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Inside the FM entertainment company , in a luxurious room , a young lady was leaning back on the lean chair , enjoying the services of two ladies ma.s.saging her shoulders and the other manicuring her nails . Humming a sweet song , li xiying was enjoying her free time .

Just then , with a loud thud , Li xiying's a.s.sistant came inside , breathing heavily .

Hearing the loud bang of the door , the two ladies as well Li xiying was startled . When she saw her a.s.sistant , who had entered with frightening expression , Li xiying sneered before gesturing the two ladies to continue their service.

" sister xiying...." the a.s.sistant said trying to catch hold of her breath .

" what is it ? " she asked , without any hint of eagerness.

" we are in trouble "

" so what , go and solve urself "Ii xiying said arrogantly.

" no , we cant do anything on our own this time. It's a bigger matter "

" what bigger matter "

" your photos has been released "

" my photos ? What kind of photos ? " Li xiying asked with a little anxiety shown on her face .

" your pictures being intimate with Mr han yifeng has been telecasted on the TV " the a.s.sistant said after hesitating for a long time .

" what !! " li xiying yelled loudly , getting up from her seat , causing one of the lady to fall on the floor with her b.u.t.t , she asked angrily " what did you say ? "

" your intimate pictures have been leaked "

" what the h.e.l.l are you doing here , go and inform the PR team to manage the situation you idiot , do I need to tell you even that " she said angrily before throwing a flower vase towards her a.s.sistant.

Having experienced Li xiyings wrath many times , the a.s.sistant bent down instinctly , to evade the big vase which was thrown towards her as the a.s.sistant continued speaking hurriedly before li xiying could throw another one " si.....sister xiying we have already tried our best , we could not suppress the news . the news has been published on every major news channel . Someone is wantedly doing this . "

" no , no this is not possible " she said in disbelief.

Picking the remote , the a.s.sistant swiftly changed the channel to one of the major news channel , headlines like " Li xiying's secret love " , " Li xiying's hidden boyfriend ",

" Li xiying spending her time with her secret boyfriend ", " G.o.ddess xiying has an affair "... instantly popped out . Before Li xiying could make a call and stop the news , a new piece of breaking news once again popped out .

The news reporter on the news channel reported " a new breaking news ...

Li xiying , who is also known as G.o.ddess of entertainment industry has been having a love relations.h.i.+p with the one and only hier of Han corporation , Mr han yifeng . According to the obtained data , Han yifeng is engaged to Suzy, the first young miss of the Li family , the elder sister of Li xiying . Report says that , Han yifeng and Suzy were engaged long back and were destined to be married . Is Li xiying becoming a third wheel in their relations.h.i.+p ? Did han yifeng cheat on his fiance with her sister ? What's the true colour of the so called G.o.ddess of entertainment industry ?....."

Furious , li xiying picked up another vase and slammed it to the TV screen . With the ' bang ' the screen broke into pieces . Her body started to tremble in anger , picking up the cell phone , she quickly called her mother.

" mom , I'm doomed "

" baby , calm down , your not doomed . I will not allow anyone to lay even a finger on you . Calm down , let mommy handle this , okay ? " feng mian said from the other side before ending the call .

as soon as she ended the call , feng mian picked up her cell phone and started to make few calls to suppress the situations. She continued to make few more calls until late midnight.

The next day , infront of the Li residence , a huge crowd of reporters and fans with banner were all standing and protesting against Li xiying . The reporters were waiting eagerly for Li xiyings appearance and suzys fans were all holding up their banner protesting against both Han yifeng and Li xiying calling them cheap couples and third wheel.

Though the news was released long back , their were not many who had considered it seriously. After seeing suzys interviews , the citizens started to consider both the parties explanation before making conclusion. They were not going to take action until the truth was revealed .

Inside the Li mansion , in the living room , the situation was also not good. Feng mian and li Chao along with Mr and Mrs han were fuming mad .

" yifeng , i know you both are young and wanted to spend some time together , but dint I tell you to be careful when you both are out . I have been warning you for a long time , especially when Suzy is in the country I have told you to keep your guards up , look what have you done now " feng mian said coldly .

" aunty, I understand your concern, we had been especially careful everytime we met , but still I dont understand how did they get our pictures "

" feng mian you can't blame my son for this incident . If not because of your daughter , my son would have never met her at any public place . Because of this incident , our stocks has been decreased and we are suffering with losses. The han corporation and the han family are all surrounded by reporters now ..." Mr han said coldly.

" okay ,okay....its not time to discuss about the problem and their cause , we need to come up with a solution " li Chao said signaling his wife to continue the rest .

" what plan do you have sister in law ? " Mrs han asked anxiously.

" we need to cancel the engagement . We have to report to the reporter that suzys and han yifengs engagement was cancelled a long ago , and they are no more engaged . Xiying and yifeng are in love for a long time and xiying is not a third wheel . we need to prove it's a fake news ." feng mian said which shocked both han yifeng and li xiying.

Li xiying never had the intention to marry han yifeng , she liked him because he was handsome and she just wanted to play with him . one of the major reason for her to play with han yifeng was because of her hatred towards Suzy. According to Li xiying , han yifeng was very low and did not deserve her . in her opinion , the only person who deserved her was the business king Kim tan .

han yifeng on the other side was willing to marry Suzy than xiying . Compared to xiying, Suzy was much better in every aspect . His desire for Suzy was greater than xiying . the only reason he was willing to be with Li xiying is because if her wealth . Li Chao, xiyings father had actually promised that his wealth would all go to Xiying and she would be the future CEO of Li corporation.

" sister in law , why cant we just deny the news " Mrs han asked doubtfully.

" No , we cant do that. if we deny that , the other party might surely come up with some other evidence . so it's better to accept the truth now . remaining things , leave it for later " feng mian replied coolly .

" aunty, what about Suzy, what are you going to do with her " han yifeng asked anxiously.

" dont worry , your uncle will handle that idiot , just go and announce yours and xiyings matter to the media now " feng mian said before the two family dispersed.

Not too far away from them , a maid was recording their conversation quietly from the beginning till the end . Once everyone dispersed she immediately sent the recording to Suzy before deleting it .

The other side Suzy chuckled when she heard the recording. She seriously wanted to bow her head for the criminal minded feng mian .

" Haha...feng mian , you want to play....then I'll play along with you " she said and laughed loudly .

Afternoon, soon FM entertainment released an official statement saying that Suzy and han yifeng broke their engagement long back and Li xiying has nothing to do with their break up. Just when everything was about to calm down , they recieved an instant face slap.

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 76 - Love Affair !!

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