Leanna By Miu 59 Chapter 4: Revelation

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A lone candle was burning intensely inside a dark room. The used of textures and colors were so wild and intense, making the whole canvas burned from its illusions.


I wonder who he is.

I admire the painting some more before I decided to go back to our table.

I sat down and noticed that Zhander and Knoll weren't there. I wandered my eyes and finally found them near the bar counter. I was about to join them when a bottle of liquor blocked my way.

"This is this club's popular drink. It's quite expensive. You should try it." Saoirse smiled sweetly at me.

Why do you say that it's expensive rather than tasty?

I glanced at the bottle. The color was somewhat dark, and little bubbles were forming at the bottom towards the top.

It's drugged!

I was going to pretend to take it, and 'accidentally' spill it on her, but unfortunately for me, someone beat me to it and the contents spilled on my dress instead.

"Oh my G.o.d! I'm so sorry!! Let's go to the toilet! Quick~!" Said a charming, beautiful young lady.

Before I could even react, I was dragged into the toilet.


"Do you know that Cain Fay is single now?!"

I froze.

I'm currently inside the female toilet together with that charming young girl, trying to washed off the liquor on my dress, hoping it won't stain, when two women entered and started to discussed about Cain Fay.

"Yes! I can't believe it either! Holley and Cain are like, THE couple that everyone envied!"

"I know right!! But that's like, a major opportunity for us!! Cain Fay is single and available again!!"

"Right! I heard that many socialites are inviting him to their parties! Ahhh!! I wish I could bed him just once!"

"Ahahaha! In your dreams! Don't you know who Cain Fay is?! It's easier to invite our president than the man himself! I heard he practically turned down every invitation! He's determined to be low key, but with a face like that----!"

I could still hear the high screeching voices of the two women even when they were already meters away from the toilet, leaving the charming young lady and me alone.

"What do you think?"

I was surprised by the sudden question and glanced at the charming girl beside me.

"What do you mean?"

The charming girl smiled.

"About Cain Fay breaking off his engagement? It's hot topic right now you know!"

I frowned and resumed to wash my soiled dress.

"It doesn't concern me."

The charming girl just licked her lips. Her emerald eyes sparkled like stars making her look cute and adorable.

"I think he found someone that he likes that's why he broke off his engagement."

My brows furrowed even deeper.

"Well, I think after having his fill with his fiancée, he tosses her aside to find someone new and exciting." I sarcastically barked with spite.

The charming girl just chuckled.

"Maybe, but I heard he's as.e.xual. Don't you know that he and Holley never go out that much? If the news didn't disclose the information that they were engaged, you would think otherwise."

I paused.

Why is this girl talking about Cain Fay with me?

The charming girl continued.

"There's also a rumor that Cain Fay already broke his engagement the day before yesterday and just announced it today."

The day before yesterday? That's the day we first met!

The adorable girl chortled, "but it has nothing to do with us, right?" She eyed me knowingly before licking her lips.

"Take your time, I'll be waiting for you outside." She beamed and gave me a teasing one last glanced before she left me alone with my thoughts.

He already broke off his engagement even before he confessed to me?

----"He broke off his engagement maybe because he finally met you, the woman who made him fell in love for the first time."----

There's nothing between him and Holley Goldwood?

----"You should know that sometimes, engagement is just a form of business transaction."----

I unknowingly touched my lips when it formed a smile.

I vigorously shook my head.

No! No! No! Those are just rumors!

I looked at myself in the mirror.

Remember your EX! Remember what he did! Remember Tristan!



"But... He's not Tristan...," I whispered.

Unable to control myself anymore, I grabbed a change in my pocket and went for the payphone beside the sanitary vending machine and dialed Zhane's number.

Leanna By Miu 59 Chapter 4: Revelation

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