Leanna By Miu 118 Chapter 63: Date

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In a famous pet shop north of New Haven, everyone was taking glances in the direction of the beautiful couple who were buying stuff for their cute pup.

It was typical for people in the store to see celebrities, gorgeous men, and stunning women since the shop was considered an expensive quality shop for the pets of the rich. But somehow, they couldn't tear their eyes away from the lovely couple.

The man was gorgeous beyond compare beneath his air that made anyone s.h.i.+ver and cowered in fear. The woman, although not the most beautiful, but definitely deserved a second look. Young, yet she emanated confidence far beyond her age, drawing people to her charms without them knowing.

The women all stared in jealousy and envy at the girl who made the ice-cold man smile, and the men all wanted to pat and dote on the pretty young girl just to see her smile.


I was not oblivious to all the gossips, and secret glances thrown at us. Although Cain was well known, not many know his face. He was in many newspapers and magazines, but most didn't have his pictures.

I inwardly sighed in relief that Cain was a low key and private person like me.

It was Sat.u.r.day, and we were currently buying little Pluffy's stuff as Cain promised.

"Which do you think is better? This one or this one?" I asked him while holding the different dog food in each hand.

"What do you think?" Cain asked back.

"I think this milk coated one is better."

"Why do you think that?"

"Everyone loves milk."
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He stifled a laugh as he picked the milk flavored dog food and placed it inside the shopping cart.

After the dog food, we went into the snacks section. The deferent flavors, shapes, and sizes of snacks made me nauseous.

Sensing my dilemma, Cain suggested, "Let's buy all of it."

"No," I said straight away, "what if little Pluffy won't like it?"

I stared at the snacks with a hand on my chin and snapped my fingers after an idea dinged in my mind.

"I got it!"

I carried little Pluffy in my arms and brought his nose near the snacks, one at a time.

It worked like magic!

After the little furball sniffed, he would either lick or turn his head away.

Cain's lips quivered, fighting a laugh. He didn't say anything as he grabbed all the snacks that little Pluffy licked and shoved it all inside the cart.

As soon as we've got everything on my list, we went to the last stop, which was the bed section. Little Pluffy made its way on a simple large blue-grey memory foam and snuggled his self in its comforts while his large moist eyes stared at us like he was begging for us to buy it.

Cain and I stared at each other and chuckled.

Leanna By Miu 118 Chapter 63: Date

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