Leanna By Miu 96 Chapter 41: Emery Jansen

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It was still half an hour before seven in the morning when we arrived in front of Artem towering gates. I unbuckled my seatbelt and kissed Cain on the cheek and motioned for the car door.

"Leanna . . ."

I stopped and turned to look at him.

"I'll have someone drive you home after your cla.s.s," he said.

"No need, it's only thirty minutes' walk from here."

Cain just stared at me with his frosty eyes, not refuting my words.

I smiled and pecked his lips, but before I pulled away, his hand gripped the back of my head and slid his tongue inside my mouth.


I didn't struggle. Instead, I returned his intense kiss with the same vigor. After minutes of kissing and nibbling each other's lips, our panting breathes blurred our face.

I playfully bit his chin before making my way out of his car, walking straight towards the gates. I then turned and waved at him goodbye and entered the University.


The wide paved pathway going to the school proper was like a fantasy that came out from a movie –– tall, towering trees on both sides of the trail. Leaves were falling and swaying along with the gentle summer breeze.

Some students were riding their bike, but most were in their luxurious and expensive car, making their way towards the reserved parking spot that cost you a house for a year of reservation.


I whirled to where the voice came from and saw Zoe zooming towards me. I shot her a smile, not a bit of guilt of what I did to his fiancé.

"So you're also attending here?" I said when she reached me.

Zoe caught her breath before returning my smile. "Yeah, I'm a first-year majoring in the arts. How about you?"

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Zoe was surprised for a moment and puffed a laugh. "I guess I kind of expected that. You're not the lady type to do music or ballet."

I shrugged.

"Let's go together," she suggested, and I nodded.

If she's still friendly to me? Does it mean that she didn't know what I did to his fiancé? Did they keep it a secret?

"You know . . ." Zoe opened her mouth and closed it, shaking her head. "Never mind."

I raised an eyebrow but didn't push her.

"Wow! Look at that sweet vintage car."

"That's the latest limited edition Benz. I heard they only made four of it."

"Who could possibly be riding that beauty?"

Zoe and my attention flicked at the car, eyes curious.

The car stopped in front of the entrance of the large hall. Its door opened and came out a stunning beauty. Her long white-blonde hair was swaying with the breeze. Her big watery blue eyes complemented by a pair of thick long lashes appeared so innocent, yet have that unyielding ferocity.

She was glowing under the morning light. She was like a G.o.ddess that the world stopped the moment she stepped foot on the ground.

Everyone froze as they held their breaths, savoring the beauty in front of them.

The young woman's grace and n.o.ble elegance was forged from birth and became so natural on her. As expected of the pampered Princess. The precious diamond in everyone's hand.

Emery Jansen

Leanna By Miu 96 Chapter 41: Emery Jansen

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