It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 69 - Does That Mean My Bro Can See You Naked ??

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The next day , Kim tan got up with a huge eye bags . His eyes were red , their was dark circles under his eyes due to lack of sleep . The bright CEO looked more like a tired CEO. Was.h.i.+ng up himself , he dressed up and left to the office .

Inside the car , watching his brothers haggard state , Kim ting could not help but ask .

" Brother , what's the matter ....why do you look soo tired ? Did you have any hard time in the office " he asked and Kim tan shook his head looking blankly outside the window .

" Did you face any hards.h.i.+ps in your business " he asked again and Kim tan shook his head again .

" Did you face any problem in the house ? " and Kim tan again shook his head as a 'NO' .

Feeling frustrated , Kim ting wailed " then why the h.e.l.l do you look tired ?"

Tilting his head towards his brother , he said

" wifey !! "

Kim tan looked confused as well as dumbfounded " wait ! what ? , wifey ?...what wifey ? Bro , don't tell me that you actually misunderstood me as sister in law " he said feeling horrified.

Hearing his brother comment , Kim tan sneered " Nonsense "

Once again , Kim ting was confused as he asked " what nonsense , Bro can you atleast speak more than a word . I can understand you in every case except this . Whenever we speak of sister in law , your behaviour changes and its really really tough to understand you , I quite dont understand what's going on in your mind " Kim ting nagged .

Hearing this Kim tan sighed and tilted his head back towards the window and started to look out .

Frustrated for not getting an answer back, Kim ting asked again " bro , answer me the h.e.l.l is sister In law the reason for your tiredness "

Tilting his head back , Kim tan said with a poker face " get a girlfriend for yourself , and then you'll understand " he said and turned away .

" wait, how the h.e.l.l is sister in law related to me getting a girlfriend " he said in confusion , but suddenly something dawned him .

Realizing what his brother meant , Kim ting started laugh out loudly , followed by a m.u.f.fled laughter of the a.s.sistant and driver . They had been listening to their conversation from the beginning and understood what their boss actually meant . It was a problem which only men know the best.

Holding his stomach which was hurting , Kim ting asked in between his laughter

" Haha.....bro dont tell me you actually had mens problem and could not sleep for a whole night " hearing this Kim tan looked coldly at his brother , but he was actually feeling quite embarra.s.sed for being revealed ,

Though Kim tan looked at his brother coldly, Kim ting was unaffected as he continued to tease his brother " this was the problem you meant ....Haha, bro tell me , how did sister in law seduce you ? " he asked playfully , dancing his eyebrows .

Remembering yesterday's scene, which haunted him whole knight, Kim tan could not help but press the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows. The scene of Suzy wearing a translucent white s.h.i.+rt And a white short which reached above its mid-thigh and a white sports bra underneath which was almost visible to his eyes , flashed into his mind again , making his ears turn pink .

Beats of sweat were already forming on his forehead and he started to feel hot . The throbbing pain down their which had cooled down early morning once again resurfaced . Taking deep breaths, Kim tan tried to calm down his embedding desire .

Seeing their boss's pained expression, the driver could not help but suggest " sir , if you dont mind , should I suggest you some pain relieving methods "

Hearing this , Kim tan looked coldly at the driver and said " are you tired of leaving " he said and the driver instantly shut up .

The other side, Suzy had also just woken up wearing a t-s.h.i.+rt which Kim tan wore the previous day . His manly smell was still lingering within the t-s.h.i.+rt . Inhaling his manly smell , Suzy walked out towards the bathroom to freshen up and then getting herself ready she went to her shooting spot .

Just like Kim tan , Suzy had also suffered the same thing yesterday . Even after rolling and exercising, she could not sleep for a longer time .

Siting on her chair , Suzy was lazily sitting in her chair fanning herself with the script papers . Suddenly her papers dropped down when someone hit her from back making her to jolt up .

" oh my heart , you almost scared me " she said , looking frightened with her wide eyes .

" did I? " Kim asked back , smiling widely as she sat next to Suzy and Suzy just continued to look blank and fanning herself with the script papers , lying her head lazily on one hand .

Looking at suzys sorry state , Kim lan could not help but ask " why do you look so bad, did you not sleep yesterday ? "

" No , I did not " she said shaking her head lazily .

" why ? what happened? " Kim lan asked worriedly .

" sigh...wet dreams " Suzy said lazily , still looking blank .

Hearing this , Kim lan was amused as she asked mischievously " Did you dream about having s.e.x with my brother ? " she asked and Suzy nodded lazily .

" woah , babe your so bold " Kim lan commented when her friend accepted the truth boldly.

" Ah ! Everything is his fault, who said him to appear infront of me almost naked " Suzy pouted , blaming everything on Kim tan .

Hearing this Kim lan commented back , almost teasing her " who said you to go inside without knocking the door "

Indeed , it was her fault in the beginning . For the first time in her life , she had just barged in without knocking the door . " sigh....your right , it was my fault . But still , who said him to have such a s.e.xy and hot body " she complained, still trying to put the blame on Kim tan .

" oh , is it ? ...then , should I say my brother to stop working out and get fat ? " Kim lan suggested mischievously and Suzy immediately denied .

" No way....I like how he is now , hes just too perfect , I don't want him to get fat . It's just that... he...hes too s.e.xy and hot and irresistible at the same time " Suzy said shyly.

" Haha ...seriously babe , your d.a.m.n lucky , you saw my brothers hot body when I myself did not see it . I wonder how he looks " Kim lan said , as if trying to imagine her brothers hot body .

Suzy immediately hit her shoulder as she warned " don't you even dare to imagine his body , you cant see him like that "

" oh , why cant I ? " Kim lan asked , raising her eyebrow.

" how your bro is not supposed to see you like that , in the same way , even you cannot . Only I can " Suzy said like a possessive wife .

" soo ...does that mean my bro can see you naked " Kim lan asked mischievously and Suzy immediately replied .

" yes , he can " she said but after a second, she realised what she had just said and she yelled " hey!! "

" waah ! The pure G.o.ddess which people think is actually a corrupted pervert " Kim lan teased .

" shut it up " Suzy warned , as she said " would you allow your hubby to show his body around , hmm? " Suzy asked suggestively and Kim lan rolled her eyes.

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 69 - Does That Mean My Bro Can See You Naked ??

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