The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 531 - He Is Here for Revenge? IV

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Chapter 531: He Is Here for Revenge? IV

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“Even if you regret the things that you did now, it makes no difference. Both you and Gu Zhenyang have to pay for the things that you have done.” Nalan Yan’s eyes were cold and piercing, her face was indifferent.

The same for Gu Zhenyang. If Nalan Yan forgave him, what about the warriors and the civilians who had lost their lives?

If Nalan Yan let go of them, how could she confront the warriors in the underworld when she died?

Hearing this, Liu Rong’s body slumped to the floor. Her face was drained of color, the corners of her lips curved into a sneer.

“I don’t want to see them! Take them out and penalize them accordingly. Just let the public do whatever they want to them.” Nalan Yan swung her hand, her face was cold and nonchalant.

Liu Rong did not utter a word and allowed the guard to take her out.

“Your Majesty, Empress Nalan, it’s all my mother’s fault. I am innocent. Please have mercy on me! Please let me go! No matter what, I am still His Majesty’s adopted daughter. He has raised me for years, he would not be able to bear to see me suffer.” Feng Rushuang walked up to Nalan Yan as she cried.

A glimmer of viciousness flashed through Nalan Yan’s eyes. She gave Feng Rushuang a kick at her chest and sent her flying out of the manor.

“Feng Rushuang, I have almost forgotten how you have led my daughter astray all these years. You induced my daughter to do something evil and pushed all the responsibility to her, so you could be the most innocent person. Naturally, you must not die!” Nalan Yan smirked.

“Tie Feng Rushuang at the city’s gate and tell everyone what she had done all these years. I want to get justice for the victims,” Nalan Yan said with a hint of cruelty in her voice.

As Nalan Yan did not watch her daughter grow up, Feng Ruqing had suffered a great deal of pain and grievances. Hence, she would never let go of the people who had harmed Feng Ruqing.

“No! You can’t do this to me!” Feng Rushuang flew into a great panic.

As soon as she finished her words, she was forcefully dragged out the manor.

Under the brilliant sunlight, Feng Rushuang’s hoa.r.s.e voice lingered in the air, long after she had left.

Feng Ruqing was still looking in the direction where Feng Rushuang had left. Feeling that someone was staring at her, she turned her head just in time to see a graceful young master come into her vision. Seeing him, her eyes narrowed as she kept her guard up.

‘Liu Li is right. Liu Yuchen must have something evil in his mind. Otherwise, why does he keep watching the princess manor?’

“Liu Li, did Xiao Yin do anything to Liu Yuchen recently?”

“Young Lady Tang Yin had never been to the Liu family or met Liu Yuchen.” Liu Li shook her head.

“Then, Liu Yuchen must have known that Xiao Yin and Cousin Nalan Jing had set fire to the chancellor manor earlier. He is here for revenge. All of you must keep an eye on him. If he dares to lay his hand on the princess manor, set the spirit beasts on him!”

Not far away, Liu Yuchen was staring affectionately at Feng Ruqing. His gentle eyes filled with regrets.

‘She is back…’

It was a pity that Liu Yuchen had lost the chance to walk near Feng Ruqing. He could never do that for the rest of his life.

However, when Liu Yuchen’s eyes met hers, his heart skipped a beat and had nearly stopped pounding. He did not know why he could feel that Feng Ruqing seemed so defensive when she looked at him as if he would set fire to the princess manor.

Liu Yuchen smiled wryly as he shook his head. He must have been mistaken. Since he did not do anything, why would Feng Ruqing look at him so warily?

The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 531 - He Is Here for Revenge? IV

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