Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star 204 Chapter 204. Immersion 1

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Chapter 204. Immersion (1)

"Ah, they are finally here."

Jiang Wan said as he saw the black van entering the parking lot. The parking lot was of Wheel works production and the black van was obviously carrying Ren and White bear.

"Why are you here, Chief Jiang?"

Ren said as he walked out of the black van, with White bear behind him.

"Director Zhao was worried about you. So, he sent me to look over you."

Jiang Wan has given his schedule to some road managers today to come here to look over Ren.

"I am not a kid."

"He is just worried about you. It isn't totally uncommon for actors to affect their real life because of acting, especially if we are talking about obsessive actors like you."

"What do you mean by obsessive?"

"I think he is talking about how you are willing to affect yourself when it comes to acting. I think that can be defined as obsession."

White bear answered in Jiang Wan's instead and Ren just shook his head with a slight smile.

He was still normal, at least he was able to act normal.

"I am fine now." 

"Ah, I will believe you for now but what's with those clothes?"

Jiang Wan said as he pointed at the dark and gaudy black hoodie Ren was wearing. Ren looked really wild in it and there was a certain dark feeling coming from him.

"Well, I don't have those costly princely clothes that will be worn by a prince like Cao Xu but I thought wearing something like this will give me a sort of dark atmosphere."

"Yes…, let's go."

They made their ways through the office of Wheel works production and they were surprised to see the large and sophisticated office.

No wonder it was the best production house in China!!

After reaching the reception, they were led by an employee to the audition room. It was on the fourth floor and Ren has to admit that it was the biggest audition room he has seen.

He has seen the audition rooms in other production houses like Arc production but he had never seen such a large room that had been used as an audition room.

The scale was completely different.

"Oh, you are here."

When they reached the audition room, they were greeted by Directer Chen Pu and CEO Pan.


"Don't need to be so formal."

After some greetings, CEO Pan looked at the clothes Ren was wearing and asked.

"Are there any specific reasons why you are wearing these clothes?"

"I just thought that they suited the character of Cao Xu."

"It seems like you came prepared."

"I can't be lousy with a role like this."

Ren knows that CEO Pan was the CEO of the Wheel works production and he was also someone with connections all over the entertainment industry.

That's why Ren was being respectful to him.

On the other hand, Director Chen Pu was impressed by Ren from the moment he saw him.

He was feeling like the atmosphere of Ren matched Cao Xu well and the clothes he was wearing were pitch black which further impressed him.

Cao Xu was a character that always wore black clothes. It was because he was usually covered in blood and black clothes helped him to hide the blood to an extent.

Director Chen Pu was thinking that Ren was getting into the character of Cao Xu and he felt that he could give him the level of perfection he wanted..

Of course, all of this will be revealed in the addition.

"Let's start the audition now."

Director Chen Pu said as he went behind the camera. Aside from a large camera in the middle, there were cameras shooting from the side angles too.

All the focus was on Ren.

"Do you think he will be able to portray the character well?"

Jiang Wan whispered softly to White bear and White bear replied with an awkward smile.

"It's not about if he will be able to play the character well or not, it's about how much he will be immersed by it."

"Yes, you are right."

There were some characters that can affect an actor's personality and Cao Xu was the same type of character, a dark and inhumane character.

His thoughts were completely different than normal people and he was even an edge above other antagonists.

These types of thoughts can easily affect an actor's mindset, force them to ponder over their thoughts and on some rare occasions, it can even send an actor into depression.

Like how when playing a drug addict, one can get too immersed into the character and can even become a drug addict himself.

Of course, it will only happen if an actor takes a role too seriously but actors like Ren take every role seriously.

"Okay, let's start now."

Director Chen Pu shouted and silence descended the whole room. Jiang Wan and White bear also stopped whispering and focused their attention on Ren who was standing in the middle.

"Scene no. 197. Start!!"

When Ren heard that shout, he closed his eyes and at that moment, countless thoughts went through his head.

The time he had spent in that hotel room and how he had studied the character of Cao Xu. The darkness he had felt in his character and how he has embraced this darkness.

He also thought about the backstory of Cao Xu and the reason for his endless greed.

His greed to make every precious thing in the world his, his greed to take the throne and his endless bloodl.u.s.t.

He can be said to be the worst kind of character, a character that can even kill innocent children but that's how he is, a villain.

The worst kind of villain, an antagonist.

His character was similar to the character of Jay from «Secret spy», as both of them were crazy.

But even Jay was crazy to only a degree but the craziness of Cao Xu shows no bounds. He was a monster in human skin.

"Let's start!!"

Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star 204 Chapter 204. Immersion 1

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