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A week has been pa.s.sed but the fans were still in their mood , more number of fans appeared infront of the studio holding banners of Mu jun and Suzy, the days were now calm and steady not until a storm appeared from nowhere, whole media were now showing a hot news of one of the person from the ' the chess ' film ....

The next day morning , a certain CEO was headlined in all the new report and papers , he was currently the hottest news of the week . It has been more than a week Suzy's news had died , and suddenly news of The producer of the film ' the chess ' was souring everywhere . The news headlines ' CEO sun hot video leaked ' , ' CEO sun has a mistress , whose this unknown mistress ' , ' CEO suns and his mistress s.e.x video '...were now trending everywhere .

Qin yue was trembling when she saw the news early morning ,never did she expect her secret would be revealed. She sighed when her face was not shown , and her body was also blurred , but it didnot mean she would get out of the hook .one or the other day she would definitely be revealed, the next moment she picked up her phone and called someone in hurry , after three rings the other person picked up the call .

" h.e.l.lo ..?"

"Aunty , someone has leaked about CEO sun , I dont think it takes longer for them to discover it ,aunty please do something "

" dint I say you not to carry your cell "

" but aunty I just carried it for my own safety "

the voice from the other side was cold as always,

" did you do any video? "

"No way , how can I....aunty please save me "

" okay I'll do something "

After the other person ended the call , she called an unknown number and ordered " I want to know who was the one that leaked the video , and deleted all the clips and videos now , I dont want any video to be played on the TV by this afternoon "

"Okay miss feng "

" mmm....I'll leave this matter for you , get me that person as soon as possible "

" okay.."

As the call ended , feng mian drowned in a deep thought . These days many things are happening causing her a huge headache. Suzy joined bright star , her rival company . Even though it might not seemed to be a big deal , but according to her view it won't take more time for Suzy to raise in the entertainment industry , not only it benefits her , it also benefits her company because Suzy is just a genius . She even turned the tables so easily and challenged her to do something better , and on the other side , Qin yues issue , theirs no reason for her to get tensed , she can easily shut Qin yue but it's tough to deal that CEO and the major problem now is , someone is watching her and her company closely giving her a bad vibe .

Leaning back on her chair she closed her eyes to relax.

By the time it was afternoon , all the news about CEO sun was already taken off , their was no hint of any of his video , or felt like such news never existed . That unknown person called feng mian again to I form all the details.

" miss feng , as you ordered the news have all been deleted and blocked. We did not even leave any information about that , everything has been cleared up , but...."

Having no patience she yelled: " but what? "

" miss feng , the person who leaked the video is quite tricky . There no trace of him /her . I'm sorry miss feng but I dont think so we can catch this person "

" what the h.e.l.l , did I pay you hefty money only so that you can give up "

" miss , we are trying our level best , we could not even get a hint, our team is still on work "

" I dont care what you do , I just need that persons details "

" but....okay miss feng , we will work on it "

Another headache , she thought .

In a huge duplex house , which was designed heavenly filled with luxurious items , at the corner of the second floor , inside a small room , lighted up with a dim light , sat a young women infront of tens of computers showing different things . Each comuters were one of a kind , their were different information showed on different computers. From the fifty computer , came a voice of a women speaking to another unknown man hunting information for certain person . Listening to the conversation the young woman smiled wickedly and said " do you it's that easy to catch me feng mian , you have truly underestimated me , the daughter of Zheng lan " she said

Suzy had actually hacked feng mians cell , she had been searching for something for a while , but then she heard their conversation . She tracked the caller and found that unknown person was a well known hacker and has helped feng mian a lot of times to dissolve evidence which may be disadvantage for her company and get information when needed. What's more interesting part was , this woman had called the hacker that exact day when her mother met with an accident . Her eyes turned red in anger , the juice cup she was holding in her hand were squeezed and broken into pieces .

Wanting to know more about this person , Suzy called her a.s.sistant and ordered " release the second evidence tommorow morning "

" yes miss , everything is already ready "

" and i need more information about this person, dont miss out even a single information, "

" okay miss "

Feng mian , you just wait , I'm going to make you suffer like h.e.l.l , you dared to hurt and even kill my mother , I'm going to show you what it feels like to mees up with a wrong person , she said before turning off her computer and heading out of her room .

late night , even though Suzy did not come back to li mansion , no one was bothered . everyone were well aware that Suzy had another house and she stayed their most of the time . infact they even liked this arrangement, because they would have more freedom to scheme against her back.

it has already been more than years that Suzy started to stay in other place but not even once did her father or other people asked about the place , they dont even have how the place is packed up with huge security system , moreover they do not even know that this place exist or not , and it was quiet a relief for her .

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 26 - Hot News ! Hot News !..

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