The Devil's Little Villainess Chapter 118: Do I Have A Choice??

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He wants to dance with Linda and in addition to it, he must find who is the adopted cousin of Zhou Feng. 

"Son, Son…. look there!! Feng and his mysterious girlfriend sat down beside that woman in red. Even our intel said that Feng's sister is wearing red" his mother beamed excitedly. 

William who is in daze because of the pain,  snapped his head and looked at the direction his mother is hideously pointing. 

As she said, Feng is sitting beside the woman dressed in red. He seems to be sitting quietly but William could see the lips moving. 

It is evident that they are talking!!!

So, this woman who is sitting beside him is none other than the adopted granddaughter of Zhou family. 

The heiress and the second biggest shareholder in Zhou corps after Zhou Feng. In addition to this, as she is adopted by Biyu's parents that will also make her the heiress of Walkers family. 

As Biyu is dead now, everything that belongs to Walkers family will now go to her!!!

William smirked at this thought and looked at the woman sitting beside Feng.

She is no less gorgeous. Her slender figure and her smooth, milky skin made William the happiest person. 

His soon to be wife is also beautiful!! Even though she isn't as beautiful as Linda, she is beautiful enough for him to desire her. 

"Are you in, my son??" his mother grinned as she saw the interest her son suddenly started showing up. 

"Do I have a choice, mom" William grinned. But he has already planned his future just right at this moment. 

He will marry this heiress from Zhou family and he will make Linda his mistress. As promised, he will help Emma to get into Hollywood and send her abroad. She can be his mistress while he will have overseas work in states. He actually has a huge list like this…. but Linda is the one and only one who made him so, so obsessed and possessive. 

"What's your plan, Biyu? Who is that woman sitting beside your brother Feng? If I am right, you are fooling b.a.s.t.a.r.d William that the woman who is sitting beside brother Feng is the adopted sister who will hold half of Zhou corps power" Blake asked. 

Biyu chuckled softly as her eyes focused on her man who is giving speech. She is totally under Jasper's charm that she is mesmerized by him. 

"Hmm…. you are right Blake. I want to fool him into marrying someone else" Biyu agreed without even looking at him. 

Her unwavering attention is on Jasper and Jasper himself. 

Meanwhile, Blake is shocked by this. Biyu would never use an innocent being as a bait to trap someone as monstrous as William. But why is she doing it now!! 

"How could you do this, Biyu? Letting innocent girl suffer just to get your own revenge" Blake asked little angered by the way she choose. 

And Biyu of course sensed his anger and smiled. This time she looked directly into his eyes full of sincerity. "I would never do such thing. The girl who is now acting like a adopted sister of my brother, she knows what she is doing. And, believe me, there is something she will gain because of this rather than losing" Biyu said. 

She don't want to burst the suspense bubble to Blake, so she didn't tell him who that woman really is. 

(A/N : Even I don't want to ruin the suspense… 

"I believe you.  But don't let your revenge get the best of you" Blake smiled 

"I promise you that I will never ever harm someone for my own revenge. For now, let me listen to what my boyfriend is speaking" saying so Biyu returned back to give attention to Jasper. 

Blake looked at the woman in red and wondered who she is and what she will gain by deceiving William and marrying him. 

Sighing again, he decided not to overexert himself. He might be physiatrist but sometimes it is really hard to tell what will be going on in Biyu and Jasper's mind. 

Soon, the boring speech part is completed and everyone moved to the fun part. As it is a party theme to have a masquerade themed dance, everyone started to wear their masks and dance. 

Jasper went to change his dress as soon as his speech is completed. After everyone started to move to dance session and dinner, even Blake disappeared. 

Meanwhile, William is nowhere to be seen and she knew that the reason behind it is his pain in his back region. 

How can he dance when he was not able to stand itself?? 

According to her, he should be in the hospital by now, undergoing check up. 

Biyu smirked and in boredom she couldn't help but look at her friends who are dancing with their partners. The funny part is Mingyu brought a woman so he can p.i.s.s off Stephen, his boyfriend. 

However, Stephen is one step ahead of Mingyu. He brought the president's daughter to dance. The cold war between them is really awesome to watch…

How could Mingyu forget that Stephen reincarnated back in time!!!

"Where did Jasper and Blake go? I am sitting here alone and what if someone asks me for a dance?? I will surely accept it…Hmph" Biyu pouted. 

"Then, will you dance with me, my lady" a man came and extended his hand. 

He is wearing the same tux like Blake and his mask is also similar to Blake's mask. But Biyu is sure that it is not Blake. 

His voice and importantly his blue eyes gave away. 

It is Jasper!! 

"Jas??" Biyu smiled in surprise. 

"Yep, it's me love. So, can I get to dance with my girl" Jasper asked as he winked. 

"Sure, she is all yours" Biyu laughed and placed her hand into his palm. 

The Devil's Little Villainess Chapter 118: Do I Have A Choice??

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