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Qi Ling came out soon after. Shao Yan was putting on her shoes and Li Xiqing was standing next to her, texting on his phone.

All three of them left the house soon after.

K corporation was located in another suburb. They owned their own office building, even though it's small.

It's a five storey building, which looked like a rundown old office building from the outside. But when they walked in, they were thoroughly surprised.

The interior was decorated lavishly. Everything looked elegant and sparkling. It really showed an ident.i.ty of a jewelry company.

They were welcomed by someone named "Jamie". Shao Yan was not sure if this Jamie was a female or was a male. Jamie was really pretty, and very tall. Almost as tall as Li Xiqing.

Jamie had long black hair, even in this summer, Jamie had put on light scarf around the neck, dressed in the 70s style outfit.

"You must be Qi Ling. Oh this outfit was by that new designer GX. Nice taste! No wonder you are a top supermodel." Jamie was circling Qi Ling now, "You can spot good talent right away!"

"When Martin told me that you were the one we signed with, I couldn't believe it! My.. My.. He's not lying!"

And Jamie just kept on rambling. Talked about a lot of other topics with Qi Ling.

Qi Ling might have experience in meeting this kind of chatty person before. She handled the conversation very well.

Shao Yan just stood on the side, looking at the two of them talk with each other. Li Xiqing stood next to her, accompanied her to talk about something else.

Not long after, Martin finally arrived. And then shortly after that, Qi Ling's manager also arrived.

Li Xiqing and Martin accompanied Qi Ling and her manager to go upstairs to meet the director of the project.

Shao Yan didn't want to go with them, and chose to just sit in the lobby while waiting for them.

Shao Yan was browsing her social media when she heard the lobby receptionist greeted someone, "Madam!"

Shao Yan looked up and saw a familiar figure walked in.

She froze.

The other party was a woman. She had voluptuous figure, wrapped tightly in navy dress with beige gold kimono belt wrapped around her waist. Her perfume smelled so strong, even at this distance.

She had long wavy hair that she dyed with maroon color. Her maroon color hair had been her signature look ever since.. forever. Shao Yan couldn't even remember.

She looked fiery hot!

The other woman had reading gla.s.ses on and was looking at Shao Yan. The other woman was very surprised as well, she was contemplating if she needed to walked closer. And finally that woman decided to just said a quick hi.

That woman approached Shao Yan who actually didn't even want to talk to her.

"Yo! Shao Yan?! What a small world! What are you doing here? Are you waiting for someone?"

Shao Yan didn't answer her. Shao Yan just looked at the other woman's face and then looked down at the other woman's finger that had multiple diamond rings decorated her slim fingers.

The other woman noticed Shao Yan's gaze and she lifted her fingers and waved them in front of Shao Yan.

"Yes, I'm married. So what? Are you surprised? That a woman like me could get married too?" the other woman laughed. Shao Yan knew that this woman had been practicing her laugh to be so seductive like this.

Shao Yan knew that that woman's original laugh was nothing closed to this one.

Shao Yan cringed at the noise.

"So how are you? You didn't change at all, I see." the woman put her manicured fingers on her chin and looked intently at Shao Yan.

"I tried to look for you the past few years. But you just disappeared like that. How boring!" the woman decided to sit opposite Shao Yan.

Since Shao Yan didn't want to talk to her at all, Shao Yan just kept on playing with her phone.

"I'm married to Cui Kai now. Do you understand? 'K' from K corporation?" The woman spread her arms around to show that this whole office was hers.

The woman looked at her manicured fingers now and kept on talking, "I have told you before right? I'm only aiming for the biggest of the richest!" the woman now was looking at Shao Yan with mocking smile. "The other men before were just playthings!"

"Let's not talk about me." the woman leaned back to her chair, "Let's talk about you!"

"Look at you!" the woman snorted "Do you think you're at the beach or something? Dressed like this?" the woman moved her fingers up and down, belittling Shao Yan.

The more Shao Yan ignored her, the more mean words came out of the woman.

Shao Yan didn't even get angry. She sighed and then she said, "You talked this much, aren't you afraid your fake white teeth will come off?"

And then Shao Yan looked at the other woman's face, "How many jobs you did to achieve this..."

Shao Yan paused and looked at her up and down

"... this job. Does your dearest husband know?"

The woman's face turned green.

"You..!" the woman stuttered, "Y.. You even learned how to mock people now?"

Shao Yan raised her eyebrows, the eyes widen in shock, "Mock? No. No. No.. You misunderstood. I am only telling the truth."

And then Shao Yan continued, "If mocking you, then I would say, what is this blue penguin doing here yapping around, no one understand what she was talking about? I don't talk chicken language."

She heard bursts of stifled giggles from the receptionists. The two receptionist quickly went silent when the woman glared at them.

And then Shao Yan showed an innocent face, "So you say, am I right?"

The woman was so angry, she couldn't even retorted back.

When Shao Yan was about to get up and walked out of the building, she saw Qi Ling and the others walked out from the elevator.

When Qi Ling saw the woman, she was surpised! What a small world!

Qi Ling quickly rushed over to Shao Yan. Qi Ling was looking worriedly at Shao Yan, and after she saw Shao Yan was unharmed, Qi Ling looked back at the woman and glared at her.

I Deserve A Second Chance Chapter 45 - Yapping Blue Penguin

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