Holding Onto My Man Chapter 47

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Translated by mii, TLCed by Dandan, Edited by Evan

Gu Bai was also speechless, but he temporarily put his speechlessness to the back of his mind to look at the mysterious grand prize, the millions of prize money.

Although he didn't lack money, but he also didn't intend to stay in the Tang Family and continue to see the faces of Tang Dahai and Tang Linyi everyday.

After all, the original host actually wasn't Tang Dahai's own biological son, so who knew what would happen after the truth was out? Gu Bai was ready to complete the task, and bring Zhang Li to leave the Tang family.

Not to say, Zhang Li also didn't have a marriage certificate with Tang Dahai, so there was no need to divorce. If she just wanted to live as a rich wife, that was something that her son could absolutely fulfill for her.

Gu Bai didn't dare to say anything else, but he had done so many tasks and learned a lot of things, especially in the first world. He had been following his man around, learning a lot about a company's affairs.

As long as he had the start-up fund, though starting a large group with a.s.sets of ten billions would be impossible, he could start a small company to ensure that the original host and his mother could have a rich life.

And although he didn't know what happened to Qianmo Pei in the end at this moment, overall, Gu Bai had completed the original host's wish to have dignity in this game as his heart so desired.

Being pursued by a super G.o.d, being a G.o.d with G.o.d-level equipment, and being a player who would never get removed from the honorary list was enough to obtain the dignity as a player. With this, Gu Bai completed the game world's mission perfectly!

As for Qianmo Pei, Gu Bai instinctively felt that he wasn't a good person to provoke.

Now, in the face of all the players in the game world, he really had no courage to walk away without giving this person face. Gu Bai could only stand still, waiting for the other side to speak.

Anyway, this was just a virtual online game world. Now that he had achieved the goal in the game world, he wouldn't have to play the game anymore, he could also just set up a side account to play. In short, he must throw off this baffling guy secretly!

Besides, Qianmo Pei also put some kind of restriction on him, so he couldn't even log out of the game now, ah!!!

However, Qianmo Pei also wasn't anxious to speak, and he hugged Gu Bai and continued to look at Song Xianxun and several other people from the demon race.

Actually, even though those few demon players didn't have their name in the top ranking, their actual strength was absolutely not low. Besides, the ranking was not determined just from the players' rank, but could also be rearranged if any players challenged those in the top rankings. If some were too lazy to challenge ranked players, then not having their name in the top ranking was very normal.

Starting from now to almost an hour later, Tang Linyi, Song Xianxun, and some other players were also attacked by the restriction magic, so they couldn't actively exit the game to go offline either.

They couldn't quit the game and could only play, but even if they could play, they were definitely not a match for Qianmo Pei. Tang Linyi, Song Xianxun, and the other players were very frustrated.

And Tang Linyi himself was too busy, so he didn't have time to protect Song Xianxun. His impression of ‘Bai' was that she was a very good player, not worse than any male player, so he didn't worry at all.

But in fact, even if Song Xianxun could fight, she usually relied on system a.s.sisted magic attacks. If she was caught up in melee combat, she could only be subjected to abuse, and so with this kind of situation, Song Xianxun could do nothing except rest at home for a couple of days the next morning.

Qianmo Pei continued to toy with them, watching these few players almost die, and then helped them restore their HP to continue to beat them up again.

This happened back and forth several times, making Gu Bai, who was watching those players, feel his heart ache. They shouldn't have provoked G.o.d Pei ah, this was too oppressive, watching these players who wanted to die, but couldn't die!

Gu Bai couldn't bear looking at this anymore, and he finally couldn't help sending a private message to Qianmo Pei.

Private Message [Human] Shangguan Yu: G.o.d Pei, tell me honestly, how do you want to abuse me? I'll say sorry for what happened last time, so would you mind going easy on them…

Private Message [Demon] Qianmo Pei: OK, you marry me first.

Private Message [Human] Shangguan Yu: …

Gu Bai nodded his head and agreed to comply after a period of silence. This was just a game, and they also didn't know each other outside the game. If this Laozi didn't want to play this game, then he would be too childis.h.!.+

Although Qianmo Pei didn't speak, he knew exactly what Gu Bai was thinking and didn't say anything else.

Qianmo Pei finally let Song Xianxun and the other players die, and then dragged Gu Bai to the world before the . Just like this, they immediately tied the knot in front of almost all of the players in the game.

Qianmo Pei also sent Gu Bai an artifact-level wrist guard as a token of love, immediately attracting a scene of jubilation.

[Human] How Can This Old Woman Live Without You: Wow, wow, an artifact-level token of love! Don't stop this old woman! This old woman is going to seek refuge with the demons! Come up, demons, I'm being serious!

[Spirit] Dream Peach: Didn't they say that there are very few artifacts? Why are there so many artifacts today? I want send an email to complain that this setting is unreasonable! I suddenly encountered so many artifacts…

[Demon] Lazy Cancer Abandoned Therapy: Ai, Boss and us are not from the same cla.s.s just as expected! He makes us demon sect members not dare to find partners for marriage! I can't take out an artifact as a token of love, so I really feel ashamed……

[Demon] The Loser Warms the Bed: Agree.

[Demon] The Winner Is King: What do you agree with, baby? If you want to find a partner for marriage, I will marry you! I'll also give you an artifact no worse than Boss's!

[Demon] The Loser Warms the Bed: Roll!

[Demon] The Winner Is King: …I don't mind if you want me to dress as the girl.

The Loser Warms the Bed: …

Listening to the world's chattering voice, Gu Bai chose to automatically block it. When they finished tying the knot, everyone dispersed, leaving only the players from the demon sect. The restriction on Gu Bai's body had been lifted, so he couldn't wait, wanting to quit the game.

