Julietta's Dressup 245 Chapter 245. The Proof Of Blood, Part I

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Chapter 245. The Proof of Blood, Part I
Translator: Khan
Editor: Aelryinth
"Lady Anais kidnapped Princess Kiellini and even tried to poison her? If that's true, how can we forgive the lady who did it?" The Duke of Haint was angry, not understanding that.
"Please forgive her. Instead, I will send Christine to the Vicern Temple or send her to Southern Territory to live in reflection for the rest of her life. But my wife couldn't accept Christine's wrongdoings. And she left a suicide note…"
The eyes of the Duke of Dudley, after hearing the incredible story, reached the letter in the hands of the Emperor. The Emperor handed over the will he was holding to the Duke of Dudley.
"What about it? The Duke, is it your daughter's will?" the Emperor asked the Duke, who was trembling and checking it several times.
"It's my daughter, Ivana's handwriting," the Duke of Dudley answered reluctantly.
"Now, then, the Duke, are you now doubting and pus.h.i.+ng His Highness Killian, who has forgiven such a great sin?" The Duke of Martin glared at the Duke of Dudley, dumbfounded.
"I think it's all the more strange. Why did she have to kill herself when Killian had already forgiven her? Just because she couldn't tolerate the crimes Christine committed? It doesn't suit my aunt's personality." Francis had shown up late, and stepped in, urged by The Duke of Dudley.
"There's one thing I can guess." Killian raised his hand to order to bring forward a man who was almost hiding behind the n.o.bles.
"What is it?" Francis looked back at the direction Killian saw and urged.
"Mrs. Anais dared to defy me, saying that Princess Kiellini was a fake."
At Killian's reply, Francis was irritated, as if he were talking nonsense. "We already know that. We've been talking about the letter for some time."
"I warned her. I've already forgiven her for two cases, so I can't help it, but I can't forgive her for the slander about Princess Kiellini. I said that if the princess goes through the Proof of Blood and it turns out that it is slander, Mrs. Anais and Christine will be sent to the guillotine right away."
"Oh, my G.o.d, Mrs. Anais must be crazy. Did she come up with such terrible slander to somehow put Prince Francis on the throne?"
"I don't understand. Why did she claim the lie that is about to be exposed soon, as if it is true, and she even sent a letter to Duke Dudley."
People's inquisitive voices were heard here and there.
"Isn't that weird? My aunt couldn't have suspected that for nothing. As you say, everything will be revealed at the Vicern Temple as long as the princess proves it."
"I don't know. What made her so confident?"
"So that's why you visited His Majesty? When you heard this rumor, you killed Mrs. Anais, and asked His Majesty to make nothing of the Proof of Blood for Princess Kiellini."
"Why are you guessing wrong? Do you think you'd look a little smarter if you didn't listen and cling stubbornly to it?"...

Francis glared at Killian fiercely. "It's obvious what you're doing. Otherwise, His Majesty wouldn't have to keep insisting that he already knew the rumor about Princess Kiellini."
"You can't believe what people say. Duke Miguel, come out here."
Killian called out the hidden Duke of Miguel. As the eyes of the people turned, he limped forward.
"The Duke, when was the time you had dinner with me and my father yesterday?"
"It was just as dark as night fell. I was going to submit a report on the investigation team that was going down to Tilia, but at that time, Your Highness came to see His Majesty, and you asked me to eat with you..."
He should have backed away quickly. He never dreamed that he would be a witness to such a strange thing as this, and be looked upon by the Duke of Dudley.
"What conversation was there?"
"His Highness Killian told us about the rumor of Princess Kiellini. He said he didn't know who was spreading the rumor, and he asked first, saying he wanted the Proof of Blood to get rid of people's doubts."
The Duke of Dudley shouted at the words of the Duke of Miguel, "Why didn't you let me know that there was such a remark yesterday?"
"It wasn't until late that I left the Imperial Castle because the conversation got longer during the meal. I thought it would be rude to visit at that time, so I was going to speak up today!" the Duke of Miguel raised his voice angrily.
Killian spoke to Francis, ignoring the two men staring at each other. "It was only after I met His Majesty and returned to Asta Palace that the Marquis and his wife met me. If you investigate, you'll easily find that out. I let them know what Lady Anais did, and I forgave them until this happened. I showed generosity. When I warned her to crack down on her daughter so that it wouldn't happen again, Mrs. Anais said that Princess Kiellini was a fake. Your aunt dared to swear at my fiancée. Her daughter even tried to kidnap and poison her. What do you think about this?"
"It's something we can't let go of. What a terrible thing that's happening! Expel the Anais family and hold the Duke of Dudley accountable."
The Duke of Martin spoke up and looked at Prince Francis. He couldn't accuse Francis of the crimes, but it was pressuring him.
"In that sense, isn't the Anais family the maternal family of Princess Kiellini? So, we can't just pa.s.s it on to the Kiellini family, either." Francis said, calmly taking the eyes of the Duke of Martin.
"As for the poison case, we'll figure out the real culprit this time. But you're also right. It's too much to punish the Duke of Dudley for what Lady Anais did. However, I have no intention of taking the blame for doubting and insulting me at such a gathering of n.o.bles. Duke Dudley, do you agree?"
At Killian's question, the Duke of Dudley reluctantly nodded.
Watching that, Killian added, "As soon as I find out where the princess is, I'll proceed with the Proof of Blood. I just hope that Lady Anais is not involved in the princess missing again. My patience has reached the limit!"
19. The Proof of Blood
Julietta left the Imperial Castle right after telling Auguste, the head maid, that she had to quit because she was sick. She got on the private carriage used by the attendants of the Asta Palace, and got off the wagon after she arrived at the busiest spot on Eloz Street.
She thanked the driver for the royal family and then stepped into the throng of the bustling street. After that, she walked around for a long time just in case, and got on a pa.s.sing pa.s.senger wagon. The carriage ran for a long time. The carriage left the Harrods Street and ran nonstop to the very end of the capital, and finally stopped. Right after, the door was opened from the outside.
"Come in, please."
Count Valerian opened the door and courteously escorted her out. He paid the driver a lot of money for his service, sent him back, and led Julietta into the alley. "We are going to the house."
After they entered the alley and headed right at the first fork in the road, they came to a dead end. Count Valerian opened the door and waited for her to go in.
"Miss!" Vera who had been here in advance, jumped up and came forward.
"Vera! How are you?" Julietta hugged Vera, so glad to see her. "I've missed you. I don't know why. It seems that I haven't seen you for so long, even though it has just been a few days."
Vera nodded as she patted Julietta on the back. "So did I. I was worried that something might be wrong. Is Madame Simone all right?"
"Yes. Your Highness said that she's been holding out well. The investigation team has been dispatched to the Duke of Kiellini's suicide, so there will be no questioning until they return."
"I was worried because I heard you were coming from the Imperial Castle yesterday, but I didn't hear from you."
"I originally planned to stay overnight at the mansion of Lady Raviel and His Excellency Valerian, but something else happened and I came out today. Don't worry, it's worked out well, too."
"That's a relief." Vera patted her chest in relief.
"Lady Raviel will be here soon. You need you to get ready."

Julietta's Dressup 245 Chapter 245. The Proof Of Blood, Part I

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