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Seeing Hw.a.n.g Miyeon walk into the room caused a wide smile to form on to Soohyun's face. She had grown really fond of Hw.a.n.g Miyeon, and being aware of how chatty the girl could be, dinner with her would not be boring.

Unless it was something important, Minhyun did not bother talking during dinner, and mostly, it would be just her trying to make conversations with him.

"Am I late? Sorry; Something just came up," Miyeon cheerfully said as she stepped into the room.

"We just started," Minhyun stated.

Clapping both of her hands together, Miyeon exclaimed, "That's great then!"

Walking over to the table, Miyeon took the seat opposite to Soohyun, and pulling the chair behind, she sat down on it. As the Maid set down Miyeon's dishes, she picked up her chopsticks to dig into the sesame noodles in front of her.

Holding up the noodles with the chopsticks, Miyeon vocalised, "I had an inkling that you would be bored while having dinner with Minhyun Oppa because I know how boring he can, and that's why, I decided to join in. Hopefully I am not intruding."

Shaking her head, Soohyun flashed a smile towards Miyeon and stated, "No, you did a great job by showing up here. Dinner with him back at the mansion was extremely boring, and taking one word out of his mouth was a struggle."

Placing the noodles inside her mouth, Soohyun tasted the heavenly flavour of it, and this tasted quite different from the noodles back home. Nonetheless, the taste did not disappoint.

"I was almost afraid that you would be irritated at me for barging in on you two. After all, the couple tend to have a romantic atmosphere between them while dining, and I have been called a nuisance multiple number of times, not that it bothers me anyway," Miyeon vocalised as a sour expression formed on her face for a second before it was replaced with a smile.

"Romantic atmosphere and Minhyun? Is that a joke? Trust me, dining with you is thousand times better than dining with him. The boredom I feel when I am with him ruins the taste of the food and makes my mood to eat go away," Soohyun expressed.

Letting out a dry chuckle, Minhyun commented, "That's funny because everytime you dined with me, you gobbled down everything like a monster."

Turning towards Minhyun, Soohyun shot him a glare and stated, "Can you not interfere when I am having chat with someone else? It is absolutely impolite to do so."

Leaning his face closer to Soohyun's, the corner of his lips curved to form a smile, and he said, "When was I talking to you? Aren't you misunderstanding here? I am talking to myself."

"Is that so? Well, I have heard that talking to oneself is a sign of mental illness. You should have it checked," Soohyun retorted.

"Well, we hear a lot of things regularly, but only fools choose to believe everything without researching," Minhyun stated while a smirk formed on her face.

Scoffing towards Minhyun, she tilted her head to look towards Miyeon. Minhyun was solely getting amus.e.m.e.nt from this, and therefore, it was not better for her to chat with him at this moment.

"Miyeon, let's ignore the loner," Soohyun voiced out, and that's when she noticed the odd expression on Miyeon's face. Miyeon had her eyes sparkling whilst giggles escaped her mouth.

"Both of you are so cute! Just like those relationsh.i.p.s in the drama! Carry on! I s.h.i.+p you guys so much! Ah! Don't let me interrupt you two," Miyeon said— her voice showing her enthusiasm towards this.

Lee Soohyun almost wanted to face palm at Miyeon's actions before she wore on a wide smile and voiced out, "Miyeonnie, if you want, I can create such romantic atmosphere between us as well, and considering how beautiful you are, it would seem more fantastic."

While putting on a cool pose, she winked at Miyeon, hoping that this would be distracting Miyeon's attention from the entire thing.

"You are gross," Minhyun commented, "You will be ruining my appet.i.te with your act."

Clenching her hand into a tight fist, Soohyun was contemplating on when to punch Minhyun and at what angle will it be hurting him the most. She did not get what his problem with the entire thing was.

Looking towards Minhyun, Soohyun forced out a grin on her face and voiced out, "Why, Minhyun-ah? Does it make you jealous? If so, then I can give you attention as well, but you got to learn to share."

"No," Minhyun replied, "That would stop me from eating."

"Then, I am a.s.suming that if I kiss you, you will be disappearing from you? This is making me more willing to kiss you at this moment," Soohyun voiced out.

Shaking his head, Minhyun pointed out, "That's a wrong conception you are having. If you were to kiss me, then I will be making you disappear from here. I can't bear stay at the same room as you after all."

Before Soohyun could retort, Miyeon expressed, "Aigoo! Why are you two this cute!? You guys should be on television. No, a drama should be created revolving two of you around. Ah! So cute!"

Seeing Miyeon's acting made Soohyun raise her hand, and she slapped her palm on top of the forehead. Miyeon's acting was making the entire situation worse.

"Miyeonnie, did you not come here to accompany me? If you don't entertain me with your chats, I will be really sad and even angry," Soohyun vocalised while her bottom lip protruded forward to form a pout.

"Ais.h.!.+ Unnie, why would you want to talk to me when you have Oppa to entertain you? Don't be so shy," Miyeon spoke out, "Minhyun Oppa is absolutely not boring when he is dining with you."

"Getting bullied is not something I prefer, Miyeon-ah," Soohyun said, "Maybe I will just stay silent and eat the food. It is better that way."

"Finally," Minhyun voiced out— a sigh leaving his mouth.

Something told her that this was Minhyun's intention from the beginning. 

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 259 - Accompany Me

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