Having been envied by other people for the artifacts and equipment, he didn't feel even a little bit happy, just embarra.s.sed. He had to quickly slip away, or else who knew if Qianmo Pei would want him to enter the ‘Wedding Chamber'?

This was a real simulation game, so all of the senses in this world would be simulated to the body in real life. He didn't want to have a spring dream with a stranger in cybers.p.a.ce! Absolutely not!

Just as he was about to quit the game, Qianmo Pei talked to him again via private messaging.

Private Message [Demon] Qianmo Pei: It's okay if you want to quit the game. I know who you are anyway. Nans.h.i.+ Feifei Real Estate's young master, Tang Zihao, 19 years old, studying in Nans.h.i.+ Qingda…

Qianmo Pei stared at Gu Bai with an evil face and spoke slowly.

Gu Bai's expression immediately became(⊙o⊙)again, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

How did this man know his true ident.i.ty? Wasn't “Xiuxian Ji” the most confidential online game? Didn't the news report that even the world's top hackers couldn't break into players' profiles?

What was happening now?!!!

Seeing Gu Bai's expression, Qianmo Pei was very satisfied. Although the appearance in front of him was just a game simulation and not real at all, he couldn't help but close his eyes and kiss Gu Bai's lips again.

Private Message [Demon] Qianmo Pei: Darling, you go back first ba. The time is already quite late, so go to bed early tonight. Go to the World Hall tomorrow, and I will send someone to pick you up to the demon sect…

After finished saying that, Qianmo Pei left the game first, and Gu Bai also followed next.

Back in real life, Gu Bai took off his game helmet and threw it away as if it were the plague. He was now completely confused.

This time, he was done for!

This Qianmo Pei was obviously not a good person to provoke. He could even find his true ident.i.ty, and that alone was already scary enough.

You had to know that the real-life simulation of the online game, “Xiuxian Ji”, claimed to have the world's top technology, and the development company was a giant, so no fool would take such a big risk just to check on an insignificant person's information.

It was said that a hacker who had cracked the defense systems of several countries in the world once tried to crack the server of “Xiuxian Ji” to set a record for himself.

But it didn't take long for the hacker to admit that the development company of “Xiuxian Ji” did have the world's most advanced defense system, and he couldn't even get into the first security wall of “Xiuxian Ji”, which caused an uproar.

Thus, it could be seen that Qianmo Pei, who could get Gu Bai's information, was absolutely not a small person in the real world. Either he had a very powerful backing, or he had a very large influence.

Gu Bai simply couldn't understand how he had provoked Qianmo Pei. If the other directly killed him, it would still be a bit straightforward. Having to do f.u.c.king dual cultivation with him was really terrible ah.

And now that the other side also knew his true ident.i.ty, Gu Bai could imagine how Qianmo Pei would endlessly continue to pester him in the future!

If he was alone, he wouldn't be afraid, but Gu Bai had to take Zhang Li into consideration, so it wouldn't be easy for him to run.

Not just that, but Gu Bai also hadn't completed all his tasks. The original host also had another wish, which was to not let Song Xianxun marry Tang Linyi. Since this hadn't been completed, Gu Bai couldn't go.

After thinking about it over and over, Gu Bai calmed down. He reminded himself that he shouldn't panic. Even if Qianmo Pei was powerful, he also didn't need to be too afraid.

The game world was fake. Even if Qianmo Pei wanted to do something to him, Gu Bai could afford to spend money to find someone to play the game for him. Qianmo Pei wouldn't know who played the game in the real world anyway.

If Qianmo Pei came to find trouble with him in real life, Gu Bai wasn't even a bit afraid. He had trained for more than half a year after all. It wasn't like he was invincible, but he had no pressure dealing with these modern, ordinary people who only knew boxing.

Thinking and thinking, Gu Bai's thoughts when in a few circles before he finally decided to simply do what he thought he should do.

While looking for a subst.i.tute player for his ‘Shangguan Yu' account in the game world to deal with Qianmo Pei, he bought a large number of medicinal ingredients and began to prepare poison, so he could have it ready to use in case he really encountered a bit of trouble.

But soon, he found that it really wasn't easy to lie about his matter with Qianmo Pei, and the game expert  he hired was immediately exposed that very day.

“Sir, let me tell you that if you try to fool him any more, he will…” The subst.i.tute game expert advised.

“What will he do?” Gu Bai was sharp and sensed something bad.

“He will come right up to your front door and press you…” The  subst.i.tute game expert pursed his lips, trying to keep himself from smiling. ” Qianmo Pei said that you have to go at next month's in-person game meeting, or else…”

“Fine, I understand.”

Without waiting for the other side to finish, Gu Bai interrupted, quickly gave him a few bills to make him leave, and then personally logged into the game world hatefully.

As soon as he entered, Gu Bai immediately searched for Qianmo Pei through his friends list. Qianmo Pei wasn't online, so he could only leave a message.

Private Message [Human] Shangguan Yu:

Qianmo Pei, don't go too far! Don't think that you are the only G.o.d; let me tell you, this Laozi is also a ruthless G.o.d… You can be rest a.s.sured that I will go to meet you in real life, but this time I have something to do, so I won't play, and even if you don't agree, I won't accept any objection! Don't force me, or else this Grandpa will cut off your small **, humph!

After that, Gu Bai closed the game immediately. d.a.m.n it, he returned to being a sick cat after demonstrating his power as a tiger!

“Cut off my small **… Haha, he unexpectedly said that mine is small…”

The man who heard the message took off his helmet and immediately laughed angrily.

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Holding Onto My Man Chapter 47

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