Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me! Chapter 183 - Withdrawing

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"Mhm. Now that they even went through the effort of contacting White Wolf's people to harm you, I will never let them off."

"Just tell me if you need extra help, although I believe that you don't need any," Mo Xi smiled.

Mo Xi then kissed Jing Mo Chen's lips to thank him.

"Who said I don't need help?" Jing Mo Chen said and took Mo Xi's hand and placed it on his burning hot and hard friend below.

Mo Xi coughed a little, and she withdrew her hand quickly, but Jing Mo Chen pulled her closer to him and started kissing her.

Jing Mo Chen's kisses became deeper and deeper, but Mo Xi stopped him just when he was about to lose control, "I am on my period today…"

Jing Mo Chen quickly suppressed his desires and asked, "Isn't your period supposed to come next week?"

"I think because I haven't been sleeping and eating regularly these few days, so my period came earlier."

"Does it hurt?" Jing Mo Chen's palm covered her stomach to give her some warmth.

"Nope, but I still like it when you do this," Mo Xi grinned.

Mo Xi then asked, "Do you want me to use my hand to help you?"

Mo Xi felt that it was a little mean to leave Jing Mo Chen being tortured, so she wanted to offer him some help.

Jing Mo Chen's body felt as though it was burning again, and he kissed Mo Xi again while putting her hand on his burning friend.

Next day at Huang s.h.i.+pping Company.

"What?! Didn't you say that everything would work?!" Huang Ping Chang shouted through the phone.

"We are not going to help you with your work! First young master found out what we did, and he doesn't like it when people try to get us to do bad things!" Ex-Leader White said.

"How could you go back on your words?!" Huang Ping Chang raised his voice again.

The Ex-Leader White hung up the call immediately.

"h.e.l.lo?! h.e.l.lo?! d.a.m.n it!"

"Dad, what's wrong, did the plan succeed?"

"It failed!"

Huang Ya Wen was about to ask the reason when Huang Ping Chang's a.s.sistant rushed in, "Boss! Jing Corporation is withdrawing all their collaboration with our company!"


"Jing Corporation had withdrawn all their collaborations with our company, cutting all ties of Jing Corporation and Huang s.h.i.+pping Company!"

"He really is willing to give up Jing Corporation for that n.o.body?!" Huang Ya Wen was in disbelieved, "No! I have to find Mo Chen! I have to stop him from doing something stupid!"

Huang Ya Wen rushed to Jing Corporation with Huang Ping Chang.

Jing Corporation.

"Mo Chen… Why would you go so far for a n.o.body… Mo Chen… Don't be so foolish to destroy Jing Corporation for a n.o.body…" Huang Ya Wen sobbed.

"Feng Rui."

"Yes, boss," Feng Rui then went forward and slapped Huang Ya Wen's face.

Feng Rui had never slept a woman before, so he felt a little ungentlemanly when he was about to slap Huang Ya Wen. However, when he thought about what Huang Ya Wen had done and said to Mo Xi and Jing Mo Chen, he didn't hesitate to slap Huang Ya Wen.

"Ah!" Huang Ya Wen screamed in pain as she landed on the floor, "Mo Chen… How could you do this to me…"

"My dear daughter! Little Chen! How could you do this!"

"She insulted my wife, so why can't I?"

"Little Chen, I didn't expect you to be so foolish," Huang Ping Chang sighed.

"The foolish one is you. I warned you not to think about harming my wife. Since you didn't bother to heed my warning, then I would not hesitate to destroy Huang s.h.i.+pping Company."

"Little Chen, do you think that you can destroy Huang s.h.i.+pping Company so easily? The only one that would suffer is Jing Corporation."

Huang Ping Chang's phone rang immediately after, "Boss! Other companies are also withdrawing their collaborations with our company!"

"What?!" Huang Ping Chang exclaimed and looked at Jing Mo Chen immediately.

Huang Ping Chang helped Huang Ya Wen up, and they left Jing Corporation immediately to find out what was going on in Huang s.h.i.+pping Company.

Huang s.h.i.+pping Company.

The moment Huang Ping Chang and Huang Ya Wen entered the office, the a.s.sistant rushed in, "Boss! The company's stocks are plummeting because of the withdrawals of all those companies!"

"What?! Why would so many companies withdraw? Do they not know how much damage their companies would suffer if they can't s.h.i.+p their goods out or s.h.i.+p their goods in?!"

Another a.s.sistant rushed in, "Boss! The shareholders are selling their shares, and the investors are withdrawing all their investments!"

"What's going on?!"

"Dad, is the company going to be alright?"

"Don't worry. They are just a small portion of the people that work with our company, a momentary fall in stocks is good because it would rise even higher later."

30 minutes later.

The a.s.sistants rushed in, "Boss! The police are looking for you!"


"They have evidence of us s.h.i.+pping illegal drugs in and out of our country, and they have evidence of you accepting bribes…"

Huang Ping Chang and Huang Ya Wen's face turned white immediately.

News of Huang Ping Chang accepting bribes to transport illegal products and drugs spread like fire and Huang s.h.i.+pping Company was destroyed in a matter of a few hours.

A less well-known s.h.i.+pping company known as 'J & M s.h.i.+pping Corporation' swept through the s.h.i.+pping industry as companies seek to collaborate with them.

After Huang Ping Chang was thrown into jail, he then realized that Jing Mo Chen had already created his own s.h.i.+pping company a long time ago. Jing Mo Chen had been very merciful to them because he let Huang s.h.i.+pping Company reign the s.h.i.+pping industry by allowing 'J & M s.h.i.+pping Corporation' to have a low profile in the s.h.i.+pping industry. If everyone had known at the start that 'J & M s.h.i.+pping Corporation' belonged to Jing Mo Chen, Huang s.h.i.+pping Company wouldn't have been able to reign the s.h.i.+pping industry.

Huang Ping Chang was filled with regrets. Regrets of thinking too highly of himself and Huang s.h.i.+pping Company, and regrets of helping his dear daughter with such unrealistic ideas.

Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me! Chapter 183 - Withdrawing

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