It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 231 - 'This Is The Last Thing I Can Do For You Kim Ting….For The Sake Of My Sister'

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With pink cheeks, Suzy walked out of the hall. When she reached the garden, she saw all the elders sitting on a table sipping their tea while reminiscing the past and present incidents. On the other side, on another round table sat four more people from the younger generation but…..aghhh, why do the situation seems quite weird? With that thought, Suzy walked forward and saw a cold war between Kim lan and Kim ting while Kim tan sat at the side as if world has fallen on his head and….cough, her cousin who always follows the policy, talk less eat more.

Rubbing her temples, Suzy suddenly regretted not tagging along with her aunt Kim. Sighing, she was suddenly reminded of Kim ting's unlucky meet with her cousin. The previous time, when they were gathered to do a mission, she heard that Shanaya had accidentally met Kim ting as carrot and due to some unknown reason, she had kicked Kim ting thrice which had embarra.s.sed Kim ting greatly in front of his subordinates. From then on, they had been having an internal cold war.

But then again, Suzy was curious to know what had made them meet again. Curious, Suzy smiled and walked towards the table. Ignoring Kim tan, she walked to the other side and sat next to Kim Lan. Tapping on the table to get the attention of the people sitting on the table, she raised her eyebrow and looked at Shanaya and Kim ting before asking "Speak…what's the matter between you two?"

"Annoying" was the only thing Shanaya said before she continued eating.

Hearing the same old word again, Kim ting was furious. Before he could blow up, Suzy turned her attention to the chatterbox Kim ting and asked: "What happened?"

"Sister in law, your sister is not least bit gentle like you….she's a devil…ghost….she's not even a woman…she she--"

Rubbing the s.p.a.ce between her brows, she interrupted the chatterbox and said "From the beginning"

Giving a pause, Kim ting immediately understood what his sister in law wanted to ask and sighed in resignation before starting the story from the beginning.

Few months back…

The sky was dark and the whole city A was lit up. In a busy street, one of the elite clubhouse was filled with teenagers who had come with their groups of friends to enjoy the night. Dj songs were being played in the clubhouse and people were shaking their h.i.p.s on the dance floor. A few of the teenagers could be seen near the lounge having several shots of vodka and c.o.c.ktails.

At one of the corners, a gang of boys were sitting in a private lounge and were having great fun along with a few girls. Sitting at a corner, Kim ting watched as his friends continued to flirt with their newly found girlfriends. Feeling bored, he turned to look out of the gla.s.s wall and saw a young woman wearing a tank top and a s.h.i.+rt with black torn jeans. For some reason, Kim ting felt that this woman looked familiar but at the same time Unfamiliar. Thinking that he must be drunk, he turned his attention back to his friends continued to chuck the beer. But no matter what, he could not help his eyes from looking at the lonely women who gave him a kind of different vibe from other girls.

Trying to clear his head, he stood up from his sofa and chugged another gla.s.s of alcohol. Just when he was about to walk out of the room to the open balcony, the door of the private room was opened with a bang. Startled, Kim ting lifted his head to look at the person who had intruded into their head but felt everything look blurry. Before he could get a clear picture of the women who had barged into their room, he felt his head spin and the next moment, with a bang, Kim ting was thrown on the cold floor mercilessly. Due to the sudden attack, blood rushed to his head making his head clear and soon, Kim ting was back from his muddle-headed state and his senses started to work clearly. Looking at the tall woman who was standing in front of him with a sneer, Kim ting was shocked.

Ignoring Kim ting's shocked expression, Shanaya looked at him coldly and said "Stay away from my friend"

"huh? Friend?" thinking that Shanaya must have mistaken him, Kim ting hurriedly got up to ask the women what was the matter but before he could even stand properly, a heavy kick landed on his a.s.s and before he could rub himself to ease the pain, he was thrown on to the sofa heavily. Lifting her legs, she stepped on the arm of the couch and looked at Kim ting coldly before saying "You….better stay away from my girl. If you dare to hurt her again with your puppy love, then….."Looking between his leg, she smirked before looking at Kim ting coldly.

Understanding the warning behind her words, Kim ting hurriedly closed his thigh and s.h.i.+elded his thing with his hand, afraid that this crazy woman would make him crippled and looked at her in shock.

To clear the misunderstanding, Kim ting tried to speak but before she could even speak, the door of the private room was opened with a bang again and another woman hurriedly walked inside. Seeing Kim ting, she was shocked for a moment. "Cousin, what are you doing here?"

Just like the young girl, Kim ting was surprised to see the girl hear hence he asked curiously " Meili, what are you doing here?"

"Oh that…I'm here to pick up my friend"


"San…what are you doing here….in front of my cousin?"

"Isn't he the one who had been a.s.saulting Yuna?"

"s.h.i.+t…..San, you have come to the wrong room. I one who had a.s.saulted her is in the next room"

"Oh…"Shanaya exclaimed expressionlessly and placed her leg up before making her way towards Meili while saying "Come….let's go"

Seeing the girl's nonchalant att.i.tude, Kim ting was furious. Getting up from the sofa, he walked towards the unknown girl to stop her. Just when he placed his hands over her shoulder, he felt the world spin again and with a loud bang, he was once again thrown back to the sofa with a bang.

Feeling dizzy, it took him a few seconds to get back to his sense. Now, Kim ting was more than clear and hurriedly looked towards the door only to find that the two young ladies had left the room and the little devil….. 'didn't even ask me sorry?' this thought alone had haunted him for several nights.

But what Kim ting was not aware of was that, if not for this little devil, he would have been dead by the end of the day.

Before Shanaya stepped inside the bar, she have seen a few familiar faces from the underworld. Feeling doubtful, she kept her guard up all the time and tried to observe the situation and at the same time, she had sent a text to her subordinate asking for the details. Chugging the gla.s.s of alcohol, when she was observing her surroundings, her eyes felt on the first floor where she saw a not so familiar face behind the gla.s.s wall. Just when she doubting that Kim ting must be today's target, she received a text from her subordinate who confirmed her doubt. Only because Kim ting was Suzy's soon to be brother in law and she had a special spot for the Kim family, Shanaya decided to make that idiot aware of his surroundings.

Just then, from the corner of her eyes, she saw one of the enemy whispering something to the waiter and handed him some packets as well as a stack of money. Accepting the money, the waiter started to walk towards the first floor. Placing her gla.s.s back, Shanaya followed the waiter quietly. When they were away from the light, Shanaya attacked the waiter made him unconscious. Then she walked straight to the first floor VIP room and banged Kim tan to wake him up from drunkards.

Walking out of the room, Shanaya threw the poisonous wax candle that she had picked up from Kim ting's VIP room and muttered to herself 'This is the last thing I can do for you Kim ting….for the sake of my sister'

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 231 - 'This Is The Last Thing I Can Do For You Kim Ting….For The Sake Of My Sister'

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