Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 327 - Not Completely Reliable

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Stepping into the laboratory with Eunwoo brought slight amount of surprise within her. She did not expect for him to trust her to this extent. Then again, she was merely a new recruit, and it was better for him to educate her on this factors.

There was no one else inside the laboratory, and as the door behind Soohyun had closed, she looked around to take in the view of the room.

The room appeared to look like a normal research laboratory, bringing disappointment within Soohyun. She expected the entire thing to be way more cooler.

Without saying any words, he walked towards the desk, and staring at Eunwoo's back, Soohyun wondered on whether or not it would be considered disrespectful for her to speak up.

Eunwoo did not look to be that friendly with his expression, and therefore, deciding to stay quiet, she kept on watching him.

Picking up a bottle from the table, Eunwoo turned his back and began to walk towards Soohyun. Staring at the back with curiosity, she waited for him to begin speaking up.

"I have a bad feeling about this." 

She heard Minnie whisper in his mind, and anxiety could be noticed in her voice. This made Soohyun be more inquisitive. What could have been there in this bottle.

Turning the cap of the bottle, Eunwoo removed the cap, and bringing it over to Soohyun, he voiced out, "Smell it."

Although his actions appeared slightly suspicious to Soohyun, she was aware that she was in no place to question or reject his offer.

Therefore, gradually moving closer to the bottle, she did as she was told. As she sniffed the contents inside the bottle, she was. .h.i.t with a pungent smell and instantly, jumped back.

Not understanding Eunwoo's intention behind doing the entire thing, she began to cough, and her throat felt as if it was being scratched by something.

Seeing Soohyun's reaction, Eunwoo placed the bottle back on the table, and folding his arms across his chest, he said, "I knew it."

His words caught her by surprise, and in the midst of her coughs, she looked up. Raising one of her eyebrows, she waited for him to explain his words.

Eunwoo continued, "Moon Jiwoo, it is you, right? That disguise of yours is not enough for you to hide yourself from me."

As Soohyun coughed violently, she instantly put on a confused expression and vocalised, "What are you talking about?"

What she had feared about had happened. Nevertheless, there was some chances for her at this moment, and she might be able to get rid of his suspicion. She had not even begin her mission; how could she get exposed this fast?

"Only Moon Jiwoo would have such reaction to this," Eunwoo clarified, "Now, I do not know your purpose behind doing this, but I might let you go if I find your reason alright. In the end, this all depends on my mood, and Jiwoo, you did not exactly leave a good impression on me."

'F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k! This is bad.'

"I don't exactly understand you, Sir. Could it be that you have a misunderstanding? I do not know any Moon Jiwoo. I apologise," Soohyun stated, trying to make sure that her voice is not shocked or shaky.

Eunwoo scoffed and vocalised, "Are you really going to act this way, Jiwoo? I can read through your disguise like a open book. I don't even know why you are pretending any more."

Creases appeared between both of Soohyun's eyebrows while she said, "Sir, I will take my leave now since there is nothing important for me to do here. Just call me if you need my help next time, Sir, and I hope you will be able to catch that Jiwoo person."

Having said those words, Soohyun turned her back on him and was admant on walking out of the room. As long as she was able to reach her room, Kw.a.n.gsoo would be able to come up with a solution for her.

However, before she could leave, she felt someone grip her wrist, taking her by surprise, and a gasp left her mouth. 

She felt a force pull her back, and soon enough, her back was. .h.i.t against the wall. A sharp pain went through her back while she raised her head to look at Eunwoo in surprise.

Her hand was pinned to the wall above her. Soohyun's eyebrows furrowed. Regardless of how much she tried, she could not get her hand out of Eunwoo's grip, and if she ended up using her actual powers, he might get suspicious of her.

"Moon Jiwoo, did my brother send you here? What was his purpose behind doing so? Is he sending you here to spy on everything?" Eunwoo questioned.

Keeping on her confused expression, Soohyun kept on staring at him and vocalised, "I really don't get what you're trying to mean, Sir. Sir, I have never seen your brother."

"Moon Jiwoo, do you believe that I have the ability to remove that mask off of your face? After all, you know what I am, and undoing such a spell would not be a ha.s.sle for me," he said.

His words brought surprise into her, and if he truly managed to expose her, there will be no way out of it for her. Soohyun had to think of something fast.

Luckily for Soohyun, knocks were heard on the door in that moment, and her head turned towards that direction.

"Eunwoo, are you here? You are being called by your father," a voice said from outside.

"I will be coming. Give me a minute," Eunwoo vocalised.

Then, his head turned towards Soohyun, and with his other hand, he gripped on to her chin. Raising her face, he directly stared at her eyes.

"You escaped today, Jiwoo, but there will be not next time. Remember that. I will be unveiling that disguise of yours," he stated before he turned his back on Soohyun and walked towards the door.

After he had left, a sigh of relief left her mouth, and she said, "You are saved this time around. It seems that this disguise is not completely reliable, and you need to take actions quickly."

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty And Masked Beast Chapter 327 - Not Completely Reliable

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