Demon's Virtue 256 Small Flower

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Slowly, Eiro opened his eyes. He had to practically rip them apart because his eyes were grown shut because of his bark-like skin. But by simply getting rid of the magic in his face, he was able to open them up easily without any worry.

Either way, what was most important was that Eiro saw a certain two notifications right in front of him.

[Apt.i.tude with the Nature Element increased]

[Beginner Nature Magic Skill Learned]

The notifications were more than just welcome. This was an element that he wanted to receive for a good while now. With this, Eiro would hopefully be able to follow in Jura's steps even better than he already was trying to. And of course, a lot of Nature Magic spells were related to restraining people, so thsi was something that would definitely come in any sort of fight anyway.

Slowly, the Demon stopped pus.h.i.+ng his mana into the nature magic stone and 'neutralized' the magic that was already filling the room. Slowly, Eiro stood up and stretched properly. He felt pretty stiff after that one, but that was pretty normal as far as Eiro's experience with the Nature Element told him.

"Okay, then I just need to try it with the other one as well... Let's hope that this works out and doesn't completely destroy this room..." Eiro muttered to himself. But just to make sure, he still tried to remember every little part of this room so that he might be able to replicate it in case it broke. It was incredibly useful, after all.

Eiro took out the purple magic stone that was found in the magic stone mines in the goblin village. The Gravity Magic stone. Slowly, Eiro pressed this magic stone down onto the ground and poured a little bit of magic inside. He wanted to start it slow. But the moment that Eiro did this, he could already feel pressure building up all around him.

It was kind of uncomfortable, truthfully. But then, Eiro remembered what it was like when he first infused himself with this type of magic. He was able to directly manipulate the way it acted. He could make himself heavier, but he could also make himself lighter.

So, to get rid of that pressure, Eiro tried to basically 'get rid' of the gravity. And the moment he did, his body felt practically weightless. His body even slowly lifted off the ground because he was s.h.i.+fting around just so slightly. 

It was an even weirder feeling than before, but it wasn't unpleasantly so. It actually seemed kind of fun to be weightless like this.

But either way, Eiro had to keep himself on the ground, so he made it so that gravity wasn't gone completely, but he still had a little bit of weight to him.

It became a bit harder to control the more of this magic filled this room, since it reacted far more strongly to the slightest stimulus the more concentrated it became. Eiro had to really be careful that he didn't rip apart this room... or himself. 

Once he was able to properly stabilize everything, Eiro started to pull the magic into himself again. It was a bit more uncomfortable doing this, but it wasn't that bad as long as Eiro concentrated properly... although he wasn't sure if he would have been able to do this if his intelligence stat wasn't as high as it was.

Now that the gravity magic was coursing through Eiro's body and he was making it flow through him in circles, he was feeling basically completely polarizing to what he felt when being infused with the nature magic. Instead of feeling calm, the gravity magic made him feel incredibly on-edge, probably because it felt like it would be able to kill him instantly if he messed up.

The few hours that he tried to save for this felt so much longer than Eiro would have expected. And once he was done, it didn't seem like he would get Gravity magic anytime soon, despite the Gravity Magic stone not having all that much more magic inside of it. Hopefully they had found more of these in the Magic Stone mines.

"Now that I think of it, we really should head back there again... Let's hope they didn't randomly go rogue or something like that." Eiro quietly muttered to himself, "All the ingredients to get rid of the monstrosity of some more of the goblins should be here soon as well, and we also have some of that for the spiders... Really, let's just hope this works."

The Demon slowly groaned as he got rid of all the gravity magic in this room, feeling as if he just wasted way too much time for no reason. He left the room and put his clothes back on while Nelli and Gondos returned to his side.

"So? How was it?" Nelli asked curiously, and Eiro looked over at her, "I got the Nature Magic skill, but not the Gravity Magic skill."

"Hey, it's something at least, right?" Gondos pointed out, and Eiro slowly shrugged, "I guess so. Could you two let the others know that I'm heading out soon? I'll first try out my new magic."

"Alright, I will do that." Gondos said with a slow nod, before quickly floating away down the tower to get to the others. Meanwhile, Eiro opened the nearest window and jumped out. He caught himself with air magic and then made his way to his garden-area. It really seemed like before, there were different flowers growing here, but now, everything was completely withered and dead, and all you could see were bare traces.

Eiro stretched his hand out forward and slowly released some of his nature magic toward the area in front of him. There were seemingly a few things growing here already, some of which were new flowers that were trying to sprout out of the dead, old ones, and others were just random weeds. 

Immediately, Eiro tried to practice how specific he could be with this magic and tried to make only the flowers sprout again while leaving the weeds alone.

It was a bit hard at first, because this was a whole new sort of magic to him, but at the very least he was able to make use of experiences he didn't expect he would be able to use in the slightest. To an extent, it was a lot like Earth and Water magic which this element came from in the first place, since he was dealing with something directly physical and tangible.

But then again, it was a lot different as well in the way that it acted, since it didn't actually rely on directly controlling things like trees or plants and moving them around like other base elements. Sure, that was part of it, and you certainly could do that to an extent, but mainly this element relied on making plants grow in a certain direction. 

In that way, it was a lot like Fire Magic, where you needed to use your magic to increase the volume of the flames you were using to actually cast proper spells.

So in the end, the base parts of what Eiro was doing weren't anything new, but this specific combination of things was rather unusual. Slowly, Eiro squatted down toward one of the specific plants that he wanted to help grow, and focused all of his attention directly onto it.

He let his magic flow through every small bit of the plant, from the roots to the tip, to hopefully get it to grow. And from what Eiro could see, it seemed to be working. His Nature Magic skill was leveling up pretty quick, as most beginner grade level 1 skills usually did.

Soon, the small plant, the flower that Eiro chose, soon managed to grow a little bit. It wasn't incredibly fast, and a normal person wouldn't be able to even see that it was growing, but with Eiro's eyesight he was able to see this and notice that it was working without any doubt in his mind.

It was really incredible, actually, although Eiro was wondering why exactly it was growing this slowly. After all, advanced magics like Nature magic should have quite a lot of power to begin with. Thinking that maybe he was doing something wrong, Eiro focused his attention on something else. One of the weeds growing next to the flower. And the moment he did, the weed started growing at a rather rapid pace, so quickly that everyone would be able to see it.

It grew taller, thicker, and even the plants around it were affected. But somehow, that one small flower barely grew at all.

With a deep sigh, Eiro squatted down and looked at the sky, "Please don't tell me that this is another ridiculous thing from that Choromancer?" Eiro muttered quietly to himself. Actually, he wasn't entirely sure if he wanted that to be the case or not. For one, it would definitely be quite interesting to see what kind of flower this would be, considering its seemingly quite special properties, but on the other hand, it would become pretty hard to hide the fact that something weird was going on here if Eiro had some crazy magical flowers in his garden.

After explaining these thoughts to Eiro, Nelli pointed something else out, "Eiro, should I remind you of your special tree plantation where you are currently growing trees with the blood of different monster-spiders, and where you are trying to grow trees from the mana of one of your party members as well as the Crown Prince of this country so that you can make prosthetics from them?"

With a slight glare directed at the Naiad, Eiro pointed out, "Yes, but at least I was prepared for that and it's not actually anything I have to hide that much. I mean, I'm a Prosthetist, what kind of wood do they expect me to use? Oak? Birch? Spruce?"

"Probably, yeah." Nelli replied bluntly, "You know, Jura's kind of Prosthetist isn't the 'normal' kind. Not every Prosthetist is like you and can create prosthetics that can actually move and replace lost limbs perfectly."

"...They can't?"

"No, of course they can't!" The Naiad yelled out, surprised that she even had to point that out, and Eiro slowly scratched his cheek, "Well, then I guess I'll have to come up with a better excuse than 'I am just trying to increase my variety'... And maybe I'll have to warn Solomon about the wood under the hut a bit better as well?"

"That sounds like a good idea, yes. By the way, I still don't understand how you can trust someone else to get all that for you..."

"Oh, I'm not in the slightest, actually. I'll give them a wrong location. I'll fly ahead when I have time so that I can use magic to move all the wood to that wrong location to have all those guys bring the wood all the way back here safely. I'm not giving them the location of our home, of course." 

Demon's Virtue 256 Small Flower

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