It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 71 - Mu Jun And Kim Lan

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The sky turned from sky blue to orange red , the birds winged in the sky appeared a little dark . The time ticked five , and the team finally packed up their shoot .

Suzy and Mu jun , after completing their shoot , were chaging into their casual wear in their respective dressing rooms .

After removing her makeup , Suzy came out of her dressing room, wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and black pencil cut skirt with her natural , no- makeup face .

Just when she came out of the dressing room , she saw Kim lan sitting on a wooden lean chair , under the shade of big tree , waiting for her arrival patiently. She wore a dark red short frock which reached upto her mid thigh, wearing a red high heels with her hair left down . Their was tinge blush on her face which was partially visible to naked eye .

As Suzy had instructed , Kim lan came to the shooting spot at five . Before leaving , Suzy had informed her to dress up prettily, never did Suzy a.s.sume that she would doll up so well . Suzy really had a bad feeling for Mu jun now . with Kim Lan's hottie appearance, she was sure that Mu jun was going to suffer a bit . ' tsk ...sorry cookie, you need to suffer this time '

Just when she was about the head towards Kim lan , she heard a low voice of the opening of the door . When she looked around , she saw Mu jun wearing a red s.h.i.+rt with blue Jean's and red shoes had just come out of his room after changing his dress . Seeing the scene infront, suzys lips twitched . ' out of all days , why the h.e.l.l did he wear red today . Did they both had a discussion? ' she thought . Just when he stepped out , Suzy went and hid behind a tree not far from both Kim lan and Mu jun . digging up her phone from her bag , she opened the camera and started to record the video . Suzys mobile had a wide view camera so she could almost cover both Kim lan and Mu jun with her camera .

when Mu Jun stepped out , he was busy surfing his wiebo but stopped abruptly on his path when he saw Kim lan , wearing a red dress sitting on a chair under the tree , immersed in her own world browsing her mobile . The next second , with a ' thud ' , Mu Jun fell on the floor dumbstruck . He sat their for whole three minutes without removing his gaze of from Kim lan . He was awestruck , when he saw Kim lan beautifully dressed , looking like a red fairy . His ears and cheeks were slowly turning red as he kept gazing at her . After few minutes , Mu jun finally got back to his sense and stood up , feeling embarra.s.sed by his action . He looked around to find anyone present , when he saw not even a single human being, he left a deep sigh , and continued to head towards Kim lan .

Suzy , who was hiding behind the tree , was covering her mouth with her palm , trying hard to suppress her laughter from bursting out , as she held her mobile in her hand , recording Mu juns every single reaction . ' this is hilarious, Haha.....wait till the time comes cookie, this big sister will give you a big gift ' she thought, laughing inwardly .

As Kim lan sat peacefully on her chair , busy with her mobile , Mu Jun was out of his mind . He wanted to approach her but did not have that much guts . He kept pacing back and forth mumbling something to himself . After pacing for thirteenth time, he finally stopped on his path , taking a deep breath , calming his nerves, Mu jun finally made his way towards Kim lan .

Going straight to her , Mu jun asked " why are you here ? " looking expectantly at Kim lan .

Kim lan wanted to say that she was here for him but was tongue tied due to nervousness and said " I'm here for Suzy "

" oh " was the only thing he replied back and became silent once again . He was quite disappointed for not hearing what he wanted to but did not show it on his face .

The silent treatment continued and the situation started to turn more and more awkward. Just when Mu Jun was about to bid his farewell , Suzy appeared out of nowhere .

Here expression showed some kind of emergency as she said, " sorry baby , I got to go to do something much important . This is really a crucial time and i can't miss out this chance , I'm really sorry , I cant come with you today " she said and Kim lan just stood their like a pole , looking blankly at Suzy ' what's going on ? , what is she saying ? ' she thought .

Taking a glance at her time , Suzy asked

" darling why dont you go with Mu jun for

F city ? "

" uhm ....he must be quite busy " Kim lan said hesitantly when she understood suzys intention .

" busy my foot .....this guy dont have any other work other than playing video game . just take him away today " she said sarcastically and Mu jun cursed under his breath.

when suzy saw Kim lan remaining silent , she continued " baby , I dont want to send you there alone , so take Mu jun along with you . okay " she said and turned towards Mu jun and asked . " which car did you bring? " she asked .

As he heard suzys question , Mu Jun blankly replied " my black sports car "

" oh , great...give me keys " she said hurriedly .

Just when Mu jun took out the keys , Suzy s.n.a.t.c.hed it and ran away leaving Kim lan and Mu jun dumbstruck . ' what happened just now ? ' they thought in their mind .

When they were standing their blankly Suzy sent the location through the messeger with a message ' Take him to this place, you'll meet someone there and h.e.l.l hand you a packet . Just take it and nothing else. The remaining plan, ill tell you on the way '.

1s...2s....3s....10s , Kim lan was standing still with her lost mind , then another message popped up from Suzy which said " take him with you , now !!! " . As she read the last line , Kim lan immediately took Mu jun out from there and headed to the car park where her red Audi Q5 was waiting for them . Suzy who was secretly watching them , twitched her mouth when she saw the car . ' what the heck is with red , why everything is red today ? have they both been possessed by red ? ' she thought .

When Kim lan was just about to enter the driver's seat , Mu Jun offered himself to drive. Being a gentleman , he did not wanted to let a girl drive , moreover his baby girl . Buckling up their seat belt , both of them left the parking area . All along the way , the whole car was dead silent . Mu Jun was overly concentrated on the road , driving carefully ....afraid to cause even a little harm to his baby girl . With Kim lan next to him , he was especially nervous , his hand were wet and were little shaking , but he tried his best to compose himself and keep calm , not noticing certain persons gaze .

Kim lan on the other hand , just kept looking at Mu jun without blinking her eyes . She was in her dream world , where only she was there along with Mu Jun. Deep inside she wished time would stop and she could just keep watching him like this for century's . Her eyes had little hearts in it, s.h.i.+ning bright . Her skin was blus.h.i.+ng and the corner of her dress was disheveled .

She kept staring at Mu jun all the way until they reached their location. Not even a single moment did she take her eyes off him . Her eyes was totally glued to his beautiful figure . By the time they reached to place , it was already eight PM. They had to wait for half an hour for someone's arrival which none of them knew about .

Though they had a whole lot of s.p.a.ce , time and chance to speak out their feelings , none of them even moved nor did they utter a single word . They just kept quite the whole journey , happy that they could atleast keep each others company in silent . For now , what they need was not their smile , nor to hear their voice nor did they wanted to speak. They just wanted to enjoy each others silent company in this beautiful peacefull night . Both of them were so much immersed in their silent company, none of them noticed that they were actually stalked from the beginning .

A man was reporting their current condition over the phone and heard a deep sigh of a girl from the other side and she recalled the story if these two love birds .

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 71 - Mu Jun And Kim Lan

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