Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 258 - Aren't You Dying?

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After Soohyun was pushed the sliding door before her, she watched as Minhyun entered in through the main door of the room. Closing the sliding door behind her, she ran towards Minhyun.

She exclaimed, "You are finally back!"

A wide grin sat on Soohyun's face. From earlier, she was waiting for Minhyun to return to the room, so that she could get to learn about his secrets.

He had given his word earlier on how he will be letting her in on his secrets, and she was aware on how Minhyun was not the one to go back on his words.

"You seem excited," Minhyun said as he ran his hand through his hair and fell back on couch.

"Of course, I am," Soohyun stated, "Miyeon is awesome! She talks a lot, and it is absolutely not boring with her. We have clicked well, and I can easily get a lot of information from her."

As Soohyun stood in front of Minhyun, he extended his hands towards her and gripped her waist. His actions caused for her eyes to widen in surprise, and a gasp left her mouth.

Pulling her closer to him, he made him sit on her thighs, and feeling his thigh underneath, she could feel her cheeks involuntarily heating up. By now, she was sure that a blush has settled up on her cheeks.

"What's with you being suddenly so intimate?" Soohyun questioned, "Don't tell me that you are finally craving for me?"

Han Minhyun shrugged his shoulders and said, "I just felt like doing so."

"What type of answer is that?" Soohyun mumbled, "Geez! So arrogant!"

"I have expected for the two of you to get along well, but I am sure that I will be regretting my decision soon. Two of you seem to be ones who tend to get in trouble easily," Minhyun stated.

Lee Soohyun scoffed and vocalised, "What type of bulls.h.i.+t is that? When did you see me creating trouble? This is clearly defamation, and I can sue you for it! You should stop with your habit of accusing me with fake things!"

Extending his hand towards her, Minhyun pinched her nose and said, "Really? Go on an entire month without creating trouble, and maybe then I will be believing in you."

"Well, I will be proving you wrong," Soohyun spoke out, "This time for real."

She then added, "Now, let me in on the secrets. What did you mean by your real ident.i.ty? Are you some imposter?"

She raised one of her eyebrows, and it caught her by surprise when Minhyun had nodded. Then, holding her shoulders, he placed her down on couch and stood up.

"Let's go down for dinner," He said before turning his back on Soohyun and walking towards the door.

After processing what Minhyun had just informed her on, she stood up and rushed after him. Catching up to him, she held his hand to pull him back.

As Minhyun tilted his head back, Soohyun said, "Hey! You can not leave me hanging like this. Explain the entire thing or I will be dying due to curiosity."

Shrugging his shoulders, he removed his hand from Soohyun's grip and walked towards the direction of the door. Before he could extend his hand to open the door, she stood in front of him and spreading both of her hand in front of door, she was determined to stop him.

As resolution could be shown in her face, she raised her head to look towards Minhyun, and while creases were present between both of her eyebrows, they were furrowed.

"Don't expect to leave before you give me the answers," Soohyun vocalised as she stared at Minhyun fiercely.

Only getting this much answer from Minhyun was frustrating, and this would just ruin her concentration throughout the rest of the day. There was no way she was going to let herself suffer like this easily.

Curving his lips, he flashed Soohyun a smile, and seeing the look in his eyes, she could see how he was challenging her. Han Minhyun truly had the ability to provoke someone.

Raising his hand, he snapped his finger, and before she could properly process what was going on, she found herself being in some other room.

Turning her head around, Soohyun realised that they were at a dining room. A medium sized table, made from expensive material, was placed at the centre of the room, and maids holding dishes stood at one side of the room.

Five chairs were around the table, and the scent of the food wafted into the air. Soohyun could smell that blood was mixed with some of the food present, and instead of finding it disturbing, her mouth watered at it.

The delicious food in front of her diminished her curiosity for now, and it would be indeed better for her to enjoy the food before getting her answers after all.

Turning her head to face Minhyun, she mumbled, "Hateful."

With that, she rushed off to the table, and pulling one of the chairs, she sat down upon the food. She was excited to begin eating. 

Shaking his head, Minhyun's mouth let out a slight chuckle as he walked towards the table and sat upon the seat beside Soohyun's after dragging his chair back.

Finding Soohyun's sparkling eyes endearing at that moment, subconsciously, he found himself extending his hand towards her, and pinched on to her cheeks. 

As he had expected, they were quite chubby and soft. She had put on a considerable amount of weight compared to when he had first met her, but this is how he preferred her. In his opinion, she looked too malnourished back then.

"Aren't you dying due to curiosity anymore?" Minhyun questioned teasingly while his eyes showed amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Even if I die due to curiosity, will that matter to you?" Soohyun retorted.

"Well, no," Minhyun said before looking over the maids and nodding at them.

Understanding his indication, the maids walked over with the dishes to set them on top of the table, and that is when the door to the dining room opened.

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 258 - Aren't You Dying?

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