The Devil's Little Villainess Chapter 116: I Am William...

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"All right. But excuse me for now, I have to use the restroom" William said and rushed. He just saw Linda going to restroom. 

He at least needs to touch her or else he will perish with the desperation that is filled all over in his mind. 

 Few minutes ago

"Blake, I will be back in few minutes" saying so Biyu was about to stand up but Blake stopped her. 

"I was asked by your boyfriend to follow you everywhere and make sure that you will be safe" Blake said as he prepared to stand up along with her. 

Biyu couldn't help but roll her eyes. However, she is not at all angry because of Jasper's order. 

She understands Jasper the most. So, of course, she is able to understand how worried he is about her security. 

William, his parents, Emma and along with them Jasper's enemies, Austin's people…. they all were in the same page, waiting for their chance to harm her and Jasper.

"Hey I understand, but I need to use washroom okay. I will be safe and back" Biyu insisted. 

She wants to go alone because she just got a note from Linda asking her to go to washroom. Biyu is so sure that it is Linda who sent her a note through waiter. It is because Linda has used the paper torn from the same magazine, she used earlier for the first two letters. To be more precise, these three pieces are torn from the same page. 

"All right…all right. But you will get only seven minutes and even after that you didn't come, I will come searching for you" Blake told her. 

Biyu slightly shook her head but eventually she nodded her head in approval. Later, she excused herself and walked towards corridor leading to the restrooms. Meanwhile, her sharp eyes didn't fail to notice William who stood up to follow her. 

"This sc.u.mbag!!" Biyu cursed. 

She is about to take a turn that would lead her to restrooms but a firm hand grabbed her wrist and forcibly stopped her. 

As soon as William's bare skin touched her wrist, Biyu felt a violent impulse to break his bones and beat him to his death. That rage she is now feeling, that was because of part of subconsciousness of Linda that is still triggering some bad memories of Linda. 

Her eyes turned red involuntarily but Biyu didn't feel any opposition while she controlled it back to normal. Her heart ached for Linda she couldn't help but feel like to teach a very good lesson to William. 

"Linda" William called her as he pulled her wrist towards him. He is not gentle but he is harsh enough to make Biyu lose her footing. 

However, Biyu is not someone who can easily fall into his cheap clutches. She indeed pretended as if she lost her footing but she stomped his feet with her pointed heels making him yelp in pain and he immediately loosened his grip on her wrist. 

In that moment of distraction, she made him slip and fall on the floor. His back directly slammed against the sharp edge of the pillar, sending an unbearable pain across his spinal cords. 

"I am sorry, sir" Biyu feigned her innocence as she covered her mouth in shock. 

"I didn't see" she added as she stumbled little backward in fake fear. 

William is the one who is more shocked than her. Why is she acting as if she is stranger to him??

She knows him, right?? 

After all, she was head over heels in love with him. The blind and foolish love that had made her do anything for him, believe and trust him more than herself. 

"You don't know me, Linda?" he asked in shock, still sitting down on the floor. 

Biyu pretended to be confused and she pitifully looked at him. 

"I am William." he said. "We know each other, don't you remember?" he asked again, but careful enough not to give away the relation they had shared.  

Biyu frowned and three lines formed on her forehead, showing that she is confused and probably having headache. 

"Mr. Ye…. yes, I know you" Biyu said after few seconds making William look at her anxiously. Various thoughts are running in his mind and only G.o.d knows what he is thinking to do. 

"Aren't you the producer of one of my drama a year back. I even modelled for one of photo shoot of your jewellery products" Biyu said in innocent manner. 

She acted too well that he believed that she has undergone memory loss. 

He smirked inside. That means she don't remember their time together which for his delight, is good news for him. If that is the case, she must have no clue of how she went into coma and who is the reason for that. She doesn't remember his betrayal nor the huge amount of money she has given him. 

"Yes, Yes…. you are right Ms. Linda. It seems you lost your memory but I was one of your good friends. We have worked together in other events too and when you disappeared, we were worried about you." he quickly came up with the story. 

"And, please don't mind my rude behaviour right now. I was very anxious and couldn't control myself" he apologised. He actually wanted her to fall on him, so he can touch her to his heart content. But who could have thought that this would happen? 

"Well, I should be the one to apologise you, Mr. William." Biyu smiled sweetly. 

This is the exact smile she uses to give to a person who will fall into her traps. 

Because, by the blow he has taken just right now it would have actually impacted his spinal cord little more than its saturation. He might not feel that pain right now, but it will surely make him admit in hospital for more than week under bedrest. 

And, Biyu didn't do this just because of her anger. She actually has a beautiful gift for him!! 

The Devil's Little Villainess Chapter 116: I Am William...

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