It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 223 - Little...Little Bean?

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As the award ceremony was nearing to its end, the male and female hosts finally called the guest who was going to the present the last award of the ceremony, the most prestigious award for all the musicians, which was the best musician awards.

Unlike other awards, this time the best musician award has garnered huge attention because of the fierce battle between the female musician Lu Qingwie and the veteran old musician Gu Tianfi who had retired the music industry half a year back.

To issue the award, Kim tan along with a famous ex-music director who was in his seventy's was called upon the stage.

When the results were announced, the whole hall was erupted with whistles and applause. Walking on the stage was a woman named Lu Qinwie who was in her early forty's. Wearing a long full sleeve white gown, she looked young and beautiful.

Bowing to the audience politely, she received the award from the music director and thanked them before turning towards the audience to give her vote of thanks.

Just when Lu Qingwie concluded her vote of thanks, the male host smiled mischievously and said " Great musician Miss Lu Qingwie, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. Go ahead"

"I heard that you are looking for an actress for your next song?"

"Yes, indeed"

"Seeing your expression, I can already say that you have already found one"

"Haha…yes, I have found a beautiful actress who can portray my song the best"

Down the stage, many people were guessing who is that lucky actress who had caught the great musicians' words. While everyone was guessing among themself, a woman sitting at the third row was smiling proudly as she thought 'Who else could It be other than me?' she thought but Lu Qinwie's next words rendered her shocked and seeth in anger.

After a pause, Lu Qinwie suddenly exclaimed pitifully "But too bad, after hearing her voice, I suddenly want to make her sing this song"

After hearing Lu Qingwie's last words, they finally understood who she was referring to. After all, a beauty with sweet voice….who else could it be other than Suzy from the entertainment industry.

Standing on the stage, Kim tan had a faint smile on his lips as he looked at his baby girl down the stage proudly.

With a loud applause and cheerful shrieks, the award ceremony finally came to an end. After the ceremony was ended, a few guests who had received the invitation moved to the party hall where the celebration banquet of the music festival was held.

Inside the beautifully decorated land, a celebration banquet was held. Laughter and whisperings could be heard in every corner of the banquet hall as people were enjoying the rare occasion. Live music and performance were going on the stage and everyone was enjoying the party with a wine gla.s.s held in their hand. In the middle of the banquet, a group of people had gathered around a young lady while raining her with praises.

As the praises rained on her, Suzy felt more and more embarra.s.sed, She attended the banquet only to give some face to the organizer but who would have thought, as she stepped inside a few ladies would surround her and start b.u.t.tering up with sweet words. Just when Suzy was about to explode, a women in her forties walked towards Suzy and pulled her out of the crowd. After seeing who had dragged her out, the people did not dare to show their displeasure and hence dispersed quietly.

Finally able to breathe the fresh air, Suzy sighed and thanked Lu Qingwie for helping her out.

Not far away from them, when Kim tan saw that Suzy was finally away from the crowd, he started to walk towards her. Since Lu Qingwie was also standing next to her, no one would doubt him.

Seeing the tall figure who was approaching towards her, Suzy beamed and was just about to greet him but before she could do anything, she was pulled by the female host upon the stage.

Reaching backstage, the female host delivered someone's message which was more like a request and Suzy could only agree helplessly.

Walking up to the stage, the female emcee greeted the crowd and spoke a few words before announcing "The next performance is from a young lady who shocks everyone whenever she appears and today this young lady is going to sing another song for you all. So everyone, please welcome, the unparalleled beauty…Miss Suzy"

Hearing Suzy's name, everyone cheered and applauded loudly. Those who initially did not show any attention to the performance also looked at the stage excitedly when they heard Suzy's name.

On the stage, sitting on the chair with a guitar in front, the beauty under the dark evoked curiosity among everyone. When a faint light was illuminated on the young lady, the strings of the guitar reverberated throughout the hall followed by her sweet voice.

Like a spring, her voice could calm everyone's mind and let them enjoy a rare peaceful moment which they could hardly afford. Stress-free, with no other thing, they dumped all the matters out and listened to her sweet music. The sweet voice mixed with the guitar's music made a good contrast.

While everyone was having a peaceful time, there was certainly someone who was shocked to the core.

No could be as familiar as him with this music. From a five-year-old boy to a ten-year-old boy, he had always listened to this music which his Aunt Lan sang to him while he and his childhood sweetheart, his little Roulan laid their head on her thighs while looking at the bright sky above.

This was the song that thought him how to dream and this was the song which thought also thought him what a dream is.

When Kim tan heard the soft music at the beginning, he felt his heart get excited for no reason and then slowly when he heard the first line of the lyrics, he felt that this song was very familiar to him…more than the previous song. But not long after, it suddenly dawned him that this was the song which his Aunt Lan used to sing.

Other than himself, his family and Roulan and her mother, no one knew this song as it was created by aunt Lan herself and he loved to hear the song no matter how many times.

It had been fourteen long years since he heard this song. The song that could bring sweetness and peace has brought him a huge shock.

'Little….Little Bean?' his lips quivered as he thought of few situations in which Suzy was oddly similar to his little Bean and also her emotional changes when he said that he still loved his little sweetheart. Unlike other women who would break up and throw tantrums after hearing his words, Suzy not only remained calm but was also looking happy.

Though he wanted to believe that his little sweetheart was not dead he did not dare to. Amidst the inner battle, Kim tan suddenly met Suzy longing and loving eyes and the next moment both of them were startled….

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 223 - Little...Little Bean?

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