Leanna By Miu 30 Chapter 25: Coaxing

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Clyde and Fin were stunned for a moment. They exchanged glances while Cain continued to focused his attention on me, his eyes roamed all over my face as if studying it.

h.e.l.lo! Can you not look at me with those eyes?! Can't you see that I'm uncomfortable with you staring at me?!

It was silent for a moment. The three men glanced over at Cain, seemingly asking for a signal.

Cain stared at me some more. Then with an icy tone said, "how did you know that we needed you for something?"

He was direct and straight to the point. Although I liked it that way – still, my heart couldn't help but twinge at his frankness.

The man really is a block of never-melting ice. He just slapped on my face that the only reason I was here was because they needed me for something.

Really, so arrogant!

I took a deep breath, and with a calm expression, answered.

"Because of you guys," I said nonchalantly, still not looking at Cain and just focused on the other three.

Fin gave me a confused look, "because of… us?" He exchanged glances with Clyde.

I s.h.i.+fted my eyes to Zhane who was leisurely sipping his tea like he was just a stranger there, accidentally sitting at our table.

"Zhane knows me well. He knew that I don't like meeting new faces, especially men. For him to set me up like this, something must be up."

Clyde and Fin were stunned for a while. Their eyes, surprised and bewildered. Their expression, confused.

I knew what they were thinking. A sixteen years old teenage girl should be elated and excited meeting boys, especially good-looking men. But unfortunately for them, I had already lived more than seventy years in my past life, and I was not short in meeting gorgeous men –

– Alright! I'll admit that they're better-looking than those men.

"It seems like you're not just all pretty face," Cain said calmly, still locking his eyes on mine. His lips slightly raised, seemingly smiling but not quite a smile.

I felt myself blush.

Really! Does this man not know that his smile can make any woman's underwear fall on the ground?! And stop staring at me, my maiden's heart can't take it! Alright?!

Annoyed and angry by how many times that this man had rattled me, I glared and kicked Zhane's leg, venting my anger on him (since I can't do anything against Cain since I'm afraid of him).

"Honestly, I can just walk out from this restaurant," I threateningly said.

Zhane hurriedly put down his teacup and looked at me in panic.

"Princess! Don't be like that! Please give me some face and hear what we're going to say," he said anxiously, his eyes pleading.

"I've already given you face by not storming out when I noticed that you set me up," I rebuked.

Truthfully, I did try to storm out, but I wouldn't be admitting that anytime soon.

I'm going to teach you not to mess with me in the future.

I pretended to stare at my teacup angrily. Zhane reached out and gently tugged my sleeve like a child.

"Princess! I was wrong! Please don't be angry!"

I sensed him panicking when he saw my angry face. I almost wanted to laugh.

Seeing that I ignored him, his voice became horse and distress, like he was about to cry.

"Princess! I'm sorry! Please look at me. Don't be angry anymore!"

With a serious and aggrieved tone, "I seem to like that latest collection of Alexander McQueen clutch bag."

"I'll buy it for you!"

"You know, the food in New York is delicious--"

"I'll pay for your food all week!"

"Do you know about that pink diamond earrings at Bijoux Jewelry store, it's quite rare and precious--"

"I'll go get it for you!"

Finally, I looked at him and smiled sweetly, "it's a promise then."

Zhane blinked at me, "so.... are we... good?"

"We're good," I said casually and sipped my tea.

Leanna By Miu 30 Chapter 25: Coaxing

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