It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 63 - Intimate Shopping!!

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Under the huge roof with best interior design , on the coach , only Suzy and Kim tan were left all alone in this huge mansion . Other than the head butler and few maids , there was no one else in the mansion .

Everything was quite around them , the only thing they could hear was their slow breathing and the rapid heart beat of their heart . None of them spoke , they were enjoying each others company in silence . It felt as though they were in some other planet and the two of them were the only living beings.

thought they enjoyed each others complain silence, they still wanted to speak , hear their loud ones sweet voice , wanted to see their loved ones smile but none of them had enough courage . They were trying hard to dig up anything they could , to start the conversation but they found nothing .

Suki , who was lying on suzys lap yawned a little loudly , breaking their silence. Seems like suki also wanted to help them out . Hearing the cute sound the little puppy made , both Suzy and Kim tan looked at it , than looking at each other, both of them started to laugh pleasantly .

" seems like hes sleepy " kim tam said , as he smiled .

" yeah , he loves to sleep a lot " Suzy said , patting the dogs said .

" so , hows your life Suzy "

" better , but it would be great in future ..." she said but omitted the last word ' with you ' .

" how about yours ? "

" good ...but I hope it will be great further " he said , chuckling inwardly .

" oh , that's good "

" so , hows the preparation going on for your next project "

" hmm , it's good . I really need to thank you for guiding me and helping me out , because of you I was really enlightened with many ideas " she said , giving a bright smile .

" No , I need to thank you . Even I too learnt many things from you . You are the first women I have ever seen in my life who is smart , brilliant , creative and most importantly...beautiful " he said , his eyes glittering with the feeling of proudness.

" thank you Kim tan , I must be blessed to be complemented by such a great person "

" , would you like me to tour you around the mansion " Kim tan offered .

" offcourse , I would love that " she said but suddenly both of their cell phones started to beep with a message at the same time .

Opening the inbox , they saw Kim lans message which said " you have only five minutes , everyone are coming back " . Kim lan had sent the same message for both of them at the same time , informing the arrival of elders .

Reading the message , Kim tan cursed inside " d.a.m.nit , why the h.e.l.l did they have to come so early " he said . Suzy also felt the same but she did not curse her soon to be in laws. Picking up the sleeping suki , Suzy said " uhm ....can we skip the tour for now . I mean , we could do something else for now " Suzy said , as she looked at Kim tan eagerly .

Kim tan also wanted the same thing , since Suzy herself had said it, he would more likely follow it . " hmm...that sounds good . I will tour you around the mansion some other time . so now , what would you like to do miss Suzy? "

" What should we do mr Kim tan ? " she said raising her left eyebrow

" it's just Kim tan " he retorted

" and it's just Suzy " Suzy replied and both of them laughed out loudly .

" so now ..."

" hmm , would you like to accompany me to buy few things for suki ? "

Hearing this Kim tans eyes lit up as he immediately replied in delight " I would love to "

Soon Kim tan and Suzy left the Kim mansion in suzys car from the other gate . Just when they exited , the other people entered the Kim mansion from the entrance . Kim tan who saw this sighed a breath of relief . Before getting on the car , he did not fail to instruct the head butler not to reveal anything to the elders and butler Anthony ofcourse did what he was ordered .

As Suzy drove the car , Kim tan was busy looking at her . Though Kim tan wanted to drive , Suzy insisted that she would and Kim tan was obviously happy . He would get much longer time to have a look of his baby girl .

Not long after , they reached a near by mall , which was not so big . Before heading out Suzy did not fail to disguise herself as well as kim tan with a black cap and a black face mask . Through the elevator , they headed straight to the third floor to the pets section .

On the way , this extraordinary pair did not fail to gather lot of attention . Though they were in disguise , they still stirred the attention of lots of people just by their majestic which one could not help but notice it . Kim tan was obvious to this , he was null for these attractions but for some reason he actually liked it when people were actually mentioning them as couples . Taking up this opportunity, Kim tan whispered in Suzys ears .

" Suzy , if you dont mind can we be little intimate just like other couples for quite few minutes " he said and suzys eyes widened as her heart started to beat aloud .

Thinking that Suzy may get angered or might misunderstand , he continued " you are a celebrity and I'm the business head , many of them had already started to take our photos . if it gets out we would surely be targeted . If we be a little intimate, they might not be able to recognize us even if they pair us later " he said but nothing went to suzys head . She was knocked out by the earlier sentence and she no longer cared about other things . She just nodded in response and the next moment , Kim tan held her hands intervening with his and walked towards the pet store .

The moment he held her hands , Suzy turned red as her heart started to race, whereas Kim tan had a wide smile hidden under the mask , his eyes were also smiling and he felt much happier when he heard the loud gasps and cheering from the crowd .

Suzy kept biting her lips until they reached the store . She was fl.u.s.tered and nervous , but later on finding her courage she finally started to get intimate with him , hugging him from back while he was picking the dog food , combing his Smooth hair backwards intimately , whispering random things to his ears as she giggled which was pleasant to his ears . She was thoroughly enjoying everything .

Kim tan on the other hand was also enjoying the act , he would held her hands when she hugged from behind . He would ask for her opinions and would also comment in between , he would pay her head intimately sometimes and would whisper back when she did the same . He was smiling the whole process . When she was combing his hair , Suzy was unexpectedly too close to him which made his ears turn red and hot . He was very much enjoying the whole time shopping with her .

The people who were in the same shop were in awe seeing such a cute couple , few were envious and few were jealous but no matter what , none of them escaped dog food .

After shopping and buying the things for a longer time , Suzy and Kim tan finally boarded the car after asking the manager to deliver the items straight to suzys home.

On the way , both Suzy and Kim tan were anxious and were thinking deeply to find reasons to stay with each other for a longer time. Just when Kim tan wanted to suggest something , Suzy spoke first " uhm...Kim tan would you like to accompany me to my house "

" I------" before Kim yan could even speak , Suzy interrupted " no force . If you are only free , or else you dont have to take the risk . Well I was free today and I dont have much to do so ? "

" what's the plan " he said and Suzy was very much delighted

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 63 - Intimate Shopping!!

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