I Reincarnated As A Stick Chapter 122: Genesis Seed

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Aurus was at a loss for words. He truly could not believe nor fathom how easily his Soul Power had increased. Sure, he did obtain a new skill from having insanely high Soul Power. Not only that, with insanely high Soul Power, he had an easier time recalling and deducing certain things than before.

But what Aurus was worried about was that...this would basically make him visible to the strong Animates!

"Ah, f.u.c.k," Aurus could not help but curse out. "Why the f.u.c.k did I go overboard with this Soul Power thing? How did I even get to the conclusion that a Soul Power of 100 would guarantee me fully clearing the third trial? It could be 30 for all I care!"

If he knew that an external ent.i.ty affected his thinking in terms of the conditions to fully clear the third trial, he would definitely be furious and bear a grudge until one of them dies.

Gradually, this anger died down as he vented out all of his anger, letting out a soft sigh in the end. "There's no point complaining over what has been done. I'll just grab a soul suppressing or soul masking skill from the inheritance I own or from the Alliance Market. If they have a lot of those skills, that would definitely be great."

"For now, it's time to focus on the Genesis Tree." As he muttered the words 'Genesis Tree', a glint could be seen in Aurus' nonexistent eyes. He had finally obtained a large amount of Genesis Points, giving him the chance to finally take a step in the Genesis Tree.

"Open the Genesis Tree," Aurus commanded the system.


Not long after, the system responded with a holographic screen appearing in front of his field of vision. But what it contained was not what he expected.

'Genesis Seed/Tree System DLC [0/1]'

"Eh?" Aurus was left speechless after seeing that the Genesis Tree he was very familiar with was actually an additional part of the system locked behind a paywall...just like other parts of the system.

"I remember the Genesis Tree very well, but there's the word 'Seed' beside it," Aurus muttered to himself as gears turned in his mind, creating a possible hypothesis as to what he saw. "Does that mean I have to nurture a Genesis Seed first before it becomes a Genesis Tree?"

Aurus had a feeling that this was going to use up a lot of his Genesis Points. Nonetheless, it was something he had been yearning for all this time, so he commanded the system, "Buy the Genesis Seed DLC. Give me a prompt before truly buying though."


And as requested, a prompt screen appeared in front of his field of vision, asking the question, 'The Genesis Seed DLC costs 50 Genesis Points to unlock. Would the user like to unlock the DLC?'

Seeing that it only costed 50 Genesis Points, Aurus hastily calculated the remaining Genesis Points, which came to an amount that neared 200 points. With that in mind, he did not hesitate to buy the Genesis Seed DLC.


'50 Genesis Points have been deducted.'

'The Genesis Seed DLC has been bought.'

'The [Genesis Seed System] has been opened to the user.'

Skimming through the notification log, Aurus looked for the words where the transaction was successful, finding it not long after. After seeing it with his own eyes, Aurus then opened the Genesis Seed System without hesitation.



[Genesis Seed System]

Genesis Points: 197

[Aurus' Genesis Seed]

Type: Neutral

Grade: Inferior

Maturity Level: 0/100


In an instant, two screens were opened in front of Aurus' field of vision. On one of the screens, the information regarding his Genesis Seed could be seen. He skimmed through it and felt that the system was quite new to him, just like the Soul Enchantment System. He did have a feeling that with his high Soul Power, he would definitely get the hang of this system in no time.

On the other screen, it explained the parts of the newly obtained system to him.

'As the new user of the [Genesis Seed System], you shall be given an overview of the system.'

'The user shall always take three things into consideration: type, grade, and maturity level. These three things shall become a huge factor as to how the Genesis Tree shall become, and how useful it will become to the user.'

'The type of the Genesis Seed pertains to the element it is inclined towards. It could be one of the basic elements, a rare element, or it could even be a combination of multiple elements. It is recommended that the user picks a Genesis Seed type that has high affinity with the user.'

'As for the grade, this is the quality of the Genesis Seed. The greater the quality, the more st.u.r.dy and more complex the Genesis Tree will become. There are 10 grades to a Genesis Seed, with Inferior being the lowest, and Primordial being the highest.'

'Lastly, the maturity level of the Genesis Seed. In actuality, the Genesis Seed can instantly sprout into a Genesis Tree without any maturity level, but it would only give out an extremely small Genesis Tree. Not only that, one would have to invest more things into the small tree to evolve it to a greater level. It is highly recommended to increase the seed's maturity level in order to form an extremely complicated and great Genesis Tree that could help the user.'

'The first steps recommended for the user is to first pick a type for the Genesis Seed, then raise the seed's grade by a few levels, then increase the seed's maturity level. The user does not have to worry about the seed regressing, as the Existence Evolution System can sustain the existence of the Genesis Seed without a problem.'

After finis.h.i.+ng through the whole overview, Aurus now had an idea as to how he was going to nurture his Genesis Seed. Of course, he would increase the seed's grade and maturity level to its maximum, but one thing was still bothering him.

"What type of seed do I want to create?"

To Aurus, he could focus on three types. He could focus on a Wind type seed as it would resonate very well with his species, as well as his skills. It would possibly give him enhanced movement speed as well.

He could also focus on an Energy type seed as he was a mage that relied on SP. If he had an Energy type seed, he could possibly have a larger energy pool, as well as the ability to cast multiple spells at the same time and even fuse them as one.

Lastly, he could focus on a s.p.a.ce type seed. Now, at first glance, it was weird for Aurus to focus on a s.p.a.ce type seed. But with a s.p.a.ce type seed, he could possibly increase his movement and attack speed by multiple degrees, as well as gain the ability to teleport, and even seal s.p.a.ce. He did not know if it was possible though.

"What should I pick...should I just pick one? Or should I combine two? Maybe I'll combine all three of them at once?" Aurus was at a crossroads on what to do. He had a feeling that if he did combine all three at once, it would eat up a lot of Genesis Points, more than what he had currently at hand.

In the end, Aurus could only sigh and put the matter at the back of his head. "I'll just focus on the grade and maturity level for now. The type can come later."

And with that, Aurus started investing his Genesis Points as time ticked away before the start of the third trial.

Within the Seraph Kingdom, there existed a manor where a being of great authority lived. He was known as a man that could dictate life or death. A man who could dictate the future stability of the kingdom. A man who could change the fortune of a person in an instant. He was also the person who gave an inheritance to an Inanimate without any other person knowing.

This person was none other than Kevin, Great Sage Kevin.

He currently sat down on his chair, sipping a bit of tea from his cup every once in a while, taking in every bit of information from his surroundings. While doing so, Kevin felt a great tugging feeling in his mind all of a sudden, surprising him to the point he stood up from his chair.

"How the..." Kevin could not believe it. The Inanimate he chose to control over the inheritance he made in the Tempest Cliff actually experienced such a leap in terms of soul strength?

"This strength is already enough to rival those Animates at Rank 3 or even higher..." After accurately calculating Aurus' soul strength, a serious expression crept up on his face. "I've already warned him that he was going to be in danger in the future, but this is definitely going to hasten his untimely transformation into a weapon."

Of course, Kevin was not foreign to the idea of using Inanimates with strong souls as catalysts. He did not know why, but he had a feeling that the Inanimate he chose would eventually go on and do things.

After sorting out the things in his mind, he let out a sigh and sat down one more time, sipping on his tea.

"I'll help him for now and suppress his soul power from other ent.i.ties. I'll also talk to him later about the clone thing. I wonder if he made one already."

"I hope he hasn't been caught yet."

I Reincarnated As A Stick Chapter 122: Genesis Seed

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