It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 3 - Revealing Their True Face !!

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She was awoken by a hard splash of liquid , when she opened her eyes , she felt the smell of the liquid , it was kerosene. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw familiar faces , everyone were the people whom she trusted and loved the most , her father, her step mother and step sister, her fiance and her bestfriend.

she was unsure , but for some reason she felt these people were totally different to the people she knew and she loved. the people standing Infront , were all looking evil , with a devilish smile, waiting for her end . none of their eyes showed pain or anxiety but they were happy and were looking like they were In a mood to celebrate .

Li choa did not bother to speak anything , he just wanted to see her suffer , so when he finally saw her wounded everywhere and pool of blood beneath her legs , he was satisfied .

" finish her after your done" he walked away with his wife behind after his last words

Li xiying :"yes father( Li Chao exited the place smiling devilishly with his wife) .....tsk tsk , what a beautiful sight, is it paining a lovely sister "

Suzy :" "

Yifeng :" Haha, baby can't you see , shes too stupid to understand anything , why don't we just say her a small story"

Li xiying:" sure darling. Are you shocked my dear sister, ofcourse you'll be . You might be thinking how did my wounds cure within a day right ? Tut tut , your very foolish, you can't even differentiate between the real blood and fake blood . I was just acting , was it not cool "

Suzy :" why....why d..did you do t....that?"

Li xiying :" because I hate you , i hate your mom , i hate your grandparents . I hated you from the beginning, but I waited for a long time only for this day , and finally....."

Suzy :" what did i do for you , I treated you as my own biological sister, I loved you like ....."

Li xiying:" so only sister , just give up everything and leave the world hurtfully . We just wanted to use you until we could , and now your just a trash "

Yifeng:" Haha, baby why don't we tell her a good news along with this . Suzy , we are getting married soon, though you won't be alive till then , we are happy that your giving your blessing by pa.s.sing over a.s.sets "

Suzy :" I believed you ,trusted you , I loved you and even gave up my underworld thrown for you along with my grandparents a.s.set , why did you do this , why did you betray me?"

Yifeng:" Suzy, to be Frank , actually I never loved you , I was in love with xiying for almost four years and the result of our love is growing in xiyings stomach. I just acted as your boyfriend just for my advantage "

Suzy was shocked , flames of anger started to burn in her eyes , if she was not weak right now she could have showed what is real h.e.l.l to both of them , but just then her heart skipped a beat when xiying continued,

Xiying:" Suzy not only you , your mother and your grandparents were also stupid and now your going to face the same thing your mother and grandparents did "

she felt her heart was stabbed hard , it was paining, she felt she was bleeding heavily inside , her eyes were completely filled with rage ,her voice quivered

Suzy:" did you....did you kill them "

Li xiyings:" it's not me ....its us who killed them including your mother "

Sia could no longer hold on , all her strength came back like fierce , she tried to break through . Afraid that she may break it and do something for them , han yifeng and li xiying lit the fire quickly and left the place , the fire slowly started to spread around .

Suzy smiled seeing the people run away after liting the place , her eyes full of rage , her heart full of hatred , she smiled wickedly and spoke her last words ."A tooth for a tooth, An eye for an eye , you wish 'I never come back alive ', if I do ..., if I do then I promise , I'm going to pay you back , the pain I received. The burning fire and my dripping hot blood as the witness , I promise , I'll make you suffer more than I did . if I get a second chance , if I get a second life , I'm surely going to take my revenge "


" nooo....." she shrieked loudly , breathing heavily , her body covered with cold sweat. Her diaphragm moving up and down rapidly , her heart was racing , her eyes filled with tears , her emotions were out of control , it took her a long time to calm herself down . When she finally regained her composure, she heard a beep from her mobile , it was a voice message from her step sister. She played the voice message and heard xiying ,

Li xiying:" hey Suzy , I called you to remind you about the party . Don't forget to attend it day after tomorrow . You must come no matter what . We are all waiting for you and yeah , bro yifeng called me to tell you that even he too want to see you . So don't forget to come okay . Leave Switzerland tomorrow . Ah , and yes , don't forget to buy me some gifts, Okay then ,....bye , see you soon"

Suzy was dumbfounded . Everytime , when they needed her , they would call her back to the country , and once they are done they would force her to leave . They were never bothered about her well being , they were always greedy and selfish . What made Suzy dumbfounded was , these words felt too familiar , she felt she had already heard these words .

Feeling doubtful she turned towards the calendar to find , it was 20th Jan 20XX , she had time traveled , she was now two years back , the year her life started to worsen . Tomorrow was the day her life was going to become miserable .

Tears started to roll down her cheeks , she hugged her pillow for warmth and cried hard until no tears were left , her eyes were bulged , and red . After crying her heart out , her aura turned murderous. Her eyes was cold , filled with hatred and rage . She smirked and said ' its payback time baby '.

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 3 - Revealing Their True Face !!

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