy blinked when Kim tan stopped her in the midway. At the same time, she suddenly felt something below. When she looked down, she almost had a nose bleed when she saw the big bulge. Seeing his struggling face, Suzy suddenly felt guilty for everything. She was well aware of how he felt for her and how he wanted her but he still controlled himself just for her sake. Feeling happy for how considerate he was Suzy smiled and kissed him on his lips and said softly "it's ok. Just do it for now"

Looking at her eyes seriously, he said "No, I cant….lets just forget about this"

Chuckling, Suzy smiled mischievously before she asked "Are you sure? You know, this chance won't come again and the next time even if you want to do it….you won't be able to do it"

Threatened, Kim tan was stuck and did not know what to do. Just when he was struggling inwardly, he suddenly heard Suzy's soft voice next to his ears "are you sure….baby?" she said and brushed her lips against his ears.

"f.u.c.k" he exclaimed and pulled her closer. The movement his lips touched the layer of her skin, his brain exploded and he was left blank. The only thing he knew was to lick, suck and bit her skin as much as possible. Feeling his lips and tongue on her skin, Suzy gave out a soft m.o.a.n unknowingly which ignited the fire further making the man go wild. Her little hands which were initially resting on his shoulder were now caressing his hair.

He sucked, kissed and licked simultaneously and he before he knew, he had already crossed the line and was going further inside the hut. When his tongue touched the candy inside the hut, Suzy m.o.a.ned once again and her grip around his hair tightened and she pressed his face further to her skin.

Even though Suzy was aware that he had crossed the line, she did not stop instead let him do whatever he pleased with her soft mound as she felt that this was the last thing she could do to lease him.

Time pa.s.sed and Kim tan did not show any sign of stopping. The clothing that was covering her mound was already pushed aside, revealing her mound completely to the n.a.k.e.d eye. Seeing the n.a.k.e.d mound, Kim tan's eyes darkened and he took it into his mouth once again and sucked it hard. After another round of torturing, Kim tan finally moved away from her chest and kissed her lips and leaned his forehead against hers. When Suzy was finally back to her senses, she realized what they had done just now and flushed red. Before Kim tan could think of doing anything, Suzy pushed him and got down from his car and ran inside the house shyly.

Seeing his little wifey running away from his grasp, Kim tan chuckled and touched his lips which had finally touched that holy part and smiled. Suddenly sensing something, he looked down only to find his angry little brother under his pants. Rubbing his forehead, he thought ' She's going to be the death of my little brother'

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 216 - She's Going To Be The Death Of My Little Brother

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