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Those who were included in these scandals were all s.h.i.+vering from head to toe and did not dare to set their foot out of their house .

Everyone had only one thought ' f.u.c.k xiying ' but they could not voice it out loudly just because of their fear towards their CEO.

Satisfied with the result , suzy closed her Weibo and made a call to her manager ,

" h.e.l.lo....sister biyu .....release the news...let's show them how we can make things tough for them and .....let's see how are they going to solve it this time " suzy said with an evil smirk . 

The next day , when Suzy got up, the first thing she did was to check the current news .

As expected , that was released from their side immediately garnered many peoples interest . On one of the News channel , a reporter was reading out the news loudly with a curious and suspicious look , which made many viewers to have same opinion. 

" the difference between Li xiying and Suzy is just three months . Is Li xiying the biological daughter or an illegitimate daughter of Li Chao? Is it Mr Li's fault or is it Miss feng mian's know more about the news, please keep watching , News 18 " . 

This piece of news was like a bomb dropped to a loving family. If Li xiying is an illegitimate child , her carrier would drop several degrees . If Li xiying is indeed a daughter of a b.a.s.t.a.r.d then Feng mian would have to face criticism , if li xiying is a biological daughter then Li Chao will have to face all the criticism. Such a tight spot....offcourse it's not easy to make a decision . Here , one have to lose for other to win . But however they approach to the media , their black stain can never be removed . One side is the cunning Li Chao and the other side is the scheming Feng mian . Who do you think would win ...? . Nevertheless , Li xiying would become a jinx for breaking a happy family . Her reputation was bound to burn in this scandal.

By evening , FM entertainment officially made an announcement on this scandal stating . 

" Li xiying is indeed the biological daughter of Mr Li . Due to some incident back then , Feng mian ended up with Li chaos child , but she never once appeared infront of him after that , afraid that this might ruin his family. All this while , feng mian raised her child alone . Only when Mrs Li expired , Li chao found about feng mian and his other child and he had no idea about this child until she turned ten . To make up for his mistake , Mr Li decided to marry miss feng and to take full responsibility of Li xiying . So ...we request everyone not to make such baseless speculation which could harm ones emotion and life . " 

Seeing this news , suzy chuckled . As expected of her scheming step mother . She would rather tarnish her husband's name and become a good person than ruining her own reputation . Even though they made it clear with a statement , they cannot prove it without any proof , so people were bound to have doubts . But for now ...suzy was going to let the fire to dissipate before setting up another fire . 

As they planned , Kim lan had successfully got hold of three projects and the remaining Two projects were scheduled to be discussed in the following days . The endors.e.m.e.nt which belonged to FM entertainment , ended up signing artist from bright star entertainment .

The lister actor , Yun shen even accepted to work with one of the artist under bright star entertainment to show his grat.i.tude . To not make it unfair and uncomfortable for Yun shen , Kim lan made a clear boundary line , making sure that her artist will not ride on someone else's popularity . 

With the continuous scandal , FM entertainment's stocks started to decrease whereas the Bright star entertainment started to grow in better heights . The board directors were also impressed with Kim lan performance and not to mention , they were especially happy to have Suzy as one of the artist under their company.

Successfully getting huge endors.e.m.e.nts as well as happy to see her enemies downfall , Kim lan decided to party with her best friend in a pub . 

Evening at six, Kim lan and Suzy made their way to starlight pub , one of the famous elite . People had to book in advance to get into the pub other than VIPs and regular customers. This bar was especially made for rich people so thay they could experience the treatment they wished for . Unlike the normal pub and bar , the starlight bar was completely different both in its elegance and designs . Every corner , it carried richness and power .

Being a VIP and a well known figure , suzy and Kim lan booked a VIP room for themself. The VIP room was s.p.a.cious with a U-shaped sofa and a table in the middle . The walls were made up of cla.s.s . Once could see what was happening outside and the outside people could not see anything except a black mirror . 

While having their shots , suzy suddenly remembered something . Picking up her cell , she called Kim tan . When the other side did not pick up , she called Kim ting in her half drunk state , not knowing that the person she was calling for was sitting right next to their room along with Mu jun . 

After three rings, Kim ting immediately picked the call. " h.e.l.lo ...? "

" h.e.l.lo....little brother ting....suzy here " 

" oh...its sister ! hehe...what's the matter sister "kim ting asked lazily , and his mood seemed to be quite off unlike his cheerful side.

" where's kim tan ..." suzy went straight to the point, understanding that the other persons mood was not good .

" oh..he ....Date--- " .

Hearing the last word , suzy stood up from her seat and almost yelled at him

" WHAT ! ?" 

" brother went on a date with ---- " 

" which place did he go " suzy asked coldly . 

" oak palace .....but sister ---- h.e.l.lo? h.e.l.lo ? ....wuwuwu....why is everyone neglecting me ...sob sob " before kim ting could ask , suzy had already ended up the call . Kim ting who was drunk in the other room started acting pitifully again , p.i.s.sing off Mu jun .

After ending the call , without giving any response to Kim lan , in her half drunken state , suzy got up from her seat and headed out of the VIP room hurriedly . Seeing Suzy going out urgently without responding to her , Kim lan also followed her hurriedly with no choice sensing that something must be wrong. 

After paying the bill , Kim lan followed back Suzy to the parking lot . Suzy was unusually fast while walking , making Kim lan to run all the way to catch up with her .

Getting into her car , suzy immediately sped up her car towards oak palace . However , even though she was in a hurry, she did not brake any traffic rules .

On the way , suzy kept mumbling something to herself , a little loudly confusing Kim lan . 

" Date? No way !...he can never belong to someone else , he will always belong to me ...he is mine . I won't let him have anyone else in his heart , only I ...his one and only sweetheart has the rights to stay in his heart . Hubby ...I'll never let you can never be separated from me....never in this life for sure ...mine....only mine." 

As Suzy kept mumbling things to herself, Kim lan was confused as she thought ' what's happening ? Why is Suzy in hurry ? Where is she going? Whom did she call earlier ? What did the other person say ? What made her to leave the bar ? And .....what the h.e.l.l is she mumbling to herself ? Who is going to belong to someone ? Why is she worried about that person ? ...AH ! This is so frustrating ' . 

Along the way , Kim lan had so many questions in her mind . She even tried to ask Suzy but Suzy had already turned deaf and was in her own world . She had even forgotten that someone was right next to her . Her mind was messed up . The only thing in her mind was to stop the blind date . 

When she got no answer nor a response from her friend , Kim lan gave up the thought of asking Suzy for now . She decided to ask about everything in detail when Suzy is in her right state of mind not knowing that, all this while, the person whom Suzy was mentioning as ' mine ' was her own brother . Sigh the saying goes , " We never think straight when we are drunk .....instead , we always try to be scientific when it's not required. " 

It's Payback Time : Dont Mess With Me Chapter 97 - Hes Mine !!....Only Mine !!

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