I'm Guilty, My Beauty Chapter 137 Meeting The Ex-Fiance 1

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In his clinic. "Diane, come in. I still have more gifts for you," John said.

"Wait, I need to go somewhere. I'll be back." Diane walked stealthily meters away from Gallante.

"Where? Diane?" He hurriedly stood and stepped out of his office, only to find her gone.

She thought of telling him but knew he would stop her and lose this opportunity. Thus, she did otherwise. "Just wait, I'll be back."

Alarm bells rang in his head. "Where are you?" His strides longer toward the hospital entrance.

Diane heard him but did not reply. She focused her mind on Gallante's trail but she did not turn off the earrings, so John could still hear what was happening in the background.

Gallante went to the parking lot, into his car and drove away. She called a taxi.

"Diane? Where are you going? Wait for me." He ran outside the taxi area and missed her. He had this ominous feeling and decided to track her with her earrings. However, work chose to intervene.

"Calling Dr. Rivera, Dr. Rivera, please head to the emergency room," the public announcement system resounded in the hospital halls.

"d.a.m.n!" cursed John and Diane heard it loud and clear but continued on her way.

John shut off his earphone and pulled his phone from his pocket. He dialed Leonard's number on the way to the ER. "Bro, please track Diane's earrings now," John said, emphasizing the 'now'.

"What's the problem?" Leonard asked.

"I don't know but she left without telling where she's going."

"Why are you panicking? She might only be strolling or in the bathroom."

"No, she took a taxi. Please, bro, I have a bad feeling about this."

"Is she wearing her earrings now?"


"Okay, got ya. I will give you the satellite feed after I track her."

He placed his phone back in his hospital gown's pocket as he ran to the ER.

Earlier, in the taxi, "Sir, please follow that car," Diane told the driver.

Gallante's car moved to the high way and headed straight to the city market. It parked into an open garage of a warehouse under the company named Shuiguo Xinxian Ltd.

Ten meters away from Gallante, Diane disembarked from the taxi.

She saw Gallante went into the warehouse's office. Good thing, she could observe him through the gla.s.s window.

In bas.e.m.e.nt three of Leonard's villa…

The satellite feed viewed her whereabouts on the widescreen monitor on the wall.

"Where is she going?" Jenna said.

"She is following Gallante," Leonard said as he pointed a man walking into the warehouse. "Jenna, go with Richard and wear the new earrings for testing. Avoid Gallante as much as possible. Just make sure to bring her out safely. We'll keep you updated," Leonard said.

Jenna wore a pair of red earrings and Richard had a black one on his right ear. Both were connected to the agency and to each other. The two left as soon as they had their gadgets on.

Back with Diane. She followed in and realized it was a fruit warehouse. Boxes of fruits filled the whole place. Men carried boxes here and there and piled them in tall racks.

A girl saw her and mistaken her as a customer. "Hi, what can I do for you?"

"h.e.l.lo," Diane said, but was not ready to say anything since her eyes were focused on Gallante. Then she looked down feigning checking the grapes in the open box in front of her but made furtive glances from time to time to the office. "Please pack me a kilo of this seedless grapes."

"Sorry, Miss. We only sell by boxes here."

"How much is a box?"

"3000 Pesos."

She opened her purse and her face soured. She only had 100 pesos. "I think I'll come back later. But can I have a copy of your price list?" Diane smiled genially to the girl, who nodded and went to the gla.s.s window. She knocked and shouted.

While the girl was at it, Diane walked behind the girl but kept her head down, avoiding Gallante from noticing her. She saw Gallante placed the bag in a steel cabinet, locked it, and went into another room.

Diane got the list and thank the girl. She went out of the warehouse and walked paces away. She observed the whole area, nothing particular or anything worth noting.

Diane walked further and hid behind a big tree to get a photo of the warehouse using her phone, but halted when a bus pa.s.sed by and parked in front of the warehouse. What caught her attention was the company name printed on the bus. Wise Job Agency Limited. The same name with the address she got from Gallante's hotel room. She looked up and saw the bus full of girls.

Suddenly, someone approached her from her side. "Diane?"

She turned and flabbergasted to see the face of the man who hurt and betrayed her. Dennis, her ex-fiance.

At that exact moment, John's car was already three blocks away from where Diane and Dennis stood.

I'm Guilty, My Beauty Chapter 137 Meeting The Ex-Fiance 1

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