The President Is Being Shameless Again Chapter 364

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Published at 27th of March 2020 05:45:08 AM
Chapter 364: 364

This meant “Uncle, speak . ”

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It seemed that Little Muche was always saying this since Wei Zilin understood him .

“What do you want me to say?” His clear voice sounded in the morning . It sounded refres.h.i.+ng as it was accompanied by the slight fog from last night mixed with the smell of morning dew .

The weather was good today . The sky was clear and the few clouds in the sky looked like large pieces of cotton candy . In this environment, Wei Zilin's voice was as welcome as the morning breeze .

It was a little cold, yet it was invigorating . It was the kind of weather that most people yearned for all year long .

Xu Moyan could not help but smile at Wei Zilin's gentle voice toward his nephew . She knew that one day when they had their own child, he would only love their child even more .

After listening to Wei Zilin's voice, Little Muche smiled brightly and held on to him even tighter .

Xu Moyan could tell that, even at such a young age, Little Muche was a voice fetis.h.i.+st as well .

“Let's go inside . Third Madam Jian said that the Old Master woke up very early today . He even brought his cell phone out while he went out to do his morning exercise . He told her to call him once you guys arrive so that he can come home immediately . He was pacing back and forth in front of the window after coming back from his exercise too,” Wei Ran said .

After hearing this, Xu Moyan turned around and looked at the window of the mansion . There were two window sills on either side of the gigantic french window .

When she turned her head to look at it, she thought she spotted someone by the window .

However, she might have just been imagining things after listening to Wei Ran as when she looked at the window again, there was no one there .

Then, Wei Ran said, “Don't tell the Old Master about what I told you just now . He's shy and doesn't want people to know . ”

Xu Moyan could imagine an image of a kind and gentle old man based on Wei Ran's description . He was a cute old man whose bark was much worse than his bite .

Thus, she smiled and said, “I won't tell him . ”

After that, they all went inside the house only to find Jian Muhua already waiting at the entrance . Jian Muhua looked young, probably much younger than the Old Master . She looked around 40 or 50 years old .

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Xu Moyan was not surprised by her age since the juniors all called her Third Madam Jian . Even if she was younger than the Old Master, their age was still compatible .

However, come to think of it, the Old Master did not seem like the kind of man that would go around chasing the skirts of young girls .

To Xu Moyan's surprise, Jian Muhua was not very beautiful; perhaps just above average . However, if Xu Moyan were to take a look at things from Old Master's perspective, she knew that she herself would not be the kind of lady that he would choose .

On the other hand, since she was getting older, Jian Muhua had the air of an artist or a cultured person to her . It was different from Liang Wenyin since Jian Muhua looked like she was knowledgeable and graceful, while Liang Wenyin only had looks .

Anyone who looked at Jian Muhua would praise her on her temperament and grace . She seemed like the type of person that you would feel comfortable around, and you just knew you would not feel awkward around her even after you run out of things to discuss .

On the other hand, there were still a lot of rumours about Liang Wenyin circulating the internet . Most of the people who like her were men, and they all thought that she was a beautiful artist . On the contrary, the ones who disliked her were all women who thought that she was too pretentious .

Jian Muhua greeted Xu Moyan warmly, causing the latter to brighten up immediately . After this, Xu Moyan changed her shoes and felt relaxed .

When they got into the living room after changing their shoes, they noticed that the Old Master was not there .

Jian Muhua said quietly with a smile on her face, “The Old Master was at the window watching you all just now . He went into the study after he saw you come in . ”

Jian Muhua did not tell them that the Old Master almost hurt his back when he hurried away from the window just now . It was as though someone was chasing him when he rushed inside the study .

By now, Xu Moyan understood that the figure by the window just now was indeed the Old Master . Nevertheless, she did not say anything to save the Old Master's face .

Old Master Wei came in with his hands behind his back mid-conversation . He made it seem like he had only come out after he heard noises outside .

Wei Zilin grabbed Xu Moyan's hand and walked over . “Grandfather, this is my girlfriend, Xu Moyan . ”

Old Master Wei looked at her, but his gaze did not make her feel uncomfortable .

“Grandfather,” Xu Moyan called nervously .

Old Master Wei was pleased with her . He thought that this girl was quite adorable .

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“Not bad . ” Old Master Wei nodded his head in satisfaction . “Sit down . ”

Wei Zilin took Xu Moyan to sit down . Old Master Wei sat alone in an armchair while Wei Zilina and Wei Ziqi's family sat on either side of him .

Meanwhile, Jian Muhua sat in an armchair on the opposite end .

“Since you brought her here, it's possible that you've already been to her house, right?” Old Master Wei asked . “You should visit her family first since you're together . You should not let her parents worry as they would no doubt worry about her since she's alone here in B City . You should let them know who their daughter's with right now so that they can entrust their daughter to you with any worries . ”

Xu Moyan looked at Old Master Wei . His expression was stern, but he was saying such considerate things . Thus, Xu Moyan became less nervous after this .

Wei Zilin was right . Old Master Wei was a good man .

He had never met her before and yet, he was already siding with her . It was as though he had already accepted her a long time ago .

As if reading Xu Moyan's mind, Jian Muhua said, “Zilin called the Old Master before you came and told him all about you . He was so detailed when he was talking about you that the Old Master even asked me to show him your Weibo account . He was so happy when he saw those dishes you made . He kept saying that you're wifey material . ”

Xu Moyan did not expect the Old Master Wei to already know everything about her . No wonder Wei Zilin was so confident, he had already known how the Old Master would react to her .

