It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 27 - Making A Deal With Mrs Sun

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The next day , a new piece of hot news was again released, this time the video has more clarity, one would easily say without any doubts that it was CEO sun . But the more highlighting part was the women who was pleasuring CEO sun was clearly visible. Her face was also zoomed and showed , everyone were very much curious to know who was that women. Every news , and news paper were now having new headlines " CEO son's mistress ', ' who is this unknown young lady ? Is she a socialite , or an actor or a business woman or a s.l.u.t ' , ' CEO sun has been caught in CCTV of various hotels meeting this unknown woman ' ,' whose this mistress ?' , where the most hot headlines .

But Qin yue was unaware off this news , she did not even have any idea that she was revealed. After confirming that the news was taken off , only then did she relax and headed out of her house . These few days she has been busy pleasuring that b.a.s.t.a.r.d and helping out li xiying , well to be Frank, Qin yue was actually enjoying the CEOs company , while the CEO was happy with her performance in bed , Qin yue was happy with the amount he paid her . If it was not for him to be above fifty years , she would have really become his mistress . after sleeping with that old hag , qin yues life drastically changed , her old apartment was replaced by a small mansion , her old cheap car was replaced with new luxurious car . the maids and servants did not even have the clue of ' how she became within few months ' , she worked as an employee in li corporation and her pay was also not so much, but because of the CEO, her life was now filled with luxury , because of the deal Qin yue also resigned her post in the company. her att.i.tude was even more proud and arrogant .


Soon the next day a new piece of news was released. Qin yues ident.i.ty was know all over the news , but to their bad luck they did not get her address. When Qin yue just stepped out of her room, she saw her maids looking at her weirdly, they were sneering whenever they saw her , but Qin yue did not even have the idea what was going on. Poor Qin yue , she did not even mind to ask what's going on , moreover, her cellphone was missing from the previous day and no one could even inform her . she just shrugged her shoulder , enjoying her luxury life inside her room .

In the coutnry-H airport , a man in his fifties had just landed and was heading out if the airport with his bodyguards and manager , since he was out of station for quite a week , he had no idea what was happening , when he just reached out, bunch of reporters surrounded him asking him questions non stop

" CEO sun , is that person in the video

is you ? "

" Is she your mistress ? "

" CEO sun you already have a wife and two children , do you still need a mistress? "

" does your wife know about these things "

" whose that mistress , can you please reveal her ident.i.ty? ".....

The reporters continued to question him , but CEO sun stood their silently, not understanding anything but he knew something has gone wrong , with the help of his a.s.sistant and bodyguards , he all the reporters and entered the car . As soon as he entered , he asked his a.s.sistant coldly,

" what the h.e.l.l is happening here?"

" sir give me a minute , I'll immediately ask what's going on "

After making a call he said " sir your video with miss Qin has been leaked to the media , but miss feng removed those video within afternoon , but the next day another video was leaked , in that your clearly Visible and miss Qin's face has also been revealed "

" what , what the h.e.l.l , who leaked that video "

" we dont know sir , miss feng has asked someone to search for that person , but they could not get any information, it's really tough to get that persons info , but they are still trying "

" call that b.i.t.c.h , it must be her who leaked it , no one else would do that "

" sir, miss qin's mobile is turned off "

" b.i.t.c.h , miss feng , only she can do something "

" okay boss "

Inside a cafe, a woman in her late forties was sipping the tea elegantly , infront of her was a man in his late forties .

" so mr , why did you want to meet me ?" Asked mrs sun , her face devoured with pain and sadness

" mrs sun , we are here to talk about your husband's matter "

" I don't have anything to do with that man " she said with the same sad face .

" it's not what my boss want to talk with you , I'm here to make a deal with you "

" what deal ? "

" mrs sun , divorce your husband as soon as he returns today "

" and what's make you think I would " she said with a sad smile .

" it's the only way you can survive "

" what do you mean "

" mrs sun , I know you already knew about your husband cheating you , but you did not leave him only for the sake of your children and for their future "

" yes , that's the only reason I'm still with him , I don't want my children to suffer , but if do divorce him I'm sure he won't give me a cent , I dont have family nor money , how can I survive with my children with nothing in my hand . "

" then I suggest you to divorce him , because soon hes going to get bankrupt and he is going to fall on the streets. this may even affect your children and cause problem to them "

" but...."

" dont worry miss , my boss will help you , she will terminate mr sun from the CEO's position and that position will be given to you "

" are you sure , can you really help me ?"

" yes offcourse "

" thank you, thank you soo much , I'm really thankful to your boss , " she said , holding her hand on her chest, tears falling down but she tried her best to control it .wiping her tears off she said " but I dont like to be in debt , please feel free to ask anything that you want , I think you already have something which you need "

" ofcourse, we really have a thing which we need badly , we need your husband in return "

" may I know the reason "

" seems like theirs a huge grudge between my boss and your husband ,"

" okay then , thank you for your help , I'll do as you say " she said , bowing her head twice .

" but miss sun let me tell you this in advance, I'm not sure what's the gorge between them , but you may never see him again "

" the day he cheated me was his death day to me " she said coldly

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 27 - Making A Deal With Mrs Sun

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