Petite Mother Of Four Big Shots Chapter 7 Part1

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Chapter 7:  You're right, Sanbao (1)

Gu Yuanyuan was currently looking at the clothes in the store when she heard Lin Shaosi's words. Towards this pompous action of his, she was quite stunned. She quickly shook her hands as she wanted to reject this extravagance. "There's no need for so much."

Just like her, even the shop personnel slightly hesitated before she asked Lin Shaosi with uncertainty, "…All sir?" 

Although the store was not a franchise from one of the top brand-name shops, its interiors and the decorations were still exquisite. Also, all the clothes inside were not cheap at all. Moreover, the store would always display a new batch of items and products every first two days of the week. But it was just only dozens of them.

Lin Shaosi pulled down his a little bit and looked straight directly at the staff's wavering eyes. Then, he deviously asked, "Why? Are you afraid that I won't pay for it?"

Worried that he might get recognized by the staff, he hurriedly pushed back the on his eyes, leaving the poor staff to fully comprehend what he just said.

"Sir, you misunderstood." The staff quickly shook off her head to show that he didn't mean her earlier words. And she immediately asked her companion to take out all clothes in the store as per their costumer's request.

Gu Yuanyuan was about to speak up and interject into their conversation. But unfortunately, even before she could utter a word, Lin Shaosi turned his head at her and arrogantly said, "Don't talk."

"…" Gu Yuanyuan, apparently, did what she was told to so.

She quietly turned her gaze to Gu Yizhou, who was still at the doorway, to ask for some help. But to her dismay, the latter only turned his head away.

As the staff pushed over a row of clothes, Lin Shaosi glanced at it and carefully checking it one by one. He stretched out his long and slender finger, pointing at several pieces of clothes while saying, "This, this, and this… Take it all away. As for the rest, you go and try it."

Gu Yuanyuan: "?!!"

"…" The staff turned speechless.

Meanwhile, this pointing hand of his drew the attention of the other customers of the store. And a woman's eyes immediately sparkled as she saw the scene just now. Feeling rather excited, she hysterically pulled the clothes of the man beside her, slightly ripping it in the process, while saying, "Look! A real domineering President Fan. Oh, he was so cool."

(e/n: Guys, it's not a typo. This line here >> 霸道总裁范 >> really says 'Domineering President Fan'. Apparently, I don't know who he is, so I researched about him. Based on the research, 'Domineering President Fan' was a famous personality in a novel or a drama, I think (not sure >.<). he="" was="" famous="" for="" being="" so="" overbearing,="" so="" domineering,="" and="" for="" being="" a="" very="" meticulous="" person.="" well…="" just="" as="" his="" name="" describes.="" xd="">

The man: "…"

Feeling very envious inside, the woman sullenly uttered, "As it turns out, not all the things that were shown in Television were all lies."

The man angrily pulled the woman away as he was also feeling the jealousy after looking at the scene.

(e/n: The exact words in this line were >> 得成柠檬精 >> which literally translates: 'lemon essence', which also means envy or jealousy. It was similar to the idiom; 'eating vinegar' )

Gu Yuanyuan chose to go inside the fitting room, and then the staff quickly followed in to help her wear them. Maybe because she already had experienced the feeling of being served, Gu Yuanyuan felt nothing unusual towards the staff's intention to help her and she was even open to it.

As she started to get change, the staff couldn't help but linger her eyes on Gu Yuanyuan's fair, smooth, tender, and delicate skin. Then the staff looked at herself and slightly compared. She couldn't even feel the jealousy because of it as she was only feeling the envy inside of her. 

If she was a man, and had gotten such a beautiful girlfriend like Gu Yuanyuan, she would really spoil her to death like what the man did earlier.

While still looking at her, the staff couldn't help but comment, "Miss, your boyfriend surely loves you very much."

Towards the staff's opinion, Gu Yuanyuan simply shook her head in response.

The staff was kind of confused. "???"

"He's not my boyfriend." Gu Yuanyuan gently smiled at the staff as she corrected her wrong impression.

The staff's gaze instantly turned weird after she heard Gu Yuanyuan's words. Also, the girl in front was very beautiful. Wasn't it just like people outside the fitting room, who also have that kind of relations.h.i.+p, they were so wrapped up in that kind of straightforward manner, just like what the man did earlier for her? 

Then the next second, the staff heard the girl say, "He is my son."

The staff was stunned. "…"

"…?!!" She was dumfounded.

Do all couples nowadays play this kind of talk?!!

Perhaps because the staff was too stunned, as she was adjusting the sleeves of Gu Yuanyuan's clothes, she accidentally touched the place where she temporarily stuck the needle on her back, making Gu Yuanyuan winced from the sudden pain.

Realizing the mistakes in her action, the staff immediately apologized, "Sorry. Sorry. I'm truly sorry." She hurriedly reorganized her thoughts and prevented herself from thinking anything more.

Like what Gu Yuanyuan initially thought, the staff clearly didn't believe her.

After changing into other clothes, Gu Yuanyuan went out of the fitting room. She was welcomed by the sight of Lin Shaosi, who was flipping through a magazine from too much boredom. This was the first time he brought a girl to a store just to buy her clothes. Also, he did not expect that his second brother would not go in with them, leaving him alone in this uncomfortable situation.

To be continue

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Petite Mother Of Four Big Shots Chapter 7 Part1

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