Dark Moon Era Chapter 97: Level 2 Sector Protection Machine

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"Give them some time to digest the information," said Thuja after Yang Kong revealed the so-called 3D holographic projection.

The killing and slas.h.i.+ng beneath the cliff were still ongoing, but at the top of the cliff, it was all silent. Indeed, everyone needed time to adapt and center their thoughts.

Everything behind the cliff was all a 3D holographic projection? Outrageous!

"I don't mind, but I didn't expect every single one of these little fellas to decide to come over." Yang Kong shrugged.

"Are you doubting me?" Thuja was rather annoyed by his statement.

Yang Kong smiled gently. "You do have a record. In the past, the First Reserved Camp has lost several little fellas with a bright future. Whoever you liked more, the less you wanted them to come here. Am I right?"

"Hmph." Thuja kept quiet because Yang Kong was right about him. He had been doing this for a while but was not rather successful.

"It seems like Director Alan is right, sending me here to welcome all of you." Yang Kong flashed another meaningful smile. He then turned around to the young warriors who were still immersed in shock and could not even breathe steadily.

"Let's go. Even though it's difficult to accept, isn't this what all of you have been yearning for?" Time was precious while endless fights and cruel mortality rates caused infinite pressure.

All the new blood must be transformed into actual combat forces in the shortest time possible. Wasting another second was considered shameful.

Yang Kong felt worried as well. Fei Long had been to that place over a month ago and had not returned yet.

Unfortunately, Andy and the two girls lacked the strength to stand up while Amir managed to stand straight but was unable to take a step forward.

Tang Ling had completely calmed down. It was actually nothing but a so-called projection that masked the constant war behind people's knowledge.

Although he could not understand the intent of doing so, fights and wars were everywhere. Back in the settlement, for the sake of survival, all sorts of fights and conflicts would happen at all times. The scale of it was the only difference.

Therefore, Tang Ling became the first to step forward towards Yang Kong and Thuja. "The First Reserved Camp is what I've been yearning for." 

"I must find my fifth brother's remains or anything that's left of him." Orston instantly looked up and strode forward too, but Yu cut him off, "Hey, why are you in front of me again? You p.r.i.c.k, do you wanna have a go?" 

Orston's rage mounted. He did not understand why Yu always interrupted him.

While the two of them were arguing about who should go first, the others recovered from their initial shock and soon gathered the courage to move on.

"Let's go in." Yang Kong brought the young warriors in front of the hanging iron cage. He then glanced at Thuja. "Aren't you coming?"

"I don't have cla.s.s today, so I'm going back to the inner city to drown myself. Am I not allowed to do that?" Thuja brazenly rejected Yang Kong's invitation.

Yang Kong did not reply and turned around to the young warriors instead.

The iron cage hanging in the air was a little shaky. Coupled with the noises of the raging war beneath the cliff, it was very unsettling.

Still, Tang Ling was the first to enter, followed by the others.

After the iron cage that could easily fit 20 people closed, it started to wobble downwards. Other than a door facing the cliff and a tiny window installed in it, the whole iron cage was sealed tightly.

It felt rather suffocating because other than the cliff, one could not see anything.

Yang Kong leaned back in a corner of the iron cage and shut his eyes for some rest while the others stood still, feeling uneasy about how they were descending.

Half a minute later, the iron cage had descended around 100 meters. It was then that Tang Ling was surprised to realize a significant portion of the cliff had been dug out, forming a deep and dark tunnel. 

At the edge of the tunnel was a giant maroon machine that resembled the Genetic Chain Measuring Machine from the second exam. It also had many black circuit patterns all over it.

At the front of the machine were many giant cameras which were devices used by the old civilization to capture footage. These cameras were directed in many directions.

Outside the tunnel was a meter wide path that seemed like a tape. Indeed, the path was like a transparent tape that penetrated the wall of the cliff beneath the tunnel.

The transparent tape was glowing in a bewitching silver with a tint of colorful glitter. A single glance at it was bedazzling.

Almost instinctively, Tang Ling stepped up to the little window at the door and looked up.

Within the range of his vision, he saw several more cubes that were made out of the same material with that tape embedded on the wall of the cliff. They were each around 1 square meter large and were also glowing in the same color.

Tang Ling recalled reading books about the old civilization. He glanced over at the so-called 3D holographic projector and his outstanding memories allowed him to remember all the information.

"So, is this the secret of the super-advanced 3D holographic projection of the safety sector?"

No matter how drastic it had changed, it did not stray far from its roots. It was still a box with cameras attached to it.

The projector of the old civilization looked a lot simpler and crude compared to the cubes. It was no wonder the super-advanced machine could create such a realistic illusion.

While Tang Ling was still overwhelmed by his discovery and was thinking about where the so-called super-advanced machine of the safety sector came from, Yang Kong's voice entered his ears and interrupted his thoughts. "So, you noticed it." 

"Mm-hmm. I'm just guessing what kind of machines they are," Tang Ling replied honestly.

"It's not just that. Saying that it's only used to create illusions doesn't do the phrase 'super-advanced technology' any justice. Moreover, it's made for a larger scale. The reason why it's considered large-scale is that the super-advanced machines are all equipped with astonis.h.i.+ng functions." Yang Kong seemed to relish explaining things to Tang Ling.

Tang Ling furrowed his brows with thoughts flying around in his mind. Compared to the strength tester and the speed tester from the exam, the Genetic Chain Measuring Machine and this machine in the tunnel were not on the same scale.

Nevertheless, what kind of astonis.h.i.+ng function the machine could possibly have? Tang Ling did not think that the Genetic Chain Measuring Machine was astonis.h.i.+ng at all.

Knowledge determined one's thoughts. 

If Yang Kong ever heard Tang Ling's slander about the Genetic Chain Measuring Machine, Tang Ling would be the first to be kicked out of the First Reserved Camp.

Yang Kong was rather pleased when he saw Tang Ling deep in thought. He suddenly tossed a question at the boy. "What do you think defense is?" 

The conversation between Tang Ling and Yang Kong seemed to have attracted attention. Everyone then paid close attention to the topic.

The iron cage continued to descend slowly and finally went past the machine and the silver tape, but Tang Ling's muttering actually made everyone notice the scene from earlier.

Everyone wanted to know what else could the machine do other than creating an illusion.

What did it have to do with Yang Kong's question?

Dark Moon Era Chapter 97: Level 2 Sector Protection Machine

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