I'm the King Of Technology Chapter 882 - A Fight To The Death!

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Chapter 882 - A Fight To The Death!

10 whole minutes had gone by since the n.o.bles, and those who took Julius' body had left the building.

Additionally, the princes all sent their mothers away, alongside their sisters... Well, except Eldora, who refused to go anywhere.

Many might think that the ladies were sent back to their courtyards in the palace, but that wasn't the case.

Their sons had secretly made plans for them to leave the palace until they got positive results.

The Princes and Eldora sat in absolute silence for an additional 22 more minutes.

And finally, when Winston estimated that his mother was at least 1/3 way out of the palace, he smiled cruelly at Ulrich.

It was time to take the crown!

One should know that before coming to see Julius, they had quickly informed their men to get those in the City here first before those outside come in later.

And they used over 20 minutes on carriage to get to their father, and it took another 20-something minutes for the guy to die.

Even at that, they spent over 1 hour and 10 minutes crying, giving enough mourning time just in case all of those were a hoax, before discreetly checking his pulse.

As tradition, all the officials had to kiss the king's hand.

So it took a while.

Not to talk of the additional few minutes used by Ulrich to display his disgusting show of power by commanding people here and there.

So by the end of it all, they had used about 2 hours for the entire thing.

And now, they had been staring at each other for an additional 32 minutes.

It was now 11:42 A.M.

His men should already be close to this building.

Of course, he always moved around with 400 guards that could hold off while they wait for the other thousands making their way to this building.

And in several more hours, those outside the city should also be here as well.

Today was going to be b.l.o.o.d.y.

But Winston wasn't the only one secretly calculating things as well.

Everyone smiled cruelly.


Ulrich leaned back in the chair that Julius previously sat on and grinned broadly.


Why is everyone so quiet?

You all said you had something to say to me.

So why have you been quiet for so long?"


Duke Bulkington slammed his thighs in anger.

"Nephew, enough c.r.a.p!

You know that you are too young to sit on the throne.

You have no experience or understanding of what it takes to run an empire.

So it's only reasonable that you hand it over to me, your eldest uncle, to hold the position for a while until you've fully grasped everything that needs to be done."

Duke Osias' face borrowed in rage.

"Nephew, I agree with what my brother says.

But you should pa.s.s it to me instead because unlike my brother, I have more achievements in the empire.

So I'll be able to properly hold the position while waiting for you to grow up."

Winston was seething in rage while listening to these old geezers.

They were just 2 and 5 years apart from Julius, so technically, weren't they old as well.

To him, anyone above the age of 32 was old.

After all, the coming of age was at 14, when a boy became a man.

So 32 to him was pretty old and wasn't eligible to take over the crown.

So what were these 2 old fogies talking about?


"Uncles, can you both shut it?

Even if my brother wants to give any of you the crown, I, Winston, won't allow it!

Why should it be given to men who are half a step to their graves?"

"What it, Nephew!

Are you cursing us to die?

We are your uncles; show some respect!"


Call it whatever you want.

All I know is that you're too old to be here with us."

"That's right, uncles.

We don't need you here."

"I second that."

"I agree as well!"

Jeffrey, Bonivier, and Eldora couldn't stand their shamelessness anymore.

This was a right between them and not between these old geezers, alright?

"You unfilial ingrate!'

Both Bulkington and Osias were insanely angry now.

Ulrich got a signal from his men, sneered and stood up from his seat majestically.

"Uncle, brothers, sister...

I know you want my crown.

But why should I give it to you?

Previously, I decided to send you all to a deserted island to live the rest of your lives there peacefully, hoping that maybe one day, you would grow some sense in those heads of yours.

But now that you're all full of evil intentions, then don't blame me for taking action against you."



Instantly, the door to the left of Ulrich's back burst open, and in came several knights that entered through the door commonly used by maids, butlers and kitchen workers.

Din Din Din Din Din!

Their heavy footsteps could make one feel intimidated, not to talk of their sheer number as well.

They stood behind Ulrich confidently while gazing at those opposing him sternly.

But where Winston and the rest intimidated?

Not a chance!

Their men were also here, so why worry?

"Brother, it's funny you say this because I was thinking the same thing as well.

But rather than a deserted island, my thoughts were more on the line of sending you to another continent as a slave."

"Oh my...

My thoughts were on giving you to the pirates as a male harlot."


Our family sure is loving.

But enough small talk.

The throne is mine!"


All doors opened, and several other men wearing different war garments came in through the gigantic double-sided front door for the size of 2 gates.

Everyone came in and stood behind their masters.

Ulrich calmly looked at the scene unfazed.

Of course, he had predicted their every move.

So it stands to show that only he would come out on top.

And no one, not even the heavens, could change the outcome of today's preparations.

This building will be the burial site for his so-called family members.


Eldora's men formed a s.h.i.+eld around her while giving her a bow and arrow.

She had been practicing for this day for a long time now.

Meanwhile, Winston, Joffrey, Bonivier and the dukes unsheathed their swords coldly.

It was a fight to the death!

I'm the King Of Technology Chapter 882 - A Fight To The Death!

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