However, come to think of it, of course the Old Master would want to know about her beforehand .

Old Master Wei noticed that the cat was out of the bag, so he glared at Jian Muhua and frowned . “You're saying too much . ”

Jian Muhua was not afraid of him . She did not even mind being scolded by him . Thus, she just gave him a slight smile which eased the Old Master's temper .

Old Master Wei took a sip of tea with a peaceful expression on his face . Then, he pursed his lips together and acted was as if nothing had happened .

Xu Moyan could not help but smile . It seemed like this was the daily routine of Old Master Wei and Third Madam Jian . When Old Master Wei was showing his temper, Third Madam Jian would smile at him and he would become calmer . Even though they were opposites of each other, there was a certain structure to them . With this, they could overlook the age difference and live together in harmony .

This is what it was like to be husband and wife, they had to complement each other .

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“During the three days of Qingming holiday, I visited Moyan's family in Jin City,” Wei Zilin said .

Old Master Wei nodded . This fella had done everything necessary .

Come to think of it, all three of his grandsons were smart, and they would not make any mistakes .

However, he secretly despised Wei Zilin for hurrying over to please his future father- and mother-in-law over him .

Then, he looked over at Xu Moyan with a strict look on his face and said, “I saw your Weibo . Not bad . ”

Xu Moyan smiled awkwardly . She did not know what to say .

She did not post a lot on her Weibo after getting into a relations.h.i.+p with Wei Zilin . She would still post two cooking videos per month consistently, but since there was not a lot of posts, one could scroll down and see the posts she made when she was still crus.h.i.+ng on Wei Zilin .

She felt ashamed thinking that Old Master Wei might have seen those posts .

However, it seemed like Old Master Wei had misunderstood her, as he said, “I think that Mo girl has got herself into some trouble . Don't you worry, she's someone that we don't care about . She doesn't know that we'll only laugh at the things that she did . If she's making a fuss again, just tell Zilin to get back at her . Do you think the Wei Family's granddaughter-in-law wants a mere voice acting job like that?”

They were not married yet, but now, according to the Old Master, Xu Moyan had been promoted to the status as Wei Family's granddaughter-in-law . Her position in the family has risen faster than Wei Zilin's in her family .

Xu Moyan was so embarra.s.sed that she did not know what to say .

On the other hand, Jian Muhua was amused . She said to Old Master Wei, “You're so… Calm down . You need to let Moyan prepare herself . She's so embarra.s.sed . ”

“What does she have to prepare?” Old Master Wei said . “If my grandson brought a girl home, it means that they're getting married . I don't care if you've got your marriage certificate or not, as long as you're in our family, it means you're our granddaughter-in-law . ”

Jian Muhua turned to Xu Moyan with a smile on her face . “Do you hear that? The Old Master has said it . Don't worry, the Old Master likes you and wants you to be his granddaughter-in-law . Don't you worry about the other things, just let Zilin take care of it . ”

It looked like Jian Muhua understood Xu Moyan's worries as well . Wei Zilin might have been the one who told her about all this .

Xu Moyan turned around and looked at Wei Zilin .

Wei Zilin was not afraid of the Old Master . He said to Xu Moyan, “When I told my grandfather about you, of course I would bring up everything about you . I even told him what you're worried about . At the end of the day, he's going to help us too . Everyone in the family listens to him, so as long as he has made a statement about it, there should be no problem . ”

Xu Moyan did not think that Wei Zilin would bring up his grandfather just like that . When she thought about the Old Master's loving gaze and the figure that she saw in the window, she felt touched and thought of it endearing .

Old Master acted as if the world should revolve around him, and it seemed scary at first, but the things that he did were adorable, as if he were an adult-sized child .

No wonder Wei Ran sounded like she was talking about a child when they were outside .

Only now did she notice that Jian Muhua was looking at the Old Master like she was looking at a child .

Old Master Wei was used to this as well, so he was at peace with everyone's behaviour toward him .

Looks like being old has its advantages .

What Xu Moyan did not know was that the Old Master had made up his mind to hit Wei Mingli if he dared to say no to her .

Xu Moyan felt touched . All her worries faded away until all that was left was respect for Old Master Wei . She then said, “Grandfather, you're so kind . ”

Old Master Wei, “…”

He did not think that she would say this to him the first time she met him .

His three grandsons were like enemies, they never once acted like a spoiled child toward him . Of course, he was also very stern to ensure that his grandsons did not grow up too familiar to him .

When the Old Master young, he liked to be alone, so he did not like his grandsons to come to disturb him . It was only when he grew old did he realize that he liked being surrounded by people .

When Wei Muran was born, the Old Master wanted Wei Ziqi and Wei Ran to move in with him so that he could play with his granddaughter every day . His expression was always strict, but when it came to Wei Muran, his face would change into a much more friendlier one and smile until all his wrinkled were squished together like Tianjin's Goubuli* (TN: a brand of stuffed baozi from Tianjin, China) .

Thankfully, his three grandsons were also not spoiled . His youngest grandson was the most energetic among the three of them, but when he saw Old Master Wei, he would become more disciplined . Perhaps it was because he used to be so strict with them .

Even Wei Ran, who did not see him that often, knew about his personality . This was why she did not act like a spoiled kid toward him . This made Old Master Wei feel very lonely .

Now Xu Moyan was here, and she did not know Old Master Wei's personality . She could only judge him based on her first impression of him, which was why she thought of him as a cute old man .

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The President Is Being Shameless Again Chapter 364

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