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"We should get the little girl here. The little girl is very important to Xi. That's why she would risk her life to protect her. If we get her here, maybe Xi would have the will to continue fighting for her life!" Ellington said.


Cayden then called his people to bring Yang Zhen Ying to where they were.

Yang Zhen Ying arrived very quickly as the hospital was built very close to the royal palace.

When Xue Yue saw Yang Zhen Ying, it was as though she saw a life savior.

"Ying Ying, your sister Mo Xi's life is in danger now. Sister Mo Xi dotes on you a lot, so I believe she would hear you if you call out to her," Xue Yue said while crying.

Yang Zhen Ying's face turned white when she heard that Mo Xi's life was in danger.

Yang Zhen Ying was left in the royal palace with the other guards because Mo Xi didn't want her to get scared by the doctors and nurses that would come in and out of the surgical room.

"Sister Mo Xi!" Yang Zhen Ying ran to the surgical room and shouted.

"Sister Mo Xi, I am Ying Ying! Sister Mo Xi, you cannot leave Ying Ying! Sister Mo Xi, you still have cousin who is waiting for you to go back… Your children and I are all waiting for you. Grandfather, grandmother, uncle Lu and aunt Lu and many others are all waiting for you to go back. You cannot leave us!" Yang Zhen Ying cried as she spoke.

Yang Zhen Ying, Xue Yue, Valerie, Ellington, and Cayden were all anxious, and they were frightened when they heard that Mo Xi's heart stopped beating.

The four of them continued to wait outside as they prayed for Mo Xi's safety.

Three hours later.

The main surgeon came out and took off the mask with a smile, "The surgery is a success. However, there might be some side effects from the surgery. So, all of you should place close attention to her."

Upon hearing that, the four people outside the surgical room breathed a sigh of relief.

Xue Yue and Yang Zhen Ying brought Yang Zhen Ying to the baby's room to look at the twins, and they realized that the baby had stopped crying and were all sleeping soundly.

It was as though the babies cried earlier on because they knew that their mother was in life danger, and they wanted to tell other people about it. It was also as though they were telling their mother not to leave them alone.

"Babies, sister Mo Xi made it through... I will take good care of sister Mo Xi from now on. I will become stronger so that I can protect sister Mo Xi in the future," Yang Zhen Ying said with resolution in her eyes.

A while later, Mo Xi was pushed to the wardroom.

5 hours later.

When Mo Xi woke up, she was surprised that she could feel someone holding onto her hand. The pair of small hands felt very familiar, and she was very touched.

"Ying Ying?"

"Sister Mo Xi! You are awake!" Yang Zhen Ying exclaimed in excitement, and Ellington, Cayden, Valerie, and Xue Yue all turned around.

"How are you feeling?" Xue Yue asked with concern.

"Xue Yue?"

"Mm. Do you feel any discomfort?"

"My head hurts a little, and I feel a little dizzy..." Mo Xi said.

Upon hearing that, the five people in the room were stunned, and they immediately called for the doctors.

"Guys, relax. This is normal. My anesthetic has finished, and my surgery is on the head. So, of course I would feel a little headache and dizziness."

"You sure?" Cayden asked.


"I don't want your husband to come killing me if anything happens to you."

"Don't worry. He won't."

Mo Xi then patted Yang Zhen Ying's head, "Ying Ying, I am sorry. Sister Mo Xi must have shocked you, right?"

Yang Zhen Ying smiled, "It's alright. I am strong enough now. I will take good care of myself and you."

Mo Xi smiled and asked, "Where're my babies?"

"They are sleeping in the baby's room. Don't worry. They are healthy and happy."

"Great..." Mo Xi sighed a breath of relief.

Mo Xi really wanted to look at the babies. However, she couldn't see yet, and she couldn't touch them for now either since she had yet to recover fully. Hence, she could only wait, and she was excited.

Mo Xi then asked, "How are things over there? You guys didn't tell me anything, and I couldn't read. The only thing I heard was that Heinrich Corporation caused a lot of companies' stocks to fall."

"You shouldn't worry about those things now. You should try to recover first," Ellington reprimanded.

"Alright. Alright," Mo Xi chuckled.

Country X.

"CEO Jing, are you sure you want to continue the fight against Heinrich Corporation? They have made too many companies crumble, and I don't wish to see Jing Corporation crumbling as well," One of the shareholders said.

"So, you mean you want us to accept their offer and work under them and help them do things? The fact that we can't even find any information about their doings, don't you think it is too dangerous for us to join?" Jing Bo Chuan asked.

"Jing Corporation has been well known for our transparent doings. If we were to join them, what would other countries, our collaborators, and workers think of Jing Corporation?" Jing Mo Ling added.

"Jing Corporation may be protected from the attacks of Heinrich Corporation. However, our company's reputation would be tarnished. Wouldn't you rather let your hard work go down than to lose your dignity?" Jing Mo Chen then asked.

"As you said, it is our hard work. Hence, we have the right to think about what the best for our future would be," The shareholder answered.

"So, accepting Heinrich Corporation's offer to be part of them and let them rule the country is the best for our future?" Jing Bo Chuan said in disbelieve.

Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me! Chapter 252 - Success

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