The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 2232 - The Past Life 157

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Chapter 2232: The Past Life 157

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Ninth Emperor’s fists gradually loosened, and she finally gave up.

She knew that no matter how much she pressed, he would not tell her.

“I understand now.”

At this instant, the Ninth Emperor felt exhausted physically and mentally. She gently closed her eyes and slowly turned around, about to leave the manor.

At this time, a man’s voice came from behind her, somewhat reluctantly.

“Are you going to leave?”

He knew that the Ninth Emperor had come back this time only to find that person.

Now that she already knew that person would not come back, perhaps, she would not continue to stay in this place either.


The Ninth Emperor faintly responded. “There is no home for me here, so why should I stay?”

Di Ming was stunned. His throat was a little dry, but the words did not come in the end.

What he wanted to tell the Ninth Emperor was that as long as she was willing to stay, then he, and this manor, would also be her home.

However, he understood that even if he said that, it was useless.

There was no way Little Nine would stay for him…

“Then… Can we still meet in the future?”

Di Ming sounded expectant.

The Ninth Emperor’s body stiffened.

‘Meet again?’

“There’s no need for that, right?”

Many things had already pa.s.sed. Back then, they were still young and had gotten along well for a while.

But now that so much time had pa.s.sed, they already had their own lives.


Di Ming had feelings for her.

She had been pretending not to know it.

When she was young, she thought she could maintain a friendly relations.h.i.+p by pretending not to know.

Now that she had grown up, she naturally understood that this was not good for both of them.

Therefore, this time she distanced herself from Di Ming. One because of her mother, the other was because… She should no longer be near him.

When she left, Di Ming would also have his life and would not always remember her.

“Di Ming…” The Ninth Emperor lowered her gaze. Her face softened. This was the first time in many years, she spoke to him in such a gentle tone. “We are different. So, in the future, we will also go our separate ways. Many girls in this kingdom are much better than me. You are not young anymore. It’s time for you to get married.”

Di Ming raised his gaze in shock. His gaze fell on the Ninth Emperor.

So… She had known it all along.

Yet, he thought she did not know anything, smugly thinking he was hiding it well.

Was this the reason why the Ninth Emperor was now so indifferent to him?

Di Ming smiled bitterly. If in the next life, he and Little Nine could still meet…

Then, he would never let the Ninth Emperor find out again.

As once she found out… She would stay away from him…

And if they both left this world and met in the afterlife, all the emotions would be well hidden, never for her to find out again.

Only in this way could he be by her side.

Even if… As a friend…

It was better than never seeing her again in the future.

The Ninth Emperor’s sleeves were slightly lifted in the wind as she stepped away and walked toward the front main gate.

Di Ming looked a little lost in his thoughts as he stared at the Ninth Emperor’s departing figure.

It was as if he had gone back to more than ten years ago…

Back then, the girl was still young. As childhood friends, they constantly quarreled, but each time he would give in to her.

He thought he could always do so. Who knew that later, she would disappear…

The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 2232 - The Past Life 157

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