I'm The King Of Technology 205 The Aftermath

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It was a brand new day.

As the Dawn sent s.h.i.+mmering rays of light throughout Reginal city, the musical songs of the animals resounded energetically.

'Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!'


The birds and the roosters sang in unison.

Everywhere hfelt wet as the dew danced beautifully on the fields and.

Spring time was truly nature's most beautiful season.

The busy citizens were already up and ready to walk.

"Good morning Swanson"

"Morning Ferguson"

"Off to trade your goods with the other villages nearby?"

"Yup!!..... The earlier I get there, the more customers I'll have."


Local merchant Swanson and some of the other local traders, were currently heading out of the city to trade with the towns and villages nearby.

But when they got outside the city gate, they immediately became confused.

Why were there people crowding outside the city gate and blocking the road?

Presently, there were guards and other citizens surrounding the other side of the roads.

One could say that Reginal City was on the left side of the wide road... while the crowd was facing the right side that was facing the forest region.

Merchant Swanson quickly told his a.s.sistant to take care of his wagon, while he took a look.

Coming closer, he was immediately taken aback by the long 3 meter wide hole in front of him.

The hole was so deep that some of the trees had been completely buried underground by it.

Swanson looked at the hole that spanned from the road into the forest region in fright.

It was as if some powerful being had used his 3 meter wide finger into the ground, and dragged that same finger into the forest.

Were the ancestors angry at something?

Just yesterday, the trees within this area were standing tall and proud... so what exactly happened?

In truth, when Landon and his men had left the city at 3:30 A.M last night.... he had bought explosives from the system, and had also paid the system set the whole thing up.

And when he and his men were a little distance away from Reginal city, Landon blowed the underground cave up.

And since he didn't want to accidentally kill the innocent people in the city from destroying this camp.... destroying the cave from the right end of the road to entrance C in the forest, was the only alternative.

Actually, an hour before Swanson got up... he had heard some sort of loud noise coming from afar, but he didn't really think anything of it.

But looking at the hole that seemed to be as deep as a 3 story building, he couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver a little.

What if the path that the heavens had chosen to destroy was directly under his house.

Wouldn't he have died without even knowing it?

He somehow felt that his ancestors had only done this to issue out a warning to Reginal city.

He secretly swore in his heart that he would pray more, so as to let the heavens pity him.

As he thought about how to offer more gifts and prayers to the heavens, those around him made way immediately.

The city lord had arrived.

Looking at the scene, the city lord immediately knew what he should do.

One had to know that he had been bribed by Nopline to keep this camp a secret. 

But now that this camp was destroyed and such a rare phenomenon had occurred, he knew that he must report this matter to the queen no matter what.

Of course he was only going to report the fact that the ground had collapsed, and not the fact that Nopline was involved.

If he didn't report it and the queen heard about the sinking land from other people, she would for sure see him as an untrustworthy person.

All the evidence had been destroyed underground, so who could prove that there was an underground camp here?

Plus, no one would dare search Nopline's Barn or restaurant... so he was good for now.

And because of this, he was sure that the n.o.bles would definitely have their eyes on him for the time being.

So it was impossible for them to reconstruct the camp anytime soon.

They had previously used several slaves to build this camp in a span of 3 years.

At that time, they only used a few slaves, so as not to raise suspicion.... and of course once the camp was constructed, they killed the slaves so as to seal off the information from leaking.

As for Nopline, he had decided to send him a letter explaining the entire situation.... as well as all his findings within this time.

His men had also said that not far away from here, there was another sinking land incident as well.

He had immediately guessed that it was the other tunnel that led into the city.

But when he wanted to take a look at the other sinking land, one of his knight Captain's came over and whispered something into his ears and his eyes lit up instantly.

Good!... he had just gotten his first clue.

Very quickly, he got on his n.o.ble steed and hurriedly took off towards the direction of the Barn at entrance A.


Once he arrived, he could still smell the foul stench blood and corpses lingering around the air.

His dead men were lying in and around the perimeter of the Barn.

Insects were crawling on their pale whitish faces, as well as their mouths.

Looking at his men lying cold on the ground, his quickly flared up.

From the report he received, none of the men guarding any of the entrances had survived the night.

Dammit!!....He had lost close to 1,000 men!

For heaven's sake, that was 18% of his forces.


Who the h.e.l.l did this?

Did they know how hard it was to train and secure men under the watchful eyes of the royals?

He truly felt like crying?

What did he do to that rogue villain to deserve such a punishment?

And not only that... the b.a.s.t.a.r.d still had the nerve to take away 40% of his income by destroying the camp.

One had to know that as one of Nopline's right hand men, he had been getting bags of money daily.

Whatever was made by the end of the month, he would s.h.i.+p 80% out to Nopline, and keep 20% for himself.

From there he would use 5% to pay all his guards and use the rest for his luxurious lifestyle.

With his monetary flow cut by 40%, how could he not be p.i.s.sed off?

They began to wonder who the real culprit was.

'Was it queen Penelope?

Did she already know about my deeds?....

No... it couldn't be her!!

She wouldn't dare to go against Nopline if she knew about this scheme, he thought.

Judging from the length and depth at which the land sank, he knew that this enemy was filthy rich.

The only thing that could cause such a sink was Snow Powder.... and it was already freaking expensive.

To destroy all these tunnels at once, that meant that his enemy had come to the city with about 15000 knights.... and had positioned them on ground level, on top of the underground camps.

From there, the enemy probably ordered his men to shoot over 15000 powder filled tubes on arrows at once.

And judging from the size of the holes, he was also sure that these men had s.h.i.+t these tubes for close to an hour before it could collapse.

They probably shot 15,000 the first time, followed by another 15,000 and so on.

This enemy had truly been prepared.

But who the h.e.l.l was the culprit?

"City lord Morroc, it's here!"

I'm The King Of Technology 205 The Aftermath

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