Leanna By Miu 133 Chapter 6: Implication

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"Do you like Leanna?"

Rowan almost spat out his juice from Holley's remark.

He was called by Holley in secret to meet at one of the Goldwood's restaurants near their University during lunchtime. He thought his time had finally come, and Holley would confess to him. Never would he guess that it was all because of Leanna.

Although he was not crazily in love with Holley like his friend, Nixon, of course, every man loves to be confessed at by girls. Much less a girl of outstanding beauty like Holley Goldwood.

"Uhmm . . ." Rowan rubbed the back of his head. "I don't exactly dislike her. For one thing, though, that bod sure is a knockout!"

Holley grinned. "Then why don't you court her?"

Rowan gulped his gla.s.s of juice. He sensed that something was up. His tingling instinct was warning him not to be caught in the drama.

"Well . . . , you know I don't do courts.h.i.+ps. It's usually the woman who chases me." He could only make this excuse, which was true.

He never wanted a girlfriend for it was a hindrance getting laid. To him, women were just for s.e.x. A reliever for his itch. Nothing more.

Holley tucked her hair behind her ears and licked her lips while looking at Rowan with a coquettish face.
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Rowan felt himself drooling at the peerless beauty in front of him. Being hypnotized, unable to retract his gaze.

"I heard you wanted that new edition of Benz," Holley said, voice low and slow. "How about this, if you court Leanna, I'll ask my mother to buy it for you."

Rowan snapped out from his trance at the mention of Benz, and his lips kicked in a coy smile.

"Holley, what is it that you really want. I a.s.sume it's not just me courting Leanna, right?"

Rowan was not about to let Holley use him. Sleeping with countless women, he knew how they think. How vicious and ugly they were when jealous and threatened by other girls.

Holley's eyes glint with danger, which made Rowan's hair stood on end.

"I want you to get closer to her and create moments that will let everyone think there is something between you and her. Even if Leanna doesn't want it, but others will think that you're a couple. And once we frame her, she will not be able to overturn these facts and can only follow you. After all, the most important thing to a woman is her reputation."

Rowan stared at Holley with wide eyes and gaping mouth.

So it turned out why Holley chosen him explicitly was because of his notorious reputation. With his proud reputation as a manwh.o.r.e, women who a.s.sociated themselves with him were those who he slept with or those who wanted to sleep with him.

"Rowan, you don't have to think about it. You won't do anything. Just stick by Leanna's side, and after that, we will do the rest. Not only you will be compensated with a brand new car, but if it works out well, you can even have her."

Rowan was about to refuse, but what Holley said made sense. Not only would he have the car, but also the girl. All he had to do was stick to Leanna and let his reputation do the rest.

Thinking about Leanna's voluptuous body underneath him and her cries of pleasures made his blood pumped in excitement.

"Alright . . . ," he whispered, still in his l.u.s.tful trance. Didn't notice Holley's wicked smile.

Leanna By Miu 133 Chapter 6: Implication

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