Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 266 - Lie Low For Now

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A faint floral odor wafted into her nostrils, and cooling effect in the room felt comforting to her. Being seated on top of the comfortable cus.h.i.+on, Soohyun's eyes roamed around the place.

Two of them— Lee Soohyun and Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo— was brought into one of the rooms in the brothel by the ladies working at here, and in front of them was a table filled with all sorts of delicious food.

Staring at the food before her, Soohyun was contemplating on whether or not to try them. Considering how the food can have drugs mixed in them, she decided against it. 

Regardless of how delicious the food look, this was a brothel in the end, and she should try her to be on guard, especially since she was beside Kw.a.n.gsoo.

After she returned home today, she will be forcing Minhyun to teach her how to transport or else she will be taking the matter into her own hand and find a tutor herself.

At that moment, the door in front of her opened, and two ladies walked into the room. One of the was the dark red haired lady from earlier.

Their clothes baffled her for a second; It seemed that they were dressed in a school uniform. The skirt barely covered her thighs, and the s.h.i.+rt had couple of its b.u.t.ton open.

'Wow! I did not expect roleplay at here. This is great, except I don't prefer girls in that way.'

"Are you sure about that? I can see how you are ogling at them," Minnie vocalised.

'Shut up, b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Oh yeah! Do me a favour and give Minhyun the urgent message on how I am in danger. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d might make me sleep with a girl at this rate.'

Her words made a giggle escape Minnie's throat as she said, "You will be all fine. In the end, Kw.a.n.gsoo would not try to offend Minhyun. Bye."

'Yah! Yah! Minnie, you f.u.c.k.i.n.g can't disappear on me now! Ugh! I will kill you the moment I see you, Idiot!'

Nudging at Soohyun, Kw.a.n.gsoo voiced out, "They are beautiful, right?"

She nodded and stated, "They are absolutely mesmerising. Having meals with such beauties will just make the entire thing hundred times better."

Putting on an abashed expression, the red haired woman looked at the floor and vocalised, "Master, you are making me shy."

Flas.h.i.+ng her a smile, Soohyun, deepening her voice, said, "Why are you standing there? Feel free to come and sit beside me. The closer you are, the better it is."

"I cringed, Soohyun. If this side of yours is continued, I am afraid I will have to throw up," Minnie voiced out— her tone showing the disgust she felt.

'Shut up and disappear. You are not required here.'

Soohyun's words caused the red haired woman to act coquettish while she walked towards her table, and the woman took a seat beside her.

"What are you waiting for, Lily? You know that you are always free to sit beside me," Kw.a.n.gsoo vocalised.

When Soohyun's eyes scanned Lily, she realized how stunning the woman appeared, and it was difficult for her to take her eyes off of her.

At that moment, she felt a pull on her hand, and turning her head, she realized that it was the dark red haired girl. A small pout was on her face while she pressed her body tightly against Soohyun.

"Master, please give me your attention. I will be a good girl," the woman vocalised.

'That is a cool way to ask for attention.'

"What's your name, Lovely?" Soohyun voiced out, "I am sure that your name will be as beautiful as you."

"You make me blush, Master," the girl expressed, "I am Orchid."

'Lily? Orchid? It seems that they are named after flower names in English.'

"Orchid, hmm, I knew that your name will be absolutely beautiful. The next time I visit you, I will make sure to bring a bouquet of it for you," Soohyun vocalised before adding a wink at the end.

"Master, you are so good," Orchid voiced out, "If you continue this, I will be falling for you!"

"That's what I want in the first place. Having an angel fall for me would be an honour," Soohyun vocalised before turning towards the table.

Seeing that Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo was about to eat, an idea came inside her mind, and creating mischief seemed to be a pleasant idea to Soohyun.

Taking the bottle of alcoholic drink from the table, she poured the drink in her gla.s.s, and moving the bottle closer to Kw.a.n.gsoo, she pretended to pour the drink inside his gla.s.s.

That is when, she tilted the bottle slightly, causing the alcohol to pour into the dish Kw.a.n.gsoo was about to eat. Kw.a.n.gsoo's chopsticks was inside the dish, and turning his head, he looked towards Soohyun. 

A gasp left Soohyun's mouth while she immediately held the bottle in her hand straight, and she vocalised, "Omo! I am so sorry. I totally did not intend to do that. My hand just slipped, and then I mistakenly poured it. I hope you can forgive me, Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo-ssi."

'This is just the beginning, Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo. Who told you to force me here?'

Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo had a clue on how Soohyun did it purpose, and feigning a smile on his face, he vocalised, "You don't need to apologise, Brother-in-law. It is absolutely understandable; I just can get another bowl of the same dish."

"There is no need for that, Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo-ssi; you can have mine. I am completely full at this moment, and I don't think I will be able to eat more," Soohyun expressed.

Extending her hand towards the bowl, she picked up the dish and moved it towards Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo. Bringing it closer to him, she dumped the entire dish with the bowl on his legs.

Another gasp escaped her mouth, and she vocalised, "Omo! What's wrong with me today? How can I slip up twice? I am really, really, really sorry! I did not mean to do that either!"

Staring at his pants, Kw.a.n.gsoo had a difficult time maintaining his facial expression, and forcing out a smile on his face, he turned to look towards Soohyun. 

Then, he voiced out, "I understand; I totally understand you on how this is a mistake, Brother-in-law. I can just change the pants."

It did not miss Lee Soohyun's eyes on how Kw.a.n.gsoo's jaws tightened at her actions and he was trying his best to keep that frown from forming on his face.

'This serve the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, right? But sadly, this is not enough to satisfy me. Should I dump the soup on his head as well? No, I can't do that; he will be able to stop that. Since he will be on his guard now, it is better for me to lie low for now.'

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 266 - Lie Low For Now

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