Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 323 - Reduced Healing Abilities

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Staring at her face in the mirror, Soohyun found herself being satisfied. Although few of her features looked similar to Jiwoo's, no one would be able to guess that they are the same person.

A weird chemical potion made by Kw.a.n.gsoo was able to give her this temporary look, and turning her head, she stared at her who too was in a disguise.

Over this period of time, they were unable to get any information from Minhyun. All the members from the Red Clan was summoned to the Underworld, and they were under investigation.

The situation down there was a mess according to Kw.a.n.gsoo, and Soohyun was aware that using this chance, the Blue Clan will be able to create a lot of mess.

Nonetheless, their security during this time will be weakened for those from the Red Clan are all in the Underworld, and they would not expect anyone to infiltrate their base.

Han Minhyun is really smart to have construct such a plan within such a short period of time.

"I look slightly ugly, but this is all for the sake of the mission I guess," Soohyun stated as a sigh left her mouth.

"We will be going now," Kw.a.n.gsoo voiced out, "You have the basic knowledge on the drugs, right? Or else forget about making it in?"

"Of course I do," Soohyun answered.

In all honesty, she barely recalled about the contents Minhyun had taught her. However, there was Minnie in her head with whom she was still in contact with, and whenever she required for help, she could simply ask Minnie. 

In such an important mission, Soohyun was aware that Minnie would not be abandoning her. That was something she was confident about.

Just like how it happened with Soohyun initially, both of them used the spell to disguise themselves as the members of Yellow Clan for becoming those from Blue Clan was not possible for them.

Although the spell was not quite the same, it had similar effect and would not be making the Blue Clan be suspicious of them. The only downside to this was that in this state, their powers were very much limited, and they were almost as vulnerable as those from Yellow Clan.

"That's good then," he stated, "Remember that your name is Lee Soohyun, age eighteen, and as for my name, it is Lee Hyunjin, age nineteen. Don't mistakenly call yourself or me by the wrong name? Did you memorize other things in your profile and background?" he voiced out.

"Geez! I did not know that you had a naggy side to you, Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo. Your current side is making me forget about the impression you gave me when I first met you," Soohyun vocalised, "Any way, don't fret, mom. I memorized everything, and there will be no mistake. So, don't get a heart attack."

Extending his hand towards her, Kw.a.n.gsoo touched her cheeks and pinched it, causing her to let out a wince. Raising her head, she directed a glare in his direction due to the pain.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just checking the elasticity of your cheeks. It seems that you have grown to become way too much chubby these days, Jiwoo-ah. You should start eating less, Fatty," he voiced out.

Raising her leg, she stomped on top of his foot with her utmost strength and exclaimed, "Shut up, You Nagging Idiot! I am the leader now, so respect me."

"Aigoo! What a leader," he stated, "I beg of you, Leader-nim, to not get me into any trouble. That would be the greatest favour you can do for me."

"What do I do now? It seems that you begging me triggered my s.a.d.i.s.tic side, and I want to get you into trouble," she said.

"Don't worry, Leader-nim. I can fix that s.a.d.i.s.tic side of yours by getting you into trouble," he voiced out, "As long as you don't get me into trouble, I would not be doing the same for you. By now, I am pretty sure you have the idea of how much trouble I can get someone into, Leader-nim."

"You boast and talk way too much, Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo. No wonder you are single up until this point," she said, "We have work to do at this moment, and the selection will be starting within five hours. It's better for us to start heading towards the venue now."

"Yes, yes, you are right," he vocalised, "But do you know what is funny about your past? It is how you relentlessly chased after Ahn Eunwoo. There is even posts in the internet about it, and at times, when my mood is down, they cheer me up incredibly."

"Lee Kw.a.n.gsoo, do you believe me when I say that I am really close to punching you and giving you a black eye?" Soohyun asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"No, I don't believe you," he said, "Because I don't get black eye in the first place."

Wearing a smiling expression, she stated, "No, you will be getting one now since your healing abilities have been greatly reduced."

"Alright, jokes aside, what I am really curious about it how it felt to you when Eunwoo rejected you all those time. You were after all a beautiful woman, and it might have hurted your pride a lot. Why did you keep on running after him even after he had clearly left you for someone else?" Kw.a.n.gsoo voiced out as a teasing expression appeared in his eyes.

None of that was something Soohyun had ever done. Nonetheless, she felt embarra.s.sed due to all of that for she was occupying Jiwoo's body currently, and all of that would be a dark stain in her life that she desperately wanted to erase.

Stomping on Kw.a.n.gsoo's leg harshly, she turned her back on him and started to walk out of the room. It would be better for her to be mature in this situation and leave Kw.a.n.gsoo to himself. 

"Wait! Don't leave! I have more questions for you."

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 323 - Reduced Healing Abilities

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