Julietta's Dressup 118 Chapter 118. Preparation, Part Iii

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Chapter 118. Preparation, Part III
Translator: Khan
Editor: Aelryinth
Eldira was one of the high-end residential districts in the center of Dublin, the capital of the
Austern Empire. As it was the residential area that encircled the huge Imperial Castle, the size of the mansions and the distance to the Imperial Castle were different according to the t.i.tle and wealth of the holders.
Of the five major families of the Dukes, the mansions of the families of Dudley and Kiellini were side by side, facing the front of the Imperial Castle. The mansion of the family of Anais was right behind them, decorated with light ivory, the family's color.
The right side of the second floor of the large mansion was all Christine's, and now a small tea party was being held in the living room. It was a weekly meeting between two young ladies who had close family ties.
They were the daughters of the followers of Francis and Duke Dudley, who had been arranged as Christine's companions since childhood. Unlike Christine, who was a niece of the first Queen and a high-ranking aristocrat, they were daughters of low-ranking aristocrats who had no land.
Many of these aristocrats were only born aristocrats. They did not have land, which was the main source of income, and so were poorer than rich commoners who engaged in commerce.
Most of them had to work to eat, and had jobs. They were not able to maintain their dignity as n.o.bles. Marrying a n.o.ble aristocrat with land or taking a job in the Imperial Castle was the only way they could raise their status, and most lower-cla.s.s aristocrats whose situations were not like that often worked as lawyers, doctors, and tutors, as did the semi-n.o.bles.
Eva and Themes were lucky compared to the children of other lower aristocrats. It was enough for them to curry favor with Christine, the only granddaughter of Duke Dudley, and the daughter of the Marquis, and bring her some gossip. They could receive money for it without having to work as a tutor or a maid for a high-ranking aristocrat, like other ladies around.
Christine and the girls went to different kinds of parties and social gatherings, so the rumors and stories they heard at the meetings were different. It was starker and more primitive than the rumors spread in the social circles of high-ranking aristocrats, so the information they brought in was quite useful and much easier to prepare for when something happened.
Eva and Themes were determined to enter the Imperial Castle if Christine married Killian. Since marrying a n.o.bleman of t.i.tle was not a dream as long as they were allowed to enter the Imperial Castle, they were making every effort to make Christine the Queen.
As the daughter of Baron Raviel laid down the teacup that she was drinking, she brought up what she had heard at yesterday's meeting, "Miss Christine, I heard that Prince Killian visited Eloz's new costume shop yesterday."
"I can't believe His Highness visited the costume shop. Why the h.e.l.l!"

The royal family, the highest cla.s.s in Austern, was different from the n.o.bles. If they designated a designer they wanted, the designer entered the Imperial Castle, measured them and made clothes, so there was no need to visit the dressing shop.
When she heard that Killian had visited the new dressing shop, Christine became very nervous.
"Don't tell me, he has got a new woman?"
Looking at Christine and her tightly clasped hands, the daughter of Baron Delat shook her head and hurriedly denied it, "No, I don't think so. He hasn't visited Bertino mansion since his return from Bertino."
Eva Delat's brother was Francis's servant, and Francis was more focused on Killian's movements than anyone else. Eva got information about Killian from her brother, Havier.
Christine only regained her composure after Eva's words. "Then why the h.e.l.l did he go to that new dressing shop? Where is that, what the h.e.l.l?"
Eva stealthily made eye contact with Themes sitting next to her, and then carefully doled out her words. "I heard that the dressing shop was in charge of Princess Kiellini's debut costume this time. So, it's been said that Prince Killian visited the costume shop to prepare a present for the princess to curry favor with her."
"It's nonsense. His Highness has never seen Princess Kiellini before, but what favor is this?"
Christine bit her lips, recalling the sight of Princess Kiellini at her debut party in the Imperial Palace. She had suffered an unknown sense of defeat after the party that day. Princess Kiellini had her father's blonde hair and green eyes, and she seemed to be the daughter of Marquis Anais.
Refusing to recall unpleasant memories, Christine was relieved that Killian was not the type to be swayed by a woman's appearance. Francis also showed little response to the woman's appearance, so she might have to blame the Emperor's blood. It was a very famous story: His Majesty did not respond to Katarina Anais, who was praised as a beauty of the century.
Now it seemed that Kiellini's tumultuous appearance resembled that of her mother, Katarina.
'Would it have been better if Francis had been an ordinary man who was harsh on a woman's appearance?'
Francis had peculiar tastes for women, as well as a perverse personality. He was interested in a man or woman who was mentally or physically deficient. Being aware of Francis's tastes, she was unhappy and displeased with his interest.
Christine stirred up his interest when she had met Francis in Bertino, saying that Princess Kiellini had a personality that was not compatible with people due to her sick childhood. After returning to Dublin, she had shouted in delight inside when rumors circulated that there was an ugly blot on the princess, who did not want to appear.
She was perfectly suited to Francis' tastes - a mental and physical deficiency of the highest n.o.bility. It was as if she was prepared for Francis.
But when she saw Princess Kiellini, so confident and without any dark side at the party, and with such a good appearance, she began to feel uneasy, because she was not Francis' taste.
It was fortunate that he would marry the princess, as he firmly believed the fortune teller's prophecy. Among the unmarried ladies, Princess Kiellini was the only one who had the status of a princess, except Princess Haint.
She knew that Killian did not believe the prophecy of the astrologer. She was relieved to hear Killian make fun of Francis, who believed in the prophecy, but it could not completely dispel her uneasiness.
Christine also thought it was lucky that Killian didn't come to the Imperial Debut Party that day. No matter how much she believed Killian wouldn't be swayed by the princess's appearance, she couldn't help but feel uneasy. All she wanted was to quickly hook up Francis and get rid of the nerve-wracking.
Meanwhile, Killian had visited the princess's favorite dressing shop. She believed that he had nothing to do with the princess. However, she could feel her anxiety growing.
Christine was angry with Francis, who had not answered her no matter how many times she sent a message, and she asked Eva, "I'll have to go to the dressing shop tomorrow. I'll have to check on why His Highness visited. When is His Highness Francis coming up from Diaby? I don't know what he is going to do, because he would ignore it even if I sent a message."
"He will be back soon. He has probably heard rumors about Princess Kiellini."
Most of the royal and high n.o.bles were enjoying their private lives in their mansions on Harrods Street, and so was Francis. However, as Francis's excessive nightlife crossed the fence and spread to Dublin, Duke Dudley made a separate house on his own land for his only grandson to play in.
Since then, Francis had visited the mansion on Harrods Street when he was simply enjoying himself, but if he wanted to forget everything and enjoy his private life, he spent his days in the detached house back on the land. His raucous and cruel deeds were no longer on the lips of people, and with Killian, he had re-emerged as the most leading candidate for the Crown Prince.
"Do you think so? His Highness Francis wasn't very interested in Princess Kiellini."
The fierce fighting of the Princes began when the prophecy that a lady who had the highest status would be the next Empress spread throughout the Empire.
When the concubine-born Princes who had given up due to queen-born Francis and Killian carefully developed their ambitions, Francis cut their vain hopes with a single sword. He married the fourth Prince, born to a maid, to the daughter of Viscount Arkain, and the sixth Prince, born to a concubine from the family of a Baron, was sent to the daughter of Count Gerna under his influence.

Julietta's Dressup 118 Chapter 118. Preparation, Part Iii

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