The Devil's Little Villainess Chapter 117: Linda And Her Awesome Gift

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Because, by the blow he has taken just right now it would have actually impacted his spinal cord little more than its saturation. He might not feel that pain right now, but it will surely make him admit in hospital for more than week under bedrest. 

And, Biyu didn't do this just because of her anger. She actually has a beautiful gift for him!! 

Biyu and William heard foot steps approaching them and Biyu smiled nervously, well, she pretended to be nervous. 

"Ahh…. that should be my partner. Sorry, uhm…but I need to use the washroom" saying so Biyu escaped. Meanwhile, William sneered.

He would have at least got to touch her hand while she helps him to stand up, however, this so- called partner really ruined up everything. 

Blake who just saw William on the floor, laughed inside and slowly went back. He doesn't want to be the person to help that b.a.s.t.a.r.d to stand up. Rather than helping him, he would have preferred to chop off that sinful limbs of him. 

In his way back, he informed the waiters and they in turn helped William. 

Meanwhile, in Biyu's side….

When Biyu was having fun in fooling William, she vaguely remembers the woman who exited the girl's washroom.

She is wearing white and her mask has concealed all of her face. All Biyu could remember is that, she has black hair. 

Could it be Linda?? 

While going away, that woman who was dressed in white has placed a box under a table lamp. And while she is doing it, she made sure that she has Biyu's attention. 

Biyu still remember the smile that woman gave before disappearing into darkness of another corridor. But Biyu was unable to follow that woman because she was talking with William at that time and she is in crucial phase of her plan to trap him. 

As Linda has asked her to go to washroom first, Biyu followed her request.

And as soon as she entered the washroom, the soothing music that was playing earlier changed. 

Now, Biyu can listen to some lyrics too in addition to the music. 

First, she didn't understand what to do. Because, there is no one else in the washroom. It is just her and this song. 

And, after few seconds, Biyu realised that the same lyrics are getting repeated over and over. 

Then she figured it out that this is like a treasure hunt. The lyrics of the song are giving her hints to find out the hidden object/objects. 

But the only problem is the lyrics are combination of both Russian and French. 

As Linda knows Russian language and Biyu knows French, this combination is not any tough for Biyu to figure it out. 

After five minutes, Biyu manged to find a key. 

"Hmm…. this should be the key to the box, that white lady placed under the lamp" Biyu muttered to herself and exited the washroom only to find Blake waiting for her. 

"Finally, you are back from your long journey" he teased. 

"Whatever!!" Biyu rolled her eyes and suddenly remembered something. 

"Hey, can you watch out for me. Just give me a signal if someone is coming this way" Biyu said and without waiting for his answer she sprinted towards the opposite direction. 

"This girl!!" Blake sighed and shook his head. 

Meanwhile, Biyu swiftly took the box and opened it just to see an envelope in it. She quickly took off the seal and the content in it totally shocked her. 

The photos inside the envelope are of Emma's. They were her pictures taken when she is sleeping with various directors and actors. 

These alone can ruin Emma's career!!

Biyu grinned and she flipped the envelope. There is a note attached to it. 

Like always, that note is torn from the same magazine and precisely, the same page. 

[I hope you will use this information wisely. This is my gift for you, Biyu. 

Have a good day and sweet moments ahead.... yours lovingly, Linda] 

"Linda!!" a voice came from behind, startling Biyu. 

It is Blake and he is shocked. 

"Yes, this is what I wanted to tell you but this is not the right time to discuss. Let's go back, it is time for the Jasper's speech" Biyu said. 

Blake nodded his head and Biyu swiftly hid the cover in her purse before following him back to the hall. 

However, Blake is totally in shock. 

In the letter it was written 'Have a sweet moments ahead'. 

The sweet moments Linda is referring to, could that be the proposal plan Jasper planned for Biyu. 

Of course!! 

And, that means Linda knows about this secret plan which was only known to himself, Jasper, Liam, Alex and Feng. 

Meanwhile, William who just came back to his table started to feel the throbbing sensation in his back. But he knows that he can't go inthe  middle of the event. 

He wants to dance with Linda and in addition to it, he must find who is the adopted cousin of Zhou Feng. 

"Son, Son…. look there!! Feng and his mysterious girlfriend sat down beside that woman in red. Even our intel said that Feng's sister is wearing red" his mother beamed excitedly. 

The Devil's Little Villainess Chapter 117: Linda And Her Awesome Gift

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