Prime Originator 161 I Want To Build A Railway

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Leon simply couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was as if he did not leave for a week, but several weeks. There were some high rising buildings, although it was just the building frames, it provided a glimpse into the building's general look.

The entire Capital was bustling with activities, with little idlers left in the Commoner's Camp. Men did heavy labor, while woman and children tended new crops in the farmland.

What surprised Leon was four out of every five person he saw had successfully achieved the 1st layer of Body Tempering Realm. He had estimated that the average person could achieve this level within a week under the scarceness of spirit energy in the heaven and earth, but that was under the a.s.sumption that they were also hardworking and there was also the difference between the talented and untalented in cultivation.

Seeing so many people successfully becoming cultivators, it really showed their determination to become strong.

Looking at the sky, three airs.h.i.+ps could be seen hovering just above the Capital, one of which looked familiar and the other was brand new. Leon highly doubted that one week was enough time to repair one airs.h.i.+p and produce two new ones from scratch.

"The parts must have been prepared in advance and only the core component of the airs.h.i.+p, the levitation stones had been missing. Once the missing component was found, they only need to piece the parts together. It seems more levitation stones have been found from the Ancient Ruins." Leon concluded from his simple observation and inference.

Speaking of levitation stones, he had only seen them in books and not in reality. However, according to his knowledge, every levitation stone mounted on an airs.h.i.+p were the size of boulders, made of special alloys and filled with incomprehensible engravings, which he later confirmed to be runic inscriptions after awakening his past life memories.

Levitation stone was such a primitive name. It didn't do the sophisticated high-tech antigravity artifact from the ancient civilization any justice. But then again, the name came into being hundreds of years ago when the human civilization wasn't as developed.

"It would be great if the kingdom could find a few more levitation stones, or it would be even better if we can replicate the technology. The cities and towns are too disjointed due to distance. Its difficult to keep a hold of the situation on the entirety of the kingdom. If airs.h.i.+ps were widespread, it would make these cities and towns feel much closer."

Of course, the problem could also be solved with the widespread of steampowered vehicles, but there was a large disparity in capacity and versatility. Steampowered vehicles could only travel on fixed roads, while airs.h.i.+ps could fly across all terrains within the Human Domain.

"Your Highness."

He was greeted by a pair of palace guards, guarding the entrance leading down to the mines. It was located not far from a newly constructed metal bridge, that leads into the Capital.

"En." Leon acknowledged their greeting. He thought it was a bit strange for palace guards to guard the mine entrance since it was a task that could be left for the city guards, but he did not pay it too much attention.

While crossing the bridge, he curiously peered down at the underground mines. The numerous clinks and clanks of mining could be heard reverberation out to his location.

He watched the miners collect the ores and dump them in the mine carts and sent them away after they are filled. Watching the loaded mine carts rolling along the fixed tracks, Leon was suddenly enlightened.

"What if we build a large railway that span through across the entire kingdom and mount a long steampowered vehicle that could travel on it, transporting both goods and people?"

Airs.h.i.+ps was obviously still the better choice, but this idea of his didn't seem half bad as a subst.i.tute for it. Who knew how long it would take for people to comprehend the secrets of the levitation stone and reproduce it, let alone produce more airs.h.i.+ps? As long as they couldn't get more levitation stones, it was impossible to think about spreading airs.h.i.+ps across the kingdom.

However, his idea was still within the realm of possibility. As long as the requirements were met, he could be carried out immediately. Leon began to ponder on the feasibility of his idea.

"It will cost an astronomical amount of money and resources; mainly metal. If it was before, it would have been impossible, unless I plan to sc.r.a.p the palace and Great Wall for metal. Fortunately, these issues are no longer a problem at present. The kingdom had just gained access to a treasure mountain of immeasurable minerals. Also, I have the means to make a lot of money to carry out the task in a short time."

When he said this, Leon couldn't help but grin when he thought back to the over 2000 bottles of longevity blood in his Worlds.p.a.ce. Once his idea is realized, it would also trigger an industrial revolution, leading to the rapid development of the kingdom. This was something that should have happened long ago with the first introduction of steam powered technology, but it was suppressed by a series of restrictions and limitations.

Suddenly, Leon creased his brows as he watches all the palace guards walking about in the underground mine below. Do these palace guards have nothing better to do than to idle away like this?

"No… the palace guards are patrolling. Why is there so many palace guards patrolling the mines? There's 1…2…3…43…60…80… 100 palace guards. There's a total of 100 palace guards a.s.signed to the mines. Why did my send so many palace guards to the mine? Is there a problem with the mines?" Leon wondered in puzzlement. That was half of the entire palace guards.

"You, come over here. Why is happening in the mines? Why is there so many palace guards a.s.signed here?" Leon pointed and called over one of the palace guards, guarding the mine entrance.

"Answering your Highness, it is due to the discovery of the special crystals, which contain large amounts of elemental essence and comprehension that allow Awakeners to break through their cultivation levels quickly." The palace guard answered respectably.


Leon thought he heard some nonsensical talk. He could understand and accept the elemental essence part as there were spirit stones in the Divine Realm, which were crystals filled with spirit energy. They were so common they were even used as currency by the cultivators. However, what is this talk comprehension? What was that about?

"Yes, it is hard to believe, but the crystals really do contain comprehension of the elements, your Highness. All Awakeners have already begun to view these crystals had heavenly resources for cultivation. The Queen had placed down a strict order to ensure the stability of the mine. Anyone caught stealing these crystals are to be executed immediately." The palace guard patiently explained.

Leon still felt incredulous with such an explanation. How can there such an unfathomable thing? What would be the use of cultivating? Just grab some crystals, absorb them and they can become powerhouses?

"It shouldn't be a problem, for you bring me one of these crystals to see, right?"

"This… I'm afraid I don't have such clearance. Only the Captains are permitted to touch the crystals. We are just following orders, your Highness. You will have to personally head down into the mines and talk to the Captain for it."

Leon nodded in understanding. "Fair enough. No need to accompany me. I will head down myself."

Leon jumped off the bridge and plunged straight down into the mines. Sparks of fire occasionally burst out from beneath his feet and drastically reduce his dropping speed, allowing him to land safely.

"Are you the captain in charge here?"

"Yes, your Highness." Dylan answered faithfully. Several days ago, after being urged to report to the Queen, he no longer hesitated and steeled his resolve. He did not skip details and twist facts and report the truth of the discovery and the following events in its entirety.

Not only was he not punished, he was even rewarded with one of the earth crystals, allowing his cultivation to swiftly rise another 3 levels and reached the five-star level before the earth essence in the crystal was depleted.

There was no doubt that if the information was not controlled, it would spread like wildfire and attract all sort of problems to the Capital from outside. Thus, the heavy security surrounding the mine and its occupants.

After asking repeating the same question to the captain in charge, Leon was given a grey crystal to use without any objection. Looking at the diamond-shaped grey crystal, he could sense the dense metal essence inside, but it stopped at that. He could not see anything else special or related to the so-called comprehension of the elements

Thus, he decided to absorb the essence to experience it. The metal essence coursed through his body and fused into his metalseed, quickly filling it up and his metal ability rose at a startling rate. In a short time span, he achieved the 3rd step in his metal ability before he stopped.

"Incredible!" Leon exclaimed in amazement. He did not experience the so-called comprehension due to his low level in his metal abilities, but just by the dense essence contained within alone, it was worthy to be called a heavenly cultivation resource. He had barely absorbed a fraction of the essence contained in the grey crystal, yet he already broke through two levels. Who knew what heights he would reach after absorbing all of it. 

Leon held the grey crystal up and inspected it great focus.

"Exactly what is the origins of these crystals?"

Prime Originator 161 I Want To Build A Railway